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: Need Rioter pls for Game Breaking PBE Bug *Literally*
Thank you for your effort in warning countless players of this bug, hope riot fix this soon so we can continuo testing, :). A pleassure to chat with you too :D
: Shop- Recommended tab
Can confirm this bug.
: Not sure if you consider this a bug, but I played 1v1 Ekko and the other guy's shadow was fully coloured in as if he was another Ekko player. This didn't go on for the entire game but it started happening like halfway through and would stop and start randomly.
: Ekko Bug Report Thread Found this 3 bugs today.
: that recall would be pretty cheap lmao
Its a free tp with tons of damage included, a little bit overpowered/sexy.
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: he isnt in the store for me? hbu
For me neither, looks like for nobody. Maybe riot will be adding him later today or is fixing some store stuff.
: when is pbe coming back up
PBE its up, hurry up and buy ekko before store crashes
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: Two Vi's break her W on neutral mobs
Jus reproduced the bug, i can confirm this happens in summoners rift and twisted treeline.
: [Champ Select] -- Changing Summoner Spells won't let you lock
Funny, happened to me too while choosing Vi too. But I don't think this is champion related, gotta try it with diferent ones.
: DJ Sona Crashing Game When Changing Songs
Can you please tell us your computer specs? Maybe its related to your ram, graphic card, etc. (FPS drop)
: Katarina portrait...
Yeah, her hair color looks different and the face and angle is kinda disgusting.
: Nemesis games don't appear in match history
This did happen to me in the PBE but in the Live server everything is fine.
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: I agree with this 100%. The volume in contrast is much too low compared to the other sounds, this makes it so players have to do a lot of extra work to turn the music volume to full, the rest of the sounds to about 50% and then turn the volume on the computer WAAYYYY up. Other then this the skin is looking really freaking cool, and I will probably be buying it on the live servers when it fully comes out.
I agree, probably a especial music bar for Sona Dj volume level should fix this.
: Bots/ AI Teleporting (Not the Summoner Spell)
Can you give some more details of how this happened to you? (To try it out and see if it recreates)
: [DJ Sona] - Name Doesn't Appear On Scoreboard
Can confirm too, happened to me too in Howling Abyss.


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