: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cosmic Dusk Xayah!
http://imgur.com/a/I0i4y Above is a link to a two-picture imgur post. I feel like there are major visibility issues with the feathers with this skin. I thought of a nice blue outline for the feathers, for example.
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: Keeping Poppy's Current Identity Through Rework
Many of the "issues" that you have listen here are simply uneducated and needs to be addressed. First, Poppy's ultimate. It has a ROLE now. Not every ult in the game is supposed to have a million different uses to it. Sometimes it's there for one reason and one reason only - and in this case, it's a disengage. Simple. Riot's not going to change the kit, they had a clear plan to make her a high utility tank. (High utility DOES NOT MEAN jack of all trades.) Why should her E scale with magic damage. It doesn't make sense. She tackles a unit against a wall. I don't see any magic or anything flashy being used her. It's a f*cking charge. Her Passive has nothing to do with her hammer because her Q and Ult already cover that, not even including the absurd amount of the word "hammer" in her VO. You just want her shield removed entirely from her canon? Moreover, she throws the buckler because if she chucked the hammer at you, she'd be defenseless. It would plop down next to you, and to do any damage to you, she's have to run and grab it. Lol? The buckler is meant to be disposable. Okay, fine, she wasn't on the PBE for too long. But have you ever thought that the PBE really doesn't do much for game balance? Players on the PBE know nothing about game design/balance/art. It's mostly for bugs. They internally tested this thing forever until they got it right, just like they do with most other champion releases. They didn't rush it, and it shows. Her kit is fleshed out and makes cohesive sense. Her splash arts are all updated, her VO, even her lore has had a very high quality rework. Her model and animations are the best in the game by far. It's a beautiful piece of work in my eyes, and if Riot were going to rework Poppy, THIS is how you do it. No, it isn't old Poppy. But old Poppy wasn't progressing, she wasn't going anywhere. Why should I play Poppy when so many other champions do what she does, better? Now she can compete with the tiers a bit and actually become a factor in competitive play. Nothing bad can really come from that.
: > [{quoted}](name=DrJarvis,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=09HtQROn,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2015-12-04T01:56:49.820+0000) > > tis exactly what I'm saying. Its not a removal of a character because the basic part of it; the name, race, and role (tank/fighter) remain the same She isn't a tank though, and she never was until this rework. On live she's a frontline light fighter or an assassin depending on how you play her. They basically made her a backline peel tank and that is not close to the same role she currently has, which is why I made this thread.
It was the point. It's Riot's design philosophy that full scale reworks are sometimes necessary. It's not about JUST pleasing Poppy mains, it's about improving the state of the overall game. She has a solid role now, and she's good at what she does now. We needed new, more interesting tanks, and Poppy is one of the champions to help lead that effort. Her character design perfectly supported the new kit. She has heavy armor and a hammer. She LOOKS like a tank. Why goes someone that looks like a tank play like an ASSASSIN? It's a clear character design flaw at it's simplest. It's not rocket science. Poppy was (and still bloody is) super fun, don't get me wrong. But her fun was at the expense of game balance, game design, and character design 101. It's simple
: sill an error :P
Oh my god...lolking has been buggy lately. fixed for real this time.
: It's not really taking me to a specific guide...
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: I swear a lot of the people here haven't played poppy before this or don't really want to care about how Poppy was before this, kinda like the Karma rework.
I think a lot of people here have played Poppy and are a fan of her. But Riot clearly has a different design philosophy regarding the way she should be played now. Hell, she's categorized as a tank now. I have mixed feelings on it still, but I think everyone just wants her to be a good tank at least, because thats what Riot is pushing so hard.
: Initial thoughts on Kindred?
I disagree. With my time with her, Q was the main source of my damage. I'm not sure whether to max W or E second, but I can't see forgoing maxing Q. Only one game w/ her so far though.
: Changing Kindred ult a bit, so Wolf has more presence in the kit.
Not exactly. Let me explain. Q - Dance of Arrows **W - Wolf's Frenzy** E - Mounting Dread **R - Lamb's Respite** Notice Kindred's W are R. **Wolf's Frenzy is 100% focused on Wolf's abilities as a character, and shows his ferocity and aggressiveness.** **Lamb's Respite is 100% focused on Lamb's calm and peaceful personality. It's a support heal.** When looking at the character's aesthetic and listening to their banter, it's obvious that Lamb is the Light and Wolf is the Dark. A *Yin and Yang* so to speak. It's supposed to show contrast between the two. :)
: So... is Kayle getting reverts now?

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