: *UPDATED* TESTING WINDOWS: Season 2014 Summoner's Rift + Preseason 2015 Summoner's Rift
This is very interesting and smart of u riot, i think u need to slow down the S5 changes though, maybe not everything at once but add in for example the turret changes, baron and drag changes and buff changes, THEN change the spawn times monster difficulty/add extra camps because when it was released i found it a bit overwhelming, but interesting changes overall, keep it riot this will be and very intriguing preseason and if most of these changes stay competitive play will have to change.
: Rough Notes [PBE - 10/09/2014]
Theres a lot of changes that have happend, i think that it needs to be slowed down, first with the buff changes then the addition of the new camps and items, idk it feels a bit overwhelming but very interresting changes and idk if all theses changes should stay, junglers seem to be suffering the most.
: End of Game Gifting on PBE
This is an interresting concept, i might actually want to gift someone who really carried the team hard, but maybe not using rp. i think it might be better if there are other ways to gift ppl other things. i guess it still needs work and it wouldnt hurt to put this on live, worst thing possible only a few hundred ppl use it.
: The team you went up against had the right idea, your team didn't. The next time you play you will tell your team, "hey guys lets go for a synergy team comp," then you guys will be the ones owning. This isn't ARAM where its a free for all... people will come to see if they want to win in this mode, they have to actually work together, and that starts at champ select. BTW I have those times where I want to say screw the team comp I wanna try x champ. my team almost always loses the game... so when I feel like winning, I'll see where the team comp is lacking (cc/tank) and fill that role.
Sadly not everyone is cooperative, i agree with the ban phase because that way ppl are forced to pick other champs instead of the op hexakilling machines that have arisen. Overall i think that this mode might bring back twisted treeline as a map, because right now its not as popular. GJ riot thinking outside the box.
: The Inhibitor Icon has a couler bug. The Icon is blue. Need Fix.
: Gnar gameplay and balance feedback
I like him, as a top laner he has very safe early game as mini gnar then he can reck a mega gnar, this will help vs some of the op top champs right now, u can do a little dmg before they go all in to try to kill u then u either turn into mega gnar who can fight back at the lvl of a tank or run away with the mobility of gnar. i swear this champ has the best of both worlds, mobility and tankiness at different times. i still question labeling him as a marksmen, maybe more of an assassin tank
: PBE Bugs & Feedback: Jungle Timers!
It is very helpful but would be a bit better if we could make it appear without pressing Tab in the settings and if we can i need to find that, also maybe if there was a sound that was made when something spawns, a different one for each monster. IDK if others will agree with my suggestion but hope it was worth mentioning.
: Braum Bug Report Thread
I noticed there are less glitchs in normal than in custom/bots
: **Strengths: ** -Likable champ *that comes to life with personality*. Unlike certain champions, like Fiora, who don't really *feel* like what they're supposed to be (a fencer), Braum feels like the warm-hearted, BFG he was designed to be. I particularly enjoyed his voice acting, props to whoever you used, because the man sounds the part. -Extremely high *skill ceiling*. It is nice to see champions that really take a bit of a brain to use, and I personally feel that supports, especially due to their lack of CSing, could use a lot more mechanic-intensive champions, like Lulu and Thresh. Don't get me wrong, I think it is important to have things like Support Annie and Support Soraka and Taric, since those cater to people who don't really desire to struggle with a champion's mechanics. However, I think Braum is a champion who will take a lot to fully master and maximize his potential. I will come back to this in the cons section. -Feels *unique*. There's not really another support in the game where you can run alongside your team eating as much damage as you. As I said before though, his E should be wider, so it doesn't just feel like a Leona with her W on running alongside eating shots. ALso, more importantly, is I think he the first truly positioning based support there is, where your position in fights is absolutely crucial. **Cons:** -As I mentioned before, his teamfight feels bizarre. this may just be because I'm still learning the champ, but as stated, it sometimes doesn't feel like I'm doing anything, even if I am. -That E hit box though. Seriously, just want to emphasize again that the E needs to be a widened a bit. **Overall Final Thoughts** Fun champion, as a support main I can totally climb on board. Great kit, champion has real personality (although the door bit of his lore is a bit ??? for me given its size). The only fear I have for him is that he will be unpopular because he will probably be very, very niche. A champion with a high skill ceiling, difficult positioning requirements, and a kit **that really only truly excels versus ranged champions** will make his popularity in solo queue and competitive play fairly low. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, I think people will still tend to gravitate towards Leona, Thresh, and Alistar for tanks. Great job on this champion Riot. Keep up the good work, tell whoever the voice actor is that he killed it. I can't wait to see what you come out with next.
Nice job, something i noticed though, in team fights he seems like his goal is to protect the person who initiated then if were winning to use his Q to single people out.
: *BUG- custom game, AI bots staying at fountain
Having same problem, locked in battlecast Vel' Koz in custom and bot ryzes icon is blank and game wont start.any ideas how to fix this or is riot alrdy on it?
: IF i tell some all time afk or troll player name...
if u report them and a lot of ppl report them eventually they might be kicked from pbe. till then, the struggle against trolls will continue as long as they remain unknown.


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