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: Poppy low health VO bug
she literally will not shut up we get it, you dont want to die. make it so she only says it when she is taking damage while the resolve is up or something
: Tahm Kench W Zhonya's bug
I don't think you are supposed to be immobilized or stunned while inside him. You just have reduced vision to prevent from doing much inside him other than trying to prevent damage while waiting to get spat out. References: I was Tahm Kench and got eaten by the enemy Tahm. I was able to activate my shield to prevent most of the damage he dealt while he had me inside him. I played kalista and managed to do enough damage to an enemy consumed by an allied Tahm Kench to kill them while they were still inside him. Meddler reported that this is a bug and will probably be patched if THAT was happening. Then again. I probably killed Tahm...... I don't remember anymore
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