: Azir Bug Report Thread
So, i'm not sure if the sand soldiers are supposed to apply only some "on-hit" effects, but... anyways, they build up stacks for {{item:3124}} and apply the move speed boost for {{item:3257}} (furor buff) but they do not however add stacks for {{item:3091}} . is it supposed to be that way? or is that a bug? I've only tested these 3 items, so there may be more "on-hit" effects that aren't triggering from the sand soldiers.
: You mean like if you toggle Ashe's Q?
Yeah, When you toggle Ashe's Q on. It looks the same way on any champion's Ultimate (R) ability when being buffed by Sona's E.
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: Loud static noise
Yup, very annoying problem. I muted my game cuz we had (by the end) like 2 or 3 of the doom bots with that ability. Stupid Viktor Bug... {{champion:112}} {{champion:121}}
: [DOOM] vs [U.R.F.]
This would be way awesome! but i think urf is more OP than doombots.
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: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
So, the passive with {{champion:112}} 's lazer beam thing that makes a triangle is really annoying. the sound is super loud and sometimes keeps repeating. When 2 or more doombots have the passive it laggs the game a WHOLE LOT
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
So, my PBE updated and after it updated, i had to re-beat level 1.... Is that supposed to happen? is it like rune/mastery pages where you have to redo them on each computer? if that makes any sense at all
Doom Bot hidden passive. Lag Spike and DDOS GG
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
My games keeps randomly lagging. Then, sometimes it will say attempting to reconnect, but never reconnect. when you exit the game it'll just take you to the stats page as though the game actually ended. even though it didn't end. :/ still super fun though while it lasts XP
: Unlock Doom Tiers and Unlock Abilities To Use
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: One For All Mirror Suggestion
I was thinking, instead of simply whoever has the most votes, it should be more like, a champion has to have at least 2 votes (20%) to be able to be chosen (unless every champ is at 10%, then it just chooses one randomly)
: Thanks for the report! Are you still able to reproduce this bug? Have you noticed anything else out of the ordinary?
It happened 3 or 4 times before i posted this, but after I posted this, the bug stopped. Must have known daddy was coming {{champion:96}} to get the bug {{champion:121}}
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: [ Vi's Q] Unable to use the ability for the whole match
: [5/6] Audio Bug Fix Testing
Well, i was playing a game w/ the dragon slayer braum skin, and (it may have been my computer) but one of the times when i was trying to use braums laugh, it didn't create any sound.... he just did the action w/out noise {Edit} I just played a game as sona (regular skin) and it didn't say "Victory" at the end of the game. Summoner's rift was the map and it was vs AI (I was on purple team). Also, sona didn't say anything the whole game ;) ;)
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: I totally know those feels. i just finished my finals. My graduation is tomorrow. I had my commencement today. :P I've had to do sooo much stuff lately. Thanks a ton btw
yeah it worked out I hope i don't have to re-install every time i update... that would suck.
: Sorry for taking so long to reply, its finals week for me at college so I've been busy. OK what you could do is search the file in your pbe directory, then delete it, there's probably a corrupt fragment of the file stored on your computer, if that doesn't work, delete the whole pbe folder and re-download the client and do all the updates again.
I totally know those feels. i just finished my finals. My graduation is tomorrow. I had my commencement today. :P I've had to do sooo much stuff lately. Thanks a ton btw
: If this works and you decide to switch to a new antivirus, I would strongly recommend against avast, for it causes even more problems than bit-defender during gaming and has obnoxious advertisements popping up all the time.
Well... it didn't work. I found the name of the file. AmumuLoadScreen_1.DDS something like that. my computer started going slow... again... so i may have forgotten the exact file (cuz it took so long to restart my computer), but i'm prette sure its this.
: If this works and you decide to switch to a new antivirus, I would strongly recommend against avast, for it causes even more problems than bit-defender during gaming and has obnoxious advertisements popping up all the time.
: i used to get an issue like this with league and steam. could you tell me what operating system you are on, what antivirus you have, if you have multiple list them all (you shouldnt have multiple antivirus, but include things like antimalware programs or antispyware). and what other programs do you run while you are downloading the patch
I just had steam and Chrome running. Bit-defender is my antivirus. I have windows 7
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: Meanwhile, Sion and Taric still walking perfectly outrageously fine with their pizza feet. Sure, Fiddle SURELY CLEARLY needs a VO.
and urgot needs a update and a rework
: [Refund] Rp glitch?
lol i love your story to help explain this, but i don't know what's up with it.
: Does Braum Contradict LoLs Previous Direction?
I think braum is a better champion that riot has made. Recently, the other champions have felt too much like previous champions. {{champion:161}} and Braum (ps riot, he needs an icon) have been more unique, which i think is (and if it isn't, it should be) riots goal, making the game unique and diverse.
: [Request] A High Priority for Testing List in PBE announcement.
Rito pls. This would be amazing to have. I'm always unsure what to be testing exactly. I always assume it's the new stuff, but sometimes i'm not sure if there is something, well, more new.
: yoooo add me, ill play anytime dude!
Me too. If you read this, add me BlackRazz
: LOL Riot should keep this
: Use rune combiner to remove extra runes.
actually, if you want all the runes, keep buying the rune bundle until you can't buy anymore then, use the rune combiner to create all the runes you don't have w/ your extra of the runes given to you in the rune bundle :P It's what i'm doing. Kinda a slow process, but it's the cheapest way.
: New Idea?
fun idea, but i don't think riot rly wants the focus of league to be coming up with new game ideas. It would be fun though.
: PBE crash--
yeah i had the same thing happen when an ally was using void fiz. it error-ed out and made me do a bug fix thing.
: What are your graphic levels so i can confirm this?
* Resolution, 1366x768 * Full screen * Not colorblind (not that it should matter) * Medium high graphics * Character High * Environment High * Effects High * Shadow Medium I noticed it tends to go through her crossbow during her Dance and Idol phases.
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: You can sort by IP price, that should help!
actually, the skins can only be sorted by RP
: I really like this idea. Maybe even have ARAM be one of the cycle. I still don't see why the kept that but got rid of Hexakill, URF, One for All, and Showdown. Honestly, one week is long enough for a weird game mode (people are already bored of URF), but if it was one week out of every 5, that would be perfect. Honestly, that's about how often I play ARAM anyway.
I was thinking they could throw ARAM into the cycle, but i realized that would be dumb because they made a whole map just for ARAM.
: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread #2
Just thought i'd let you know, the other day I was playing a game testing out the new Jax skin. I was playing w/ a team a bots vs a team of bots. The {{champion:15}} on my team never did anything the whole game. She just sat at the fountain. not sure why
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: Power is 2 syllables, I think you're counting untapped as 3 syllables, it's only 2 (un-tapped)
no, untapped is 2 and power is 2. It's supposed to be 5-7-5.
: All Icons are now Urf, Happy Urf day!
: if they made it into one that blocks ccs, it'd be instantly fixed.
ccs? i prob know what it means just can't think of it :P Is it like, plural of cc (crowed control)? or something entirely different :P
I thought about it, but i thin viktor's item is a lot stronger than rengar's from the beginning, so it could make the game unbalanced. If it's changed to a stack based on kills for power rather than a leveling up for more power system, then that could work. otherwise, i think it would make viktor too strong
: [Suggestion] Seperate Slot for Wards
It would throw off the balance of the game. It'll make it too easy to ward late game with full build. Or sometimes, early game. Lets say you have a few basic items for your Lee build, like {{item:1053}} {{item:1001}} {{item:1006}} {{item:1006}} {{item:1036}} because your going for a hydra. after laning, you get ganked and die, so you decided to buy wards, but you also realize you have enough gold for {{item:1037}}. You'll prob buy the {{item:1037}} over a {{item:2044}}. now you're left with a decision, sell and Item like {{item:1006}} and buy a ward or two, or not buy a ward. While this is a senerio where the consequences for selling aren't too bad, just imagine if you had 3 fully build items and you had 3 more smaller items that still cost a lot, like {{item:3020}} {{item:3003}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3028}} {{item:1026}} {{item:1057}} You're not going to want to sell your items to buy wards. Creating another item slot will allow you to keep this build and still buy wards, throwing off the balance. There's no longer a choice involved. you get to do both. Having your team with {{item:3361}} or {{item:3362}} each + a support or someone with {{item:2045}} should be enough wards. That's about 8 wards at a time, which is a good amount.
: On the topic of this, I feel like his shield should be like Morgana's. (I've used kassadin, and it didn't block cc like morg's does. could be a bug, or it could be intentional, but it's frustrating either way.) I feel like if they buffed the shield, it'd be a lot better.
yeah, it doesn't grant immunity to spells, it just blocks spell damage
: Making Tristana's abilities scale with AD rather than AP
I think it would ruin her, just like when {{champion:11}} got his changed from AP to AD (except his heal). Yi is now so freaking op. {{champion:18}} would run into the same problem. She would have a high burst and high dps rather than one or the other. (I hate how yi has both... -.-)
: Super Galaxy Rumble's Overheat
The color during the overhead could perhaps be a little brighter while the regular colors be a little darker, not too much because I still want it to look all shiny and stuff :D
: Draft mode on teambuilder
It's hard to do draft mode in this manner. Reasons are, of course, the banning. But also, counter picking. How are you supposed to counter pick if you can't see who you're facing?
: How to make Sona's Auras FEEL Impactful (w/ Pics!)
I love this idea! please do it Riot if you can =D I too thought about this but didn't come up with a good idea. This one is great.
: Atlantean Syndra
It's not quite a haiku...You have it 5 syllables then 7 then 6, not 5-7-5 (unless you're saying power is 1 syllable.. i think it's two) Rewrite: Water orbs unleash A deluge upon her foes such untapped power (insert doge face here) =D
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