: Allow Leona to gain Incandesence stacks from jungle monsters.
: Champions Select takes too long
Yeah true, it takes too long to start a game
Rioter Comments
: So Many Runes
contact the support :)
: Dear Riot: Why is Team Builder still up?
yeah it takes a very long time to find a game ...
: "It's just PBE."
From my experience there is not alot of toxic players here at PBE but you are going to run into these people any where, so u got make sure they don't mess up ur experience by not talking to them.
: After a month of PBE- How I feel about this place
I agree with you my friend, nice thread
: Bards chimes feel like they stick around too long
the range of his e is crasy , should it have a max range ??
: New friend discovery feature on the way
: Useful information for new PBE players
Good job, very useful thread :)

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