: I've been hoping for a star guardian Ezreal ever since SG Lux came out. I even made a comment about it at the time saying it was a primo opportunity. Either way this is a dream come true and i can't express my thanks. I mean i can, with money, but aside from that. I love it I'm so glad you guys went this direction with him embracing his embarrassing anime roots. No matter how you try and spin it, he's high school levels of character creation in a"I'll make a really cool guy and shove references in there to show how cool and knowledgeable I am of _nerd_ stuff" way. It's very endearing. ;) **_Actual criticism:_** My only qualm is that his hair, while neat in concept, struggles in execution. Since it kind of sticks out in the back but doesn't move it all it looks less like hair and more like those kind of weird long bike helmets. It's just stiff in a way that struggles to sell it as like, hair. Especially when he turns and moves it just kind of juts around. Other than that i _love_ it. i love this. I'm so stoked thank you. side note; It's a shame his base animations are so old/stiff because you can really see the age of em on this skin. When he fires his auto attacks, the effects are so great but his arm chucking them is so stiff. Obviously that can't be helped until he has some large scale work done on him (whenever that may be) but I look forward to it. :)
not to mention that his base animations make him look like he has a slouching problem
: Prexzer you stole my Ranked Team -_-
: It's pbe, testing server. If you wanna have fun, then go live
People come to pbe and feed, rage, and then afk because its "just pbe", which is really toxic behavior and it hinders your team from testing materials to their potential. So fun isn't really in the equation
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: Summoner's Rift update doesn't show for me
They removed it for the meantime while the current PBE patch gets ready to hit the live servers
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