: In the current build Teemo does not go in stealth with normal recall, did not test it on PBE and did not test baron recall in the live build. But to me that looks like a bug, if Teemo does not go invisible while recalling the normal way, he shouldn't with baron, too.
I found this bug, if it is bug, active on both servers.
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: About RP Giving
u dont get weekly IP/RP anymore, if skin must be tested, they will put it for 1 ip
: PBE Doom Bots Feedback
3rd point, they can get evelynns passive as doom passive, so yeah, they appear from nowhere
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: Unalvabiable Costumes
You can`t get those skins with mistery SKIN function, but i sent mistery gift for friend he got PAX TF from that.
: > Braum's Dragonslayer skin's poro doesn't have a mustache. We need consistency pls. **We want a mustache! :)**
We want Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaven`s mustache!!! ;D
: I am using Windows 8.1. Works fine for me.
Using Windows 8.1 Update 24th April. No problem.
: [Suggestion] Make summoners lose IP when they leave a normal match
No. Just no. There is full of toxic players who just distract u from testing and make u rage. Better leave and wait 5 mins not play with them and rage. Feedback must be as good as possible, and when u are raging, u dont notice lot of little bugs, etc.
: Please elaborate, I don't understand what you mean by finding 4 copies of recommended item build.
There are 4 recommended build pages, all have same content.
: Suggestion for RP
There is no ways to get RP in PBE, only new accs... New content will be 1 IP, u must test, not play for free skins, u are improving live servers... Seems like noone understands it here :/
: Dragonslayer Pantheon no SFX
New audio engine fixes problems with annoying sounds- it removed tons of sounds :D
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: pretty sure that the ping problem will come up more and more if you invite new player and then you will see that i am right :P
If players try to improve lol and find bugs, not play for free stuff, easy ranks, they play with 200 ping, trust me.
: PBE - the empty server
I must agree, but if in pbe will come new players for free stuff not for improving live servers, it will make everything even worse.
: Please give me some RP
why would u need it? ^^
: [Please Read] U.R.F Gamemode
If it will come as new gamemode, lot of players will play only this.... ranked will be almost unused, etc, so better no, mybe only enable it for week on april fools day, no more
: Talon Visual Update
http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Champion here u can see upcoming visual upgrades, reworks, relaunches, etc, just scroll down
: Nocturne needs a rework.
Only VU required, skillset is ok
: Ultra Rapid Fire
This server is to test bugs, that gamemode isnt bugged, thats all, if u wanna to just have fun, not to improve all other servers, go play on offic servs
: Stuck in Champion select
Rito, pls... This bug is just annoying, and its not damn first time :/
: Heimerdinger Nerfs
He is still too strong, champion must be balanced, not OP, and base damages are more than enough with that scales
: Ability Icons
: :3 thx for letting us know.. but can you try to have less maintenance :/ it's too long and repetitive
Server is for testing, dont worry about updates, just test new content, find bugs, report them, server isnt meant for free skins and playing for ranks all the day etc, u just help to improve offic servers
: Regarding RP Stipend
U do not need it, u test NEW content, thats all
: damn i play with classic skins???? ok....
Ofc, old skins works fine, new content can be bugged, so u need to test it... U play this server not for free skins but to test new content to improve official severs.
: I don't recived my RP and IP in PBE
: hmm strange, thanks anyway mate
Maybe u lagged or smth, but when we with friend tested, that didnt work
: Vel'Koz images bug, or not?
: Nidalee Pounce negating Ruthless Predator
: Riot why change 390Rp -> Original price i need more RP cuz dont have enough..... pls T.T
Read post pls... U need to test NEW content not old skins, which works fine.
: I know it right friend, but as well, i only got 8000 RP because i created my account a month ago, and i now came online so on :) So if it could be, i just said as an idea. :) Its a test place, i know right, where people can test skins, champions, and reveal some bugs.
to test NEW content, to get effective feedback and reveal bugs not to test old skins
: [Anivia]- Anivia's W (Crystallize) cancel ally recalling and Karthus' Ultimate
: As another idea, i think there should be shown the skins, or champions in the "What's New box, where are the news things shown up as well. But this is not a good idea, to remove the weekly RP/IP i don't have anymore of them, and i wanted to buy more skins. So please reply to this discuss, because i want to know how about you, with my idea: Everyone receives 20000 RP and 50000 IP at all, no more weekly or monthly RP/IP. Because its new, to me, that we are not receiving, and other people, who is newly created his or her account receives a lot of them, as well, for only ONCE, can you give us 20K RP and 50K ip? It should fit, please reply to this discussion. Thank you, and I wish to all of you, the best.
u dont need old skins etc... Without stipends will be improved feedback, u need to improve offic server not to play with all skins..
: Refund Chances
: PBE is a test server but why we cant buy all the skins?
bcs everyone will play old skins and who will test new skins? Rioters? Just agree with this.
: but i want to test old skins :D
U want... but Riot wanna to test new skins to fix bugs and update official servers
: Wait, if there are no more stipends, how will I buy all the runes? I've been systematically buying the runes, but I'm never going to be able to buy them all if I don't get the stipend.
: **PBE account should simply have all the content unlocked from the get go.** Wait a minute... So.. How are we going to test store? How would we test Mystery gifting or any type of gift?
: What can we do if one runs out of RP in the PBE and cannot afford other skins? Also, why were the unlimited refunds disabled? Another thing, when can we test out Vel'koz? or was all that stuff about him not true?
: So I just need further understanding, if lets say another new skin came out or champ or anything new and you wanted us to test it, it would go for 1IP, then after it goes live, it goes to the price that is on the main servers? Thanks for answering :3
yeap skins will have normal RP price and champs normal RP/IP price too, atleast i understand that.
: Uhhh..... this part didn't work at all: New content will generally be available on the PBE for 1 IP. Skin RP costs will be set to their intended live prices so testers know which tier new skins fall into and what new features they can expect. I clicked price (rp) but it was in it's ordinary order.... also i like weekly way better :/ at least give us a reward for testing them for u..... R.I.P Weekly ;-; and old skins
yeah they finally fixed this, no old skins, test new stuff, thats what pbe is made for ;)
: I wish you guys would've have told us about this change BEFORE it went into effect, I recently spent every single bit of RP I was given, because with the old system you had to spend all the RP you were given in order to get your stipends on Sunday. I now have 63 RP, any chance you guys well give us one last stipend before this change goes into effect?
u dont need rp... ALL CONTENT WHAT NEEDS TO BE TESTED WILL COST 1IP... please read everything... server is made to test new content, not play for free skins, ranks, wins, etc...
: Hi there, Could you provide any further information? I'm not sure what you mean. Thanks, Fei
champion is visible in Fog of war.. lot of times have seen this bug.
: Ummmmm, why the PBE was CLosed? PLZ tell me Riot? Was a bug or something like that?
weekly maintenance for update.
: i did it much times it sais update failed please check the logs for more information i found some errors in pather logs 000006.605| 70112.0000kb| 0.0000kb added| ERROR| RADS::Patching::UpdateSolutionImpl::Discover::Discover: Failure to load manifest "D:/games/League PBE/LOLPBE/RADS/solutions/lol_game_client_sln/releases/". 000006.605| 70112.0000kb| 0.0000kb added| OKAY| RADS::Patching::AutoUpdateProgress::UpdateEstimate: ElapsedTime: 0, EstimatedRemainingTime: 0 000006.606| 70112.0000kb| 0.0000kb added| ERROR| Riot::LoLLauncherLib::`anonymous-namespace'::InstallLatestSolutionRelease: Failure or interruption while updating 000006.606| 70112.0000kb| 0.0000kb added| OKAY| RADS::Patching::AutoUpdateProgress::UpdateEstimate: ElapsedTime: 0, EstimatedRemainingTime: 0 and here some 000006.606| 70112.0000kb| 0.0000kb added| ERROR| Riot::LoLLauncherLib::UpdateWorker::DoUpdateGame: 000006.621| 70212.0000kb| 0.0000kb added| ERROR| Riot::LoLLauncherLib::PatcherGui::FSCommandHandler::Callback: Unrecognized command from Flash: "Error".
For me worked repair in this situation
: Update failed?
Use search button once.... No more weekly ip/rp, dont need to play for free skins, ranks, wins, just u need to find bugs in new content.. all upcoming content will cost 1IP, u dont need those RP anymore..
: Can't see the forum posts? Try using an incognito window on your web browser!
I said it on first day when all spammed this problem.. noone believed me, but now other take the glory xDD
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