: Feedback on Azir rework
Range was nerfed because they wanted to double down on the battlemage idea without making him super oppressive at range, which was fair enough. Fix the wall Rito pls. I believe it's fair that Q range got nerfed a bit, but I feel like the better route would be to only nerf the range he could attack command them from, as it sits he was already just on the limits of where a lot of popular burst mages could hit him, now he's very clearly in threat zone and chances are he wont have the damage over time to sustain against Orianna or Ahri or Syndra, I don't think he could even compete with Cass, who is going to I think be his contemporary at this point. I understand it's because he will be much more mobile that he will hurt less, but unfortunately in league of legends I don't thin k that will be his saving grace. I wish they would leave it for poke, or at LEAST make it extended DURING Shifting Sands to old range for the purpose of shuffling so that he has the old mobility he had before, instead of nerfing BOTH his range AND mobility, and if not that, return some speed to E, because as it sits, he's in a weird gimped mobility state where it just feels bad overall to try to shuffle someone down or make a play, and that hurts the birb.
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