: [Bug] Azir soldiers reproduce Azir's death voice line when dissapearing
Sounds more like a feature to me. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Blood Moon Evelynn
Time to leave my two cents I guess. 1. Kimono Sleeves. The graceful way Eve moves really fits the idea of flattering sleeves. Also even if you search 'shot Kimono' you will almost always find they have long sleeves. Eve is more about Seduction than pure sex appeal so it's often very subjective what fits her best, but IMO having some long sleeves makes a good contrast to showing that much cleavage and leg she currently does 2. Contrary to many other Eve mains I think her horns should show only in Demon Form. They currently only show in her Demon Form and it would make sense for her to show them only in her Demon Form in the Blood Moon skin, too. Although there is a point to be made that every Blood Moon Skin has red horns. 3. Something about her socks just strikes me as weird and out of place. I haven't found anyone else complaining about them yet so it might just be me. Just do me a favor and take another quick glance over them, maybe I'm just going crazy. 4. I don't like her recall. The pose and the kiss at the end lacks any grace and seduction at all IMO. It feels more like Evelynn is blowing kisses out to her fans than she is trying to seduce someone. But Evelynn is a Succubus, not an Idol. _The way she doesn't even look at me makes me feel like she doesn't mean it; that's not very seducing._ I'd be glad if my feedback is taken in consideration. {{champion:28}}
: She looks better and stronger to me. She can still deal with different comps tho -------------------------------------- you can consider running items like {{item:3110}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}} if you have to deal with tanks. (This is not buy order, just items people should consider on eve, she has a reall fine damage with her ult and overall kit, she can use tanky builds well, but not full tank, 3 ap items boots and 2 defensive, more like a bruiser.)
This is a really ironic statement demonstrating the flaws of Riot's Balance approach. The reason we get denied our AD Scalings is to make sure we stay as close to the AP Assassin Archetype as we can and not become Bruisers. Yet we have to jump through multiple hoops to get our damage on a target and still do not have good scalings on no ability but our Ultimate. Instead of having AD Items to consider for dealing with different Team Comps, we are limited to AP Items and are looking now at tankier AP items. Considering our abilities are capable of dealing with tanks thanks to our massive MR Shred and %max health damage AND have built in life regen in out passive, we tend to make not-so-bad AP Bruisers. On the other hand, live Evelynn can build BotrK or Nashor's Tooth to make use of her E, which gives her not only **two** on-hit triggers compared to only one, but also a **noticeable attackspeed** steroid. **** By **denying** us our scalings to prevent us from becoming better Bruisers than Assassins, we find ourselves tending to build Tank items to deal with different teamcomps. This has a lot of potential to lead to the same balance problems Tankko brought to the rift.
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: Intended. However I noticed her camouflage cancels if she begins to attack and cancels the attack before it goes off. Noticed this when walking past a plant, accidentally clicked on it but cancelled the attack right before it went through.


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