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: Ryze changes
It bothers me as main ryze as is this mini-rework, being a total disaster, the current ryze is very good decision making as if to choose damage, shield or stun, which is learned over time and is not so difficult, and the only thing I think that you have to change your R to make your level in prosesional leagues and improve in only q. The ryze they are reworking is simple, very nerfeado, and you do not even have to think to use it. I DO NOT LIKE
: Ryze changes
I am a main ryze, with around 600k mastery points on him, and dont like the changes. Blooddreams - LAS
: Ryze changes completely destroys his identity
Personally I did not like the changes of this type Ryze, at this time is very fun to play, and strong for those who use it, and considering the weakness of SoloQ and Strong in professional games I think the best would be The change of the R for "something" more. Bloddreams-LAS I preffer change R, that change all skils of the champ{{champion:13}} {{item:3070}}


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