: It was actually recently changed to grants AP or AD as adaptive on hit, and increase the damage a champion takes with 3 (Melee) or 5 (Ranged) stacks on them by 12% (Melee) or 6% (Ranged). If it proced on spell hit and you were only hitting one person, Sol would get AP every time a star hit the same champion, and after 5 hits, they'd take 6% more damage from all sources.
But think of this. Press the attack Cassiopeia.
: Queue times are really going to speed up with the Runes Reforged update. In the end, the people decide how long queues are, Riot can't fix that.
Dang. I wish rich boy redmercy pays them to release it sooner.
: Don't worry about it. A lot of people think they are riots chosen disciples because they finally got a PBE Account. Its a phase.

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