: Next bug, Kayle's E active procs ENTIRE on-hit effects. Not sure if this is intended or not, but if it is, I am worried it'll be a constant source of possible bugs down the line! **Repro:** Be Kayle, obtain an on-hit effect (preferably one with an effect beyond damage, e.g. red buff). Use E on a group of enemies (I used target dummies for test). Observe ALL targets being burnt and slowed! **Replay:** Repro is so quick and simple, doubt you'll need one. But if you do, I can provide footage of requested. **Additional information:** * Notable on-hits: Red buff, Muramana (procs damage on all AND drains your mana times targets struck, too). * Notable on-hits I haven't tested: Nami E (AOE slow, probably. Unsure if Kayle expends all stacks of the buff when she hits 3 targets, or what exactly happens against >3 targets), Wits End (additional AoE MR shred). * ***Guinsoo's*** might grant kayle FULL stacks with one E, when she blasts 4 or more targets with one E pre-11! * Unsure about the function of sheen effects, thus far. * All the melee-only AoE effect items (Tiamat, Hydras) are **correctly** not applying to the ranged attack. * (Kayle's own passive doesn't super-stack from this bug. This might be because it's an on-attack proc, instead of on-hit, and I'm not yet knowledgable of which one it actually is) --- Is this format of bug report useful to you, btw? Can I improve anything about it?
A Part of this bug is Crit. Build crit on kayle, and all her passive "waves" crit. lv 16, full crit, and waves doing 200+ true damage to everyone hit by them. Reproduction: buy any crit items, attack a wave of minions or multiple targets. All enemies hit by her passive will take 200% (or 225%) of the passive damage as a crit. Especially easy to see once she hits lv 16. (80 true damage without crit, 200+ with)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party Zac!
I've noticed with the new zac animations (on the E) that sometimes it doesn't knock them up visually. They'll be stunned and take damage but not be knocked up, which was very confusing to me (did I hit them? oh it did damage so I guess I did.) I don't know what is causing that, but its very confusing to me.
: Heyo, FancySkunk! Thanks for the feedback on the chromas! I'll relay that feedback to the rest of the team. :] As for black Zac, however, this was a placeholder texture from a long time ago that accidentally got out here. Unfortunately, we can't move forward with this color because dark colors (especially, just plain black) lead to gameplay readability problems such as not being able to immediately read Zac as he's coming out of the fog-of-war and not being able to provide effective shading on dark colors to aid readability and clarity.
Then do red or a different color than yellow
: Glad to see a second set of Chromas (especially some for Zac), but I'm confused by some of the color choices. I'll give some feedback on each set, from best to worst (in my opinion). {{champion:122}} **Forge Darius** The strongest of the new bunch and the only Pack that really nails the theme that they're based on. The Copper variation isn't very pleasing to the eye, but the other two are really nice and offer enough variation to make the Pack feel like it is worth the RP cost. The Black/Gold variation is my favorite, here. {{champion:51}} **Rebel Caitlyn** First off, I don't understand why these are labeled as "Rebel." Pink and Green versions are pretty solid, although the green hair kind of blends into the rest of the champion. Changing the color or the tone would give it some contrast against the rest of the texture. Blue variation is really disappointing. I couldn't even tell that it wasn't Classic Caitlyn until I pulled up a screenshot and compared the two side-by-side. {{champion:25}} **Haunt Morgana** Does an alright job of hitting the theme, I suppose. The Green version is the best one, but the Dark Blue one doesn't feel different enough from Classic Morgana. The White variation is okay, but I think it could be pushed farther to be more interesting. More contrast would be good. Maybe a darker skin tone with a brighter dress? {{champion:18}} **Punk Tristana** Hmm. This one confuses me. None of these colors really give off a "punk" vibe. The Purple/Teal one is the best effort, here. The Tan/Red one is pretty underwhelming. The Navy one is too monotone. Her hair, gun, and jumpsuit are all too close to the same color. The bright orange on her goggles contrasts really nicely with the navy hair. Making her gloves and details on her suit that same orange would go a long way for this Chroma. Also, why is her gun the same boring color in all three chromas? Gloves are pretty drab in all three, as well. If you're going to call it the Punk set, you have to live up to that title. {{champion:154}} **Sweet Zac** Hooray, Zac chromas! Bubblegum is great. Honey and Orange are way too similar. Orange doesn't relate to the "sweet" theme, either. I'd love to see one of yellow/yellow-orange ones scrapped and replaced with a more unique color. Red (Cherry) or White (Vanilla), for example. --- Excited to see how the approach to Chromas evolves over time. I think the insistence on having a themed set is really holding back the creativity and hindering the final product. I'm fine with only being able to buy Chromas in a set of three, but all three of them better feel unique and interesting. Trying to force them into a theme isn't helping with that. Too many of them feel too similar to each other or the champion's classic look. The most successful Chroma Pack, Lucian Prime, is great because its theme specifically dictates that each variation is going to be a different color. I'd like to see some unthemed packs with greater variation between the Chromas. Thanks for reading!
Or Black zac (licorice) Honestly any color but the yellow.


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