: Morgana Gameplay Feedback
Okay I don’t know if this is also a thread for the skins but I have some feedback on them. BT: The lack of fallen leaves like her old one I kinda miss and feel like she should atleast have the falling leaves that come off her Model. Sinful Succulence: It’s a 975rp skin with no particle changes or new animations for backing or anything. I would’ve been fine if purple fire was added to her abilities like w is just purple fire rather than the normal base w thats like a pulsing effect. Exiled: Now this is where I feel it does get lazy. It’s another 975rp skin and the auto attack like the old one had the red particle auto attack. Why did her abilities not get the same love with this rework/update? I love the crimson/gold colors for the skin and auto attack particles so why not the skin’s abilities as well? It doesn’t feel fair that this skin is 975 like ss and both have no particle effects. According to the Riot Support site 975 rp skins should be “Pushes the champion a step beyond a simple costume change, with more immersive qualities.” But thats not what this update has done. I would either like SS and Ex Morg be reduced to 750 or updated to be 975 skins that are worth their price. Bewitching: Beautiful but the take away from her rune border on her w is sad. I really liked it and would love for it to be added back. Would you please consider these things or atleast give explanations?
: [Assassins] Katarina Feedback Thread
Also what happened to slaybelle's jingley christmasy sound effects they don't play anymore D:
: [Assassins] Katarina Feedback Thread
The warring kingdoms kat skin now doesn't feel like a 975 skin now u only see the change in particles for her ult and when q is bouncing. D: no flower particles when she spins either
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Victorious Maokai
I really don't like the colors of the gems and headpiece it's too bright and to my eyes it's almsot like a sea green i like the darker blue gem. I also think if its possible to make the colors of the gold a little brighter. :o make it look like goldier lol XD
: [Assassins] Katarina Feedback Thread
For her w why make it a tossing in her current location rather than her tossing it in a target direction. Just curious. Would be really cool to throw her w forward and shunpo to it to get closer to a target.
: Doom Bots: Bugs and Feedback Thread!
I haven't seen the yorick, lulu, leona, and fiddlesticks bots in any of the games ive played. is it just me being unlucky or lucky idk LOL xD and for burning brush i didnt know ivern can kill a teammate with his brushes lol XD but yeah i killed someone on accident with my bush as ivern. I also havent seen the children of the graves curse at all too. So just curious about it. :3
: Hey Haide! We're working on a fix for this now! Should be on PBE tomorrow. Out of curiosity, do you notice the most drops when you first step into it, or just any time you see it on the screen (even if you're not in it?)
For me it happnes whenever one appears within my screen. Theres like a drop in fps then it appears.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: SKT T1 Skins!
For kalista the particles are well off like i like the goldish yellow but why are some particles still blue and when she dies why does she die in her base armor?
: So, my theory. Her W is an auto-attack modifier according to the LoL wikia. This means that the ricochets are not considered a spell, but simply a bonus of the applying basic attack. Meaning the bounced boomerangs will not count as a spell or basic attack (it does not apply on-hit effects or spell effects anyway, so it wouldn't proc Fervor damage) for the purpose of Fervor or Thunderlords. Only the person you hit initially will give you the stacks for thunderlords or fervor.
Just so you know it does proc the armor reduction and stacks it from black cleaver
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: Just being nitpicky: * Why does Tibbers' jaw look all wavy in the splash art, but then it's more geometric in the final product (this one isn't a big deal-- like, at all)? * Why does Tibbers' chest have a kickass bear emblem on it in the splash art, but then a dumb looking Y-shaped pendant in the final product? * Will Annie's pink-tinted hair be in the finished product? Right now she has a reddish hair color in the splash, but brown hair on her PBE model. Either one works, they both look neat. It's just not accurate/representative currently. I'm sure this was to simplify the design, but the second point is more of a visual cohesion thing. It should probably be a geometric, bear-shaped emblem. Some potential future Hextech skins I could see: * Hextech Volibear * Revisiting Hextech Galio * Hextech Heimerdinger * Hextech Ekko * Revisiting Hextech Sion Thanks for all of the hard work y'all do. Can't wait to see this older skin line reach a level on-par or better than the others.
You forgot Hextech Janna! Janna is my bae {{champion:40}} {{item:3070}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Snow Day Syndra!
I feel like Snowday Syndra is a bit lackluster compared to the other skins with penguins and all. Maybe make her Orbs poros stuck in the snowballs or snowball poros or little penguins trapped in balls of ice. It's just it feels kind of underwhelming when compared to the Gnar skin and Bard skin.
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: Sona Update is back! Feedback and changes here!
In my opinion I think e is pretty useless as a support spell due to the fact the aura is hard to apply sometimes and doesn't apply it to any one except sona unless they either go into the initial spell cast or the aura before it dies out which dies out pretty fast early game. So just a few suggestions I'd say that Q =should also maybe increase attack speed W = In my opinion is okay E = Should boost at least one teammate and the aura speeds up others if they enter and elongates the speed buff on the player it was used on originally R = It seems fine to me
: Sona PBE Update
I think Sona should at least have herself with the persistent affect instead of granting it to her and teammates like before this rework. Also for her E it still show the range like it used to have before rework even though her new E gives her an aura which speeds her teammates withing the aura instead of what the range shows in her E
: Red Siege Minions Don't Attack
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