: Typical game outcomes during this patch/preseason stuff
This has to be my biggest complaint as well, and with 5 man premades around the corner, I don't see it getting any less bad. D:
: Vayne's W Buff
Trust me when I say this, she actually hits a lot softer now than before. Without that base damage, it's taken its toll, surprisingly. Didn't believe it til I was able to duel one who was ahead of me without much concern on her 3rd hits.
: AP Champs need some kind of more reliable sustain now.
Bumping it. Would like more input. Also, would like to hear from a Rioter as to why Spell Vamp hasn't received an overhaul since few champs can utilize it.
: The idea might sound OK... But that's really really strong for a non keystone mastery
Too strong for non-keystone. x.x Waaay too strong.
: 1% permanently for each champion you kill (limit of 1 stack per event) So basically... If you are confident you are going to kill at least 3 of the 5 enemies fairly early in the game, this is superior to the damage to ccd champions mastery.
Okay, thanks for that. Would still be nice to be able to see that as a buff though.
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: Please stop making Caitlyn say "Boom, headshot," after every headshot
Yup. I'm agreeing with this. That and MF's passive sound in Arcade MF sounds like she hits a cait Q every hit now. (could've been an ingame bug once, dunno though.)
: AP Champs need some kind of more reliable sustain now.
Also, side note / balance and a bit of math on sustain right now: Let's say you're a marksman, or even better yet Yasuo for the sake of that easy 2 item 100% crit. At 100% crit with new masteries and runes, you can affectively have every AA heal for about 20-25%. Each attack. at 100 AD, that's 40 life you've stolen from an auto-attack, one that can heal up a marksman or any AD assassin quickly. And all of the defensive options for an AD that help with movement speed, damage reduction, etc is now beginning to flood the favor towards ALL AD comps. As for AP defensively? Void Staffs aren't the best defense unless you really get in close, and most caster's cannot afford that. Zhonya's? One bit of armor that'll help almost not at all when they're easily kited. Spell vamp is the biggest problem right now. Compare spell vamp to lifesteal. Lifesteal goes off of the whole chunk of damage from each AA. Hell, there's even an AD item to imitate spell-vamp and it's STILL better. Spell vamp reduces to 1/3 effectiveness when it's and AoE spell. so already 0.20 at most of your damage now has a multiplier of 0.33. That's 0.066% of all AoE damage healing you up. Now let's say you hit a group of 6 minions. If it's someone who deals around 200 damage, that's 200 x 6 = 1200. Now take that down after multiplying it by the number, and that's 76 health, assuming that's the damage that even comes through. Meanwhile a marksman can auto-attack **TWICE** with enough crit and heal more. Way more, infact. Plus, the mana cost in there as well. Unless your spells are all single-target (let's face it, no casters really are,) then spell vamp is meant for about 2 champs reasonably: {{champion:8}} and {{champion:69}}.
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: Right now the Iceborn is bugged from my understanding. It is not meant to do the full auto attack damage in the AOE. I really enjoy the AOE scaling in damage with your auto attack but it is very powerful on Ezreal. It's not OP outright, but there are a lot of powerful AD champs, that will make it a counter meta pick that is oppressively powerful against teams who lack a lot of AP. If Riot changes the tool tip and makes it "cannon" that it's AOE scales with the spell and auto attack damage, then I will investigate it more, but for now I'm not all that worried.
Yeah, if it's a bug then no worries. But if it's not, this is much more powerful than Runeglaive. And you remember the uproar THAT caused. x.x
: well it does force you to wait 2 seconds as that is the spell blade passive but maybe they could fix it by making the aoe damage only off of your ad rather then the abilities damage?
I would just say make it to where the damage isn't as immediate as it is. It's a big power spike. x.x
: So in your opinion how much would they need to nerf the base aoe on {{item:3025}} to make sure blue {{champion:81}} never returns?
I don't think Blue Ez doesn't need to return. I loved the play-style. BUT I think the damage needs to scale better, not have an immediate HUGE chunk. It's just absurd when you have a decent ring of AoE hit 600 on anything that's not an ultimate every 1.5 seconds or so. Not to mention it's got a lot of good stats for Ezreal players to reap the benefits of, but this much CC and damage should reward the person who built as a tanky bruiser or something, not that much damage on one Ez Q, ya know?
: Game Disconnected in the middle of a match?
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: Emphasis on TRIED, as I said if they lowered the base then it would be harder for him to hit multiple targets unless you build {{item:3110}} and {{item:3075}} on him now.
Yeah, true. In comparison to Runglaive however, same AoE (roughly,) better damage. Was able to easily clear waves within about 3 Qs, some Q's taking out the casters in 1 hit.
: Well Riot has tried to keep his aoe down by making {{item:3025}} scale with armor as this way he has to trade aoe for more damage. honestly I wish the ratio was higher and the base was lower as tanks should be able to create massive slowing fields while people who don't build armor should have just enough to hit all 3 caster minions.
The damage the AoE does is well more than enough, trust me. x.x
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: PBE testers AFKing
Thought that the whole rush of new testers was for positive players. :l
: you could just press E like you always did.
Her E isn't always good for escaping though. More often than not people with mobility will force behind her so she can't e to safety.
: It is supposed to be called a "Rank 2 Ult" but lol that's all I wanted to say about that. But yeah her ult at the start is like that so she doesn't run around going willy nilly without a cost. It's a way to make sure she doesn't just go everywhere at 6 and gank top/bot/jg,counterganking It just isn't exactly fun for the enemy team to gank someone then in about 6 seconds quinn is there. Quinn now being mid I can imagine people will start taking mobi boots so they can roam even stronger. Well, that's what I do and it works splendidly. The cost early is to gate her to make sure she isn't op early. Which is perfectly fine imo. If you wanted a cheaper way to roam you may want to consider to riot that they lower the cost of mana but decrease the movement speed gain, which was the whole point of the reason why they made her ult the way it is.
I did just see that they updated her, though. Her ult's rank 1 cost is now 80.
: You know they're trying to gear her towards mid lane now, right? The ult is great for quick roams to either sides of the map from the center of it
Yeah, and I played her mid. Her roaming is impecible, but if you don't roam then her ult is just kind of weak in my opinion. Lvl 2 ult the mana cost makes it much better, but before then it feels weak.
: Quinn needs utility or more dmg
Her ulti really isn't too big of a powerspike. If an enemy laner hits six and all-ins you, you have no response.
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