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: Old irelia was a true duelist she could beat 80% of opponents she went against New irelia wins about 20% to people who played the old irelia and actually fucking loved her the way she was the reworked version was so out of touch with old irelia like she was just an entirely different champion with irelia slapped on old players couldn't play her, like how the hell do you go from being a relatively simple champion to this champion who needs a PHD to play...and expect the old fans of irelia like me to say oh yeah i can still play irelia, like the players with thousands to million mastery points on her (like me) to still love and know how to play her like the old irelia was the reason why the reason i played league in the first place and that's the truth for so many players during any rework you lose some of your player base because what do they have to hold onto? they did have a champion to say at least i have you irelia at least i play you so well and i love playing you oh you're getting a rework and you're so hard to play that i cant play you anymore well i'm out see ya riot games! and they said "we want her to be like old irelia" like since when??? i sure as hell cant play her and i knew from the moment they said rework and irelia i was going to have to look for a new main...
I been playing Irelia since she first was released years ago, I can say with this rework I love the kit its really fun but the balancing of it is really bad. The main problem is scaling, Iri scales so hard that Riot's answer was to make her absolute garbage in the early game, I don't agree with this logic. they should tone down the scaling a bit and give her power back in the early game and buff her passive, keep the mark and ability dmg reduction nerfs and she might play more like how old Iri used to. Ill stand by Iri regardless how bad she get nerfed, through good times and bad ill still play iri.
: Irelia KAPPA BUFF....
Actually these are changes that most Irelia players, even ICU were asking for. The nerfs she receives are not a big deal really, The buff to both her base AD and passive makes up for q minor damage loss. as for the ult nerf and E changes it isn't going to be noticeable especially mid to late game. Over all we should have a better early game and transition into mid game.


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