: Diabolical Veigar Tweak: (W) Dark Matter
Nice to see that all of this Veigar feedback (I've seen many threads with a lot of discussion here) are falling on deaf ears. "The changes are already locked in for 5.4". Then why bother putting them up for testing if you don't care about what we think? On the plus side, this does open it up to a larger pool of players, and gives people more time to adjust... I don't want them to accidentally over-buff Veigar because people struggled with him after very little experience with a different kit. We will see what happens.
: [Suggestions] Current Veigar mini-rework, Add Some Flavor!
: [Suggestion] Improving the QoL on Veigar's Event Horizon while increasing depth of play
Pretty good idea. He needs some change to E for defensive purposes, without making the stun overbearing for offensive purposes, and I think this could work. My suggestion was to add an additional self-cast to the stun that stuns anyone who hits you, allowing for defensive plays against dive assassins while still retaining the counterplay on his E for offensive purposes. It would only stun the next person to attack you, and would have a small window of opportunity requiring skilled timing.
: What if Veigar's stun was a smaller circle? Would that be better or worse to you guys? Maybe it'd be stronger than I think.
> [{quoted}](name=OzzyOzrock,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=FcaaWKj6,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2015-02-15T01:01:18.129+0000) > > What if Veigar's stun was a smaller circle? Would that be better or worse to you guys? Maybe it'd be stronger than I think. Hard to say. It would be easier to walk out of, but would be a more guaranteed stun and/or W if it hit.
: Veigar Rework v.s. Live
I had a random thought. The E change obviously hurts Veigar defensively, especially against champions that can jump on top of him and murder him. What if you could self-cast the stun as a shield that would stun the next champion that hits you (a short-lived shield, similar to a spell shield)? Might be completely ridiculous, but just a thought.
: Veigar Rework v.s. Live
I like the changes because I feel it more rewards skill, and I really like the new Q. The stun delay is tricky. I didn't feel it was that bad, but many people disagreed. I think it's going to need more looking into before it ships to live. Good analysis.
: Veigars "Buffs"
I do find it amusing that, much like Ahri, the buffs to compensate for the loss of DFG's burst is to lower his single target burst even more.
: i dont ave unlimited rp or ip
RP is supposed to be limited. The intention of the PBE is to test new content (usually put on sale for 1 IP), not to buy every old skin. I believe you still get a pretty considerable amount of IP each week if you logged in that week. There should be a bundle of runes you can buy in the store.
: My thoughts on the Veigar changes.
As someone who played a lot of Veigar, I was quite skeptical. Q: I really like the feel of it. Farming isn't any harder, and it's much more satisfying (and potentially rewarding) than a simple point and click. The range and width are reasonable, and I was able to double farm quite a lot for someone who was new with it. With practice, it could be even better. W: Didn't notice much difference. E: This was what I was really worried about. Let's start by saying that the effect (at least on Final Boss) before the stun appears is really cool. I found that the stun was surprisingly easy to land. This was an ability that needed a change and, despite my initial objections, I really like the way it is now. With the exception of hyper mobile champions, if you trap someone in the center, they're probably getting stunned. I was against a Yasuo and was able to stun him pretty reliably. R: Didn't notice much difference. They had no AP champions, and we kind of got stomped on, so I wasn't mega bursting anyone. This would've been the case with a 1 or 1.2 ratio. I feel this change means you have to land more of your abilities, which is reasonable. Even with the mana changes, he still goes out of mana ridiculously easily. It's slightly better than before, but not by much. It would be nice to see him get a more interesting passive and more reasonable mana costs to compensate for loss of a mana passive (see other champions with mana passives, like Lissandra and Xerath). But overall, I'm quite satisfied with the changes.
: Heartseeker Varus's W need to have 3D modeled hearts.
I'm indifferent; I like how they look currently, but they'd also look good (potentially better) as 3D. Overall, big fan of the skin. His dialogue just feels so out of place though.
: Varus bug
Is this for all skins or just his new skin? I didn't notice this bug for the new skin, but I wasn't looking for it. *Edit - yep, definitely see it. The arrow is in the completely wrong position (pointed down towards the ground) for the Heartseeker skin.
: The Reasoning behind Lissandra's W AP ratio nerf
Good to see we're murdering Lissandra (the 8th least popular champion) because one item is out of control. She finally sees a tiny bit of use and gets nerfed, while someone like Lee Sin has been dominating since release? Typical. If you're going to hit her burst, you at least need to give real compensation. A slight cool down reduction of Q (only evident at max level) and slow increase on R are not enough. Maybe buff some of her absurd mana costs or make the shards from her Q actually slow too. You know, helping her fit a role as a CC mage. Alternatively, nerf DFG more and leave her alone.


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