: Lulu pix bug
I saw this as well just a moment ago, Lulu died in lane and was holding up the minion wave until she respawned
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: Ekko Bug Report Thread
Biggest bug I noticed was that for the enemy Ekko, his shadow for his ult would sometimes look just like the regular echo.
: Ekko Feedback Thread
With Ekko he feels a bit to burst down and kill everything for your idea of the "Utility assassin" I threw Luden's Echo {{item:3285}} on him as the first item then straight into lich bane {{item:3100}} and I was bursting everything down in no time do to the magic damage he deals on his own from passive and w. For an AP build guy he sure does a lot of damage with his auto attacks. I just think he needs to lose, a little bit of the damage, tweak the base numbers on some of the abilities. cause late game I got an easy pentakill cause I was jumping around the enemy base killing them with one Q and a basic attack
: Well, it is a lantern... lol. But in all seriousness, did the lantern provide vision? Like did it change gameplay somehow? And was it just the lantern that you could see, could you see other people if they walked near it as well? A vision bug could be fixed, yes, but a vision bug affects gameplay, and the way they interact is much more in depth.
No I did not receive vision from it ,but it allowed me to know where the enemy thresh was a good ball park. Say that happens and you see the lantern in the enemy jg then you know that the afk bot lane isn't close to you so you can push an advantage.
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: ok thank you for the information.Someone said it normally updates on tuesdays but idk.
Also unless I'm greatly mistaken they put new champs on the PBE the same day they do the proper reveal for a champion.
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