: New TFT arenas, where are they in the shop?
Bump. Dear Riot Devs, How should we test your content if you give us no way to unlock them!!! Thanks. (i do hope they read this u.u)
: URF is gone?
Urf Never will be permanent and this is the last time we ever will see it. This is not confirmed by any rioters this is just my Prediction! The reason for why? You did not change in the last 5 years, no you even have become even more worse u.u The reason why URF back then didnt worked was cause to many player ragequit. But what made them ragequit? It couldnt be the players who played the most toxic champs in a 5 man group 100% of the time, making only 5-10 champs ever been seen in the rift? Nah it cant be that, your right. Its the people like me who wanted to play something fun and not always, zed, evelyn, riven or the other crap that just totaly wrecks everyone. Its also not the players who either finish the game in less then 10 minutes or just stop at the nexus and base kill the entire enemy team everytime theyr up. Thats also defenitly not the reason ;) Serious guys, this game mode brought nothing but the most toxicity in this community. Yes i do love this mode, but how can i enjoy it when i lose at 10 minutes reaching only lvl 10 from 30.... How can i have fun by litterly watchin 5 enemys run towards me with flash and any movespeed ability they have.... How can i have fun litterly just dying in the base for 8 minutes till we managed to surrender??? This isnt the developers fault, this gamemode is great. Its the communitys fault for beeing so extremly toxic. Pls, if you want to save this gamemode, stop beeing such selfish guys and enjoy the fun with the enemy. By lets just say litterly do anything else then rushing for the nexus, or 5 man tower dives... but i guess this message will just get deleted for beeing too toxic, and half the community flames me for beeing toxic XDD Anyways im out playing a different game now, since i lost the fun again. See ya maybe next year, or maybe never... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: TFT- Damage not registering....Causing other issues
It is not only the damage. At around round 3-5 it start to show the real health and mana of every unit on the board. It also displayes the wrong stats for upgraded units. So was it able that my 3* nasus only had 750 HP Displayed. As well starting at round 2-5 it can happen that units become invisible and unable to be seen by you. Also Earth Hex Is probably bugged and does not add actualy any HP to any Unit standing inside the Hex Field.
: TFT - Potential Game Breaking Bug with Ocean Hex
Yes this works 100% of the time with Ocean Hex. Didnt worked with others. Probably someone forgot to set an ; at the right position ;)
: Yea as you said it has a software. 99% of your hardware you connect to you PC has a driver which is a 3rd party software. So why do you say no when i say "It's all third party software RUNNING WHILE (the driver of your mouse/headset/keyboard/gpu/cpu/mainboard(did i miss something?) you are playing league." pretty sure league doesnt want ppl to use zoomhacks/scripts etc but i would wonder if they ban ppl for extra buttons on their hardware and their drivers running in the background ;)
ofc they wont bann you for extra buttons. but auto clicking isnt just a extra button, it can give you an advantage in a few games. especialy if you can change the intervall it clicks. I only knew this from the "auto clicker" programm wich you can download freely. So i dont think a "basic" gaming mouse has such an option.
: https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Backlit-Programmable-Buttons-910-002864/dp/B0086UK7IQ?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_1 https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Spectrum-Shifting-Personalized-Programmable/dp/B019OB663A?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_3 https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Lag-Free-Wireless-Gaming-Mouse/dp/B00E4MQODC?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_4 https://www.amazon.com/PICTEK-Programmable-Breathing-Ergonomic-Computer/dp/B01FZ3BR5S?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_6 https://www.amazon.com/RAZER-NAGA-HEX-Adjustable-Ergonomic/dp/B01DT48W5S?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_7 there's even a roccat one https://www.amazon.com/ROCCAT-Kone-AIMO-Gaming-Mouse/dp/B075GS6GRF?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_8 there's a lot of these actually.
Yeah, tho wich of those has an "macro" for "auto clicking on a set intverall" ?? thats something ive never seen. ofc my mouse can bind macros as well, and i can do quite a lot with it, but i cant auto click with it..
: Yea according to you Monitors, Keyboards, Mouses, Headset. It's all third party software running while you are playing league.
Nope thats hardware, tho from my knowledge a gaming mouse has a software so that you can change up settings and other stuff or not? This would be 3rd party software from leagues point of view, or am i that wrong?
: I mean, if anything, it's not software, it's hardware. He probably has a better mouse than yours.
Im not sure if his mouse is better, but im happy with my 12 bonus keys, and quite a lot of changeable options on my mouse. it did cost me 120€, but price doesnt say anything about quality in todays time.
: it's a macro, you haven't heard of one? Most "gaming" mouse brands have them in their mouses.
I know what macros are, tho i never seen one on a gaming mouse. I have a roccat nyth, never had such an option...
: Lol never had a logitech mouse with extra keys? Even some speedlink mouses have those keys. Put a key on it and youre done. Time is just guessed it could have been 2 times aswell or something between. But I keep it easy bc saying auto login every few secs is much shorter you know
i have the roccat nyth, and still i dont have such a macro or key for an auto clicker. Also i didnt know that logitech and speedlink actualy work for riot. Still 3rd party software.
: XD okay yea. Sorry i use extra keys that are implemented in my mouse?! XDDDD
> Had an auto login running that logs me in 1/second - Uhm doesnt sound like something build in in any normal mouse..
: it's up again, but the queue is huge obviously
3 hours are nothing, already waited 14 hours for it xD
: I hope not. His chain whacking sounds annoy me lmao.
whats his spell be like? stealing spells xDD
: I am in guys. Had an auto login running that logs me in 1/second and when i got in i was over 9000 52min wait time.... HOW XD Wow now it jumped to 2h 10m WTF IS THIS RITO PLS I guess some streamers logged in HUH
And i hope you get banned for using 3rd party software ..
: I have hour and 4 mins GN guys :D
good night. i have 2 hours. sleep tight XD
: not a bug. a tweet I think, today, posted that AP increases shield and heal amounts. If you have a 3+ sorc comp, Yas will get his shield increased. pretty strong! Yas isn't an exile, he's a sorcerer ;)
So he is an exiled Sorcerer. SIlas for TFT Confirmed?
: Couldn't connect to authentication service...
same here{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: The login queue you mean? It's not the first time, but it hasn't happened in a while. Used to be pretty common during champion releases back in the day, which were frequent. Was in a time accounts were slightly easier to acquire than during the application system, though.
I remember back then when i had to wait for the login queue on live servers to hit 0 xD Great old days, now you can enter without ever having to wait u.u Such luxus...
: What pisses me off are those streamers and youtubers who never gave 2 shits about League and who are now easily getting PBE accounts and are given priority in queue... PBE isn't being used for testing, it's being used for advertisement.
Its not that easy to get into PBE Servers. first you need an High Honor Rank on you account, then you can apply for beta tester, and then you have to wait to actualy get acces. Ofc youtuber going to use it to advertise it, its important. Without them the mode would just die out without ever reached the live servers. Youtubers creating a big hype wave and showing what riot does is great ^^ Even tho they dont real understand the mode nor do they try to help finding bugs.
: To be fair this isn't **ENTIRELY** gatekeeping, as he is making a really good point. Pbe is for testing patches so that game breaking bugs don't make it to live, remember the global xerath Q? Remember cross map kha zix jump? Stuff like that has to be found and then reported by the people on PBE. If most of the people on PBE aren't actually looking for and reporting bugs it'll be a mess when it comes to live. ~~op's post was a little much tho~~ {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
They should add something like a "karma" system to the game, where if you report bugs that actualy are buggs you gain points, and if you have anought you are allowed to stay on PBE or gain acces to new modes. Would make it fair for people who actualy try to find buggs and so on. Ofc if you dont log in often enought your going to lose those points again and acces to the modes. I am a bit pissed that i had to wait 14 hours today to just play 3 rounds of TFT just to get kicked out midgame due to another bugfix patch. But i had my fun the first day. was on PBE in under 2 hours and went rampage on 20 games :D Still, there are still players on PBE who just want to play the mode earyler and ignore any bugs they encounter. I mean, why the hell are people still dont understand how the Pirate buff works, the hell you trying stealing my gold XD
: I agree! It seems to be too OP. Draven, vayne or even gnar can solo win the round once they have that item. Especially gnar. That thing goes crazy if you build rageblade on it {{champion:150}} {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
anyone tryed it on yasuo XD shuld look funny with all those steel storms xD
: Think I got the Queue time record
Haha, ive beaten you XD https://imgur.com/a/sVfdG4I
: Thats not the issue, streamers dont even make a 5% of pbe population. Giving them fast pass is not a problem, the problem are all the people who leave the game open overnight so they dont have to queue again next day. THATS SUPER UNFAIR. Because until someone doesnt leave the pbe you cant go in... Therefore the queues get stuck for +5 hours...
How does it come if in the first day of TFT where the most people logged in the queue time wasnt longer then 1 hour, and now after a lot of players are already satisfied or quit the waiting queue it takes a full day just to log in. How many players are on PBE? 5.000.000 players? i dont think so, PBE only has around 20k players or so. maybe even less since i just met the same players a lot of times already... so either they decresed the PBE servers wich increases the login queue, or someone is sending fake login tryes and increasing the queue to an insane lenght. Wich is litterly DDOSing the PBE login queue servers... Whatever it is, im in queue for over 7 hours already, this is insanity, i dont belive this...
: It's not on each attack, Elise does the same with the shapeshifter bonus, they gain 100% of their hp upon transforming. I think it's poorly written. They heal for 100% of their hp over time vs gaining bonus hp it seems like. I'm not sure what the intended interaction is, but it consistently just heals them for 100% of their hp after transforming.
Not exactly, i also had something wierd happen where nidalee just randomly generated chunks of HP while attacking. Having no items equiped to her nor the Noble effect activated.
: 2 TFT Bugs (Taking Damage twice at end of round, and losing item from Carousel)
On the 2nd yeah, happend to me already 3 times. Having 2 times the same unit on the bench or split up on bench and field or both on field. Lost a {{item:3083}} {{item:1058}} and a {{item:1043}} . This should be fixed since its gamebreaking, i lost due to it already. (Happend twice in the same game <.<) The first only happend once to me, since it isnt very easy to achieve, tho i took around 45 damage due to this and got instant killed with only 42 HP left before i took the damage... This thread needs some push and i hope riot sees this, and already patches it.
: If it is that old, you should post it on the live boards for more attention and visibility :)
Well not really my fault, when Riot would atleast reply under Bug reports like this to see it has already noticed about this Bug then it doesnt need to reposted. But well the last report about same Mordekaisers Ult Bug was like 5 months ago and he didnt got Fixed yet.
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: [Mordekaiser] Dragon Bug
Yes i tested it for about 1 week ago, when you play as Mordekaiser and Ult the Ghost of an Enemy Mordekaiser and kill the Ghost then you get the Ghost with the Dragon Buff and the increased Stats from the Dragon and you Ult resets completly.


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