: Ezreal Rework
I was hoping for frosty particles too, I get that Ez has a lot of skins, but usually reworks make the skins better and Frosted is such a popular one :(
: Still no RP, so I present an Idea
Honestly the PBE is for testing the new stuff, which usually costs 1 be. But I don't think making it all available would be a bad thing, and by that I mean no costs unless a new store feature is being tested.
: Another indirect nerf in Ezreal AP (ap rate w????)
I'm upset about it too, though I'll give it a try. From reading his skills it seems like such a huge nerf I'm feeling let down....
: Loading Screen Bug
Happened to me today, but it did so in a custom too (game crashed :( ). Aside from that, happened three times on the same one for all, and I got a disconnect (internet was apparently fine, so might be related to the bug)
: I'd like to start off by saying that I absolutely LOVE these skins! There is, however, one skin that looks lacking from the rest in my opinion, and that's **Ezreal**. It's clear that his design is clearly based off of a traditional Korean warrior (specifically reminds me of a Korean drama called Hwarang, which casts a ton of pretty boy warriors/soldiers). So I think it works from a design/ reference standpoint. What **really** bogs me down is that he doesn't read as Ezreal in-game. I love the black hair and all the references to Korean traditions (I'm Korean myself, so I appreciate the representation, 파이팅!!), but I just have a difficult time seeing the skin as "Ezreal". I remember that back when Star Guardian Ez was released on the PBE, many requested him to have his hair changed to be ALL blue. The idea was turned down because without the blonde hair, it would be difficult for players to read him as Ezreal (which I agree with.) The blonde hair in the concept art worked too in my opinion. Or possibly white/platinum blonde hair could work to fit in with the color theme. I was originally going to suggest white with a blue strand similar to Xayah, but that would clash with the idea of Rakan being her partner. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the black hair and it looks exactly what I think the designers were going for, but it's just hard to see him as Ezreal now, which might confuse players in-game. Aside from the hair too, he looks like he's lacking something. Everyone next to him looks COOL. Like BAM, Gnar got a visually outstanding overhaul with blue fantastical aura emitting from his armor, Jarvan has his crown and shoulder armor that stand out, Taliyah has her glowing tassels/scarf, Xayah has badass hair which pops out extremely well, and Rakan's got a beautiful set of feathers that glow as well. Ezreal's gauntlet glows too, but it looks very small and inferior to the rest. Because of this, overall he looks a bit dull, to be honest. If I am right, and he really IS based on traditional Korean Hwarang, may I suggest giving him a bright blue headband underneath his bangs? It could possibly work and give him a greater POP factor. What's more is that theoretically if he did have a paler hair color, the headband would still reference Korean traditions since Hwarang wore them. Even keeping the black hair, I think it could still make him look a bit cooler and less plain compared to the rest of his crew. I apologize for the essay, but those are my thoughts on SSG Ezreal! Thank you to the team who put a ton of work into making these amazing skins and I can't wait to see the splash art in the next coming days.
Completely agree with you! While it's really nice, it doesn't read as 'Ezreal' to me, which is a real bummer. I liked the hairstyle of the concept more than the one on the model, but that is a bit more of a personal preference, and I think your headband idea would work even better than the concept. Idk, maybe it's because (chromas aside) Ez has always been shown as blond (Frosted is white -and basically a recolor- so close enough), but I'm having a hard time seeing him in this skin :(
: PBE ''Court''
That's kinda like the Tribunal we used to have for the live server, but it's not efficient and very slow. The automated system in place is way faster
: [Portuguese translation] The rune "CASTONKILL" isn't translated for portuguese
: > [{quoted}](name=BewitchingCougar,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=rPEsvv3A,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-16T15:52:15.786+0000) > > I don't really follow, Precision runes are meant to give AS and not AP, the AP you can get from that path is adaptive and [Riot Sparkle answered to me that adaptive damage was decided by your build in game](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/uqXvqPFv-runes-reforged-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread?comment=003200000001), so there should be no issue of gaining AD instead of AP. Either way, the runes aren't AS OR AP, just AS and AD or AP. I think you missed the point he was trying to make. He wasn't talking about the certain runes that have adaptive damage. He is referring to the fact that the main tree you choose is the Stat weight you get. IE Precision is AS, Sorcery is AP/AD, Resolve is Heath, ect.
I think I got it now, thanks! Still, I think making the secondary path the one that determines what stat you get a bit confusing, but I guess picking which you want could be great!
: Oculteemo
You mean the Doom Bots mode? It's meant to be really hard, so I don't see an issue there
: Your extra stats you get from your secondary path should be based off the secondary you pick.
I don't really follow, Precision runes are meant to give AS and not AP, the AP you can get from that path is adaptive and [Riot Sparkle answered to me that adaptive damage was decided by your build in game](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/uqXvqPFv-runes-reforged-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread?comment=003200000001), so there should be no issue of gaining AD instead of AP. Either way, the runes aren't AS OR AP, just AS and AD or AP.
: Old runes and forged runes
The old system will disappear, none of the old runes will be usable (or even show up), and you won't be able to buy any (no need to)
: One For All
I'm not sure if the PBE boards is the right place for this. Maybe on Reddit or your region's boards?
: Let us be able to switch Runes in Practice Tool.
That you be very helpful. Not sure how doable it is, but damn it'd save a lot of time!
: Erro ao receber RP / IP no PBE
: It just might be a hypocritical line. A woman can sleep with multiple men, but when they see someone else doing the same they might call them a slut. Which is the case of this.
Yeah, it's the most likely scenario {{sticker:sg-soraka}} I'm trying to give Riot benefit of a doubt, given that they did got better at sexism, but I honestly don't think they have anything to justify those lines. And even if they do, it probably won't be a valid justification. I don't really see why those lines exist or what was the logic for including them :(
: It's decided by how much AP or AD you have during the course of the game (usually through item buys). Thus, you could run AP Ezreal if you bought AP items with him.
Thank you very much for answering! {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: I have some concerns about Evelynn's new VO, the quality of it is great but some specific lines seem questionable. Specifically, her interactions towards Ahri, calling her a "skank" and a "floozy" seems really mean-spirited and unnecessary. I get that she's evil, that box is checked by the whole killing people for pleasure thing, but the backhanded sexism of trying to vilify the promiscuity of other female champions seems like crossing a line. Evelynn is an inherently sexual character, and that's fine, but League has had some problems with how it sexualizes their female champions in the past, so adding in lines like this come across very poorly and in bad taste to me. If those voicelines are important to Evelynn's character, I'm all for listening to why they should be there but as it stands, I think they should not be included. Any input on this from any of the team that worked on Evelynn would be really appreciated.
I second this, though I'm waiting on the lore to see if there is a reason for it. Ahri and Eve always had a parallel on the 'seduce and kill', but that by itself does not justify those lines.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
More of a question than a bug, but how is Adaptive damage decided? There are champions that can be either AP or AD 9like Ezreal, even if AD tends to be more popular), so if it's defined by the champion's role than it makes a difference on which rune I'm taking
: Please give Evelynn back her ad scaling
I want it back so much :( Even putting the AD ratio just on the Q could help make AD Eve still happen. I LOVE going AD (though I still go with a assassin style instead of the more usual tanky AD eve haha)
: Evelynn Update - Questions, concerns and overall comments!
My issues are the same as everyone else pointed out (especially what FancyKiddo said). She's fun, she's refreshing, and her visuals/sounds are great, but some changes are needed to make her more viable (just the extra range in the empowered E would help a lot) Also, Eve's rework feels great for AP but... Why kill AD Eve? Making her Q have AD scaling, even a small one, would make AD Eve okay and I can't be the only one who loves AD Eve (or that got super excited by the reveal thinking about going AD). I know it's the same squishy but lethal base as the AP, but the playstyle is really different and I miss it a lot {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Rioter Comments
Leona's E is a snare and either way Ekko is invulnarable and untargetable during ult. Regaining health means Ekko should have gone back and not been hit by Zenith Blade
: Actually considering they've gone through Texture Rebalances they should have been available in IP for testing at the time and never were. So why would they make them seen if it WASN'T a bug?
You sure? It's not going to change much now as the TU is 'old' so they won't be back to 1 IP, but I do remember seeing them for that price during the TU release. The price goes back to RP only after the skins are live for a bit, are you sure you didn't just miss it?
: Skin not in IP Bug
Skins are only priced in IP when they are either new or reworked in some form, so this isn't a bug
: Soraka: - Joke has to be updated (No horn is growing out of her head) - Staff clips with hat when dancing Nami: - More Urf is needed - Urf riding on the tidal wave (R) - Urf balancing the stunned champions on his nose (Q) (like this: http://ahrensadventures.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/orca.jpg )
I don't think the joke will be updated due to the skin price + Divine Soraka still has the joke while having no horn :(
: Aatrox too.
Aatrox did that ever since he came out, and I believe it's part of his dance. Aether Kayle bug came with the SR update
: I own Aether Wing on live, and i can confirm that its a bug there too. It can easily be replicated for testing, since (to the extent of my knowledge) the bug occurs anywhere on the map just by dancing. Granted, its not that big of a bug. . . its just a bit visually awkward. If i remember right, it only started bugging after the new rift came out, but i can't remember for certain (didn't do much dancing initially) Glad to know i'm not the only one getting this bug
You're correct, the bug did came with the SR update
Rioter Comments
: I think this could happen. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/p77Wmyr4-recent-jungle-experimentation-context-post Thanks for the extra bit of motivation to get this out to you all. Had been meaning to do this for days.
: Idk about Riot, they tend to give explanations and stuff with big things but I think they are also a bit experimenting at the moment. To answer your grammar trouble: affect is the verb, effect is the noun, and aside from that, they mean the same xDD In this case, you indeed had to use affect :33
  Rioter Comments
: So, Instead of Complaining About The PBE Changes, Talk About Specific, Helpful Changes.
I think that the problem with new champions will partially be solved by the new team builder, but only partially. The dodging should lead to temporary ban (not the first few times, but progressively adding more time for you to be able to play), and the same goes for disconnecting (again, progressively increasing time). A tribunal would be nice, as well as a temporary ban if you get reported by the other nine players. My take on the PBE server punishment is that it should be harsher than the live one, mostly because people do tend to take it for granted. Maybe a way to report bugs on the post game screen? That would be quite useful, but probably a bit troublesome to actually make it... Prioritizing tester that frequently log in and play during long queues is also a valid change, especially during releases... Idk, I'll try thinking of changes and how to improve it, I'm sure I'm being to harsh right now
: Nasus' Q is a modified auto attack.
Sorry for seeing this so late, I'm aware of that, but even being a modified auto attack, it did got blocked by Nocturne's shield, therefore either Sivir's is bugged, or Noc's is.
: Victorious Elise - Bug
It's still a unfinished skin, don't sweat it; placeholders, just like jinx's early snare
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: Let's be honest: We all know that the reason you want them to be free is becasue you want to play them, not becasue you are looking for bugs. (If they were any, they would have been noticed already). But allright, I agree with you, that Riot should make them all at least available on the PBE.
Actually I already tried them all :P I have a friend who has them on live. Sivir's Rework got me thinking, since they actually changed a lot from skin to skin and honestly I'd hate if, for example, my Spectacular Sivir came out with a bug, but I can't test her since I did not bought her on pbe :P
: Nasus's Q is an on hit effect, and I believe that spell shields do not block on-hit effects. Try doing a custom game and do Nasus vs Noc and see if his spell shield (W) blocks the Q.
But it's still and ability, right? Sivir shield is supposed to block all abilities, and it did blocked it on live... But I'll try it
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: Svir attack missle is so small
she doesn't actually throw the boomerang blade itself, rather just the blades on her basic attacks; at least, it looked like that to me
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