: What if Taliyah could propel herself with her W?
It would definitely make her a lot more fun to play, but I think that would make her a little too strong. With movement speed from her "worked ground" and her e slow zone, if you give Taliyah a propel, she would be almost untouchable.
: Taliyah's W - E Combo
I agree. From my experience from playing Taliyah, it's hard for her to get her damage off on the carries. For most teamfights, she'll be using her e-w combo for peeling/damaging tanks. And since her e doesn't detonate immediately when someone steps on it (like ziggs), I find that most tanks just either completely ignore the e zone, or they just straight up tank it. So I think that implementing % max hp on her e will help her be relevant as a mage mid-late game.
: Bard causes bugsplat
My entire team was bugs platting one game, and the enemy team were having no problems. The only difference is that we had a bard without a skin and their bard had a skin
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: i have tried it and you are right ,this item can be really OP on katarina specially with the CDR but i don't think the probleme is with the actual item but its with katarina since she is already a top 5 assasin and midlaner so i think that they should figure out a way to make katarina less powerful
She's honestly in a good place right now. -With the removal of DFG, she doesn't have a guaranteed reset anymore. This new item is good on kata, but it won't be as useful as DFG -unlike a lot of mid laners, she doesn't have any poke or cc -cc totally shuts down her ulti -with the recent nerf to her passive, it's harder to go in, zhonyas and wait for a reset
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Firecracker Jinx!
When I played firecracker jinx in a custom, every time I switch her rockets (q), her character model would "freeze" while I'm moving. Kind of looks like she's skiing on the ground.
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: Azir damage output super high
Yeah Azir is strong if you get all 3 soldiers to attack one squishy. The question is, why was lucian standing still, letting your soldiers attack him? If he just e away or towards you, he would have avoided all damage from the soldiers. In other words, Azir is strong, but he also has a lot of weaknesses that the other player needs to learn to exploit.
: The GOD-LIKE Azir bug.
After abusing that bug several times in custom games, I realized that you do not even need to ulti on top of your soldiers. Your soldiers do the bonus damage to anyone who gets hit by your ulti. And I think the bonus damage wears off after the ulti disappears. Although by that time, everyone's already dead XD
: Azir TOO OP
I disagree. Although Azir is extremely powerful lategame, he also has a lot of weaknesses. For example, his q range is actually relatively short. It's only a little bit longer than Azir's AA range. And his w is even shorter. So late game, one little mispositioning will easily get him killed. Also, he has no hard cc and no guaranteed way to escape if he gets jumped on. His q is only a small slow, and if he uses his w-e or w-q-e combo as an escape, he loses a lot of potential damage. His ulti definitely helps him cover some of his weaknesses, but in the end it's only a wall. People can always flash over it or walk around it. I do agree that Azir can take down baron really fast late game. But he definitely can not take down baron in 3 hits. Or at least he's not suppose to. At the moment, there's a bug where Azir's ulti damage is added on to his soldier's AAs, which does indeed let him take down baron in 3 hits (i tried it, i know XD). But that's a bug that's going to eventually get fixed. Anyways, there are many other champions in league who can solo baron, such as heimerdonger and fed feral flare junglers (yi, xin, full lifesteal vi ;) ). So in that aspect, Azir's ability to solo baron isn't that special. I feel like Azir will be completely useless in the hands of a novice. But in the hands of a great player, Azir has the potential to be an extremely powerful threat.
: Azir Bug Report Thread
I read the other day about Azir's soldiers doing massive amounts of damage if it's followed up by Azir's ulti (if your ulti sweeps past your soldiers). I tested it out in a custom and confirmed it. It was pretty insane...I walked up to 3 int. bots by myself, I pressed w twice, clicked R, and simultaneously killed all 3 bots in 3 autos. I tested it on dragon too. When I summoned 2 soldiers, both soldiers together did around 450 damage to the dragon per AA. Then, I summoned two soldiers again, and followed it up with R. And the combined damage of the soldiers per AA was around 1.3k. It seems like when your R sweeps over the soldiers, the ulti damage is added on to each soldier's AA damage. I also tested it on baron. This time, I had athenes, nashers, sorc boots, rylais, rabadons, and a large rod. I summoned 3 soldiers, clicked R, and the 3 soldiers did a total of 3.2k damage PER AA to baron.
: New champion platforms are the force that drives this game forward. I am happy to see something new. I am sure someone complained about the first champion that could dash/stun/root/stealth "OMG no other champion can do that, soo unfair." I hope you read the riot post about this champion; It clearly states that the range is small, so this mage is taking a risk by being close to the tower to even cast his W. It's a tradeoff riot is going to play with and balance through testing.
I did consider what riot said too. And I don't find the traedeoff worth it. Mages themselves usually do very little damage to towers during seiges. And the problem isn't that they can't get near the towers, it's that they have weak AAs. True the range on Azir's w is small, but I don't think its small enough. If a team were to get their tank to walk up to the tower and act as a front line, azir can easily step in, w the tower twice, do 900+ damage, and back off. In that two second timeframe, if anyone even tries to stop him, 1.the tank will peel for Azir 2. Azir can just press R and walk away So I just don't think the risk is high enough to balance out that huge amount of damage he can do to towers in such a short time. I also read that riot wants Azir to be able to splitpush like "the crazy bird he is". So does that mean riot intents to make Azir a splitpush champ?
: My suggestion for Azir in Dominion
You can use your turret in the center where xerath spawns. Also, relics spawn around every 10 seconds (I think). So would it be worth to have an 8 second tower?
: Improving Custom Bot Games
I love that idea. It would definitely take playing against bots to another level of fun. Also, it would be good for players who are first timing champions, but don't want to play it in a normal in fear they would feed and get flamed at, and yet playing it in beg/int bots would be too easy. Jungling does sound a bit hard to program. And the choosing the skin idea might be going a bit overboard :P. I think letting bots have random skins gives most variety and makes every bot game slightly more unique.
: First Big Update to PBE Summoner's Rift
I think fighting baron and dragon on the new SR is definitely more "epic". But I feel like we could take it up another level. When I imagine a truly "epic fight" scene with a dragon, I imagine many champions in the dragon pit, throwing spells at the dragon while the dragon rampages around in his pit. Yes, "around in his pit" as in he moves around in his pit. I know that atm,the dragon does indeed move... but that's only when he follows the nearest target. I propose that we allow dragon to get cc'd. I know I know, that would be a bit op. So I think all forms of cc should work on dragon except for stuns and suppresses (not like any champion can suppress creeps). This would make our abilities feel like it has a more significant impact on the dragon. Also, it would be cool if we gave dragon more physical moves, Like maybe it could pounce onto us or claw at us (of course, all his actions will be restrained to be in his pit). Of course he will still maintain his unique ranged skills. Imagine alistar headbutting the dragon into the wall followed by vayne condemn (but drag doesn't get stunned). Then the dragon leaps back at you to get interrupted by a quickly reacted lux snare. While its snared, it gets mad and starts spitting out fire balls at everyone. I know that this change will definitely be really really hard to implement, but hey, it's a fun suggestion :P
: Master Tier
Since there's no limit to how many people can get into master tier, does that mean there won't be any lp claming in high diamond 1?
: New Mode
But that would make it extremely hard for teams to work together in this fast paced death match. Maybe if players are up for a challenge, there can be an "Ascension-hard mode" or something like that where the blind mini-map rule can be applied. But I'm not sure if just the minimap feature will be enough to make a second difficulty of Ascension.
: Me and a few other people were talking about his abilities in another thread. We came up with another ability that combined my, another guys, and the current E's ability together. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/f85Kb9Ar-azir-could-use-a-few-tweaks "E - Guards!: All soldiers dash to a target enemy and stun them for 1 second and make it a double cast mechanic where if you cast it on an enemy champion the soldier will immediately dash to the target and stun them but if you have a solder out and you hit 'E' on the solder you yourself will immediately dash to the soldier." The ability gives him a targetted stun while still allowing his Q E escape combo.
Then wouldn't his e be like a buffed up version of his q? I feel like his q-e combo should be used to reposition himself to help out with Azir's lack of mobility.
: Azir's Q-E
I'm not sure about the q, but I somewhat agree on the e. Sometimes, when more than two soldiers are standing near each other, I would click e on one of them, but I would end up dashing to the other one. I'm not too sure if it's my bad mousing or if its a bug.
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: Ascension Bug Report Thread
I found that it mainly freezes during big teamfights where 3+ teamfights are spamming their abilities. Sometimes, it also crashes in mid-captures of relics.
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