: New HUD Feedback
I really hope you read this, but i suggest adding an actual timer to ult CD's, having to ask each teammate how long left for their ults is a waste of time that some games can't allow, make ult timers into numbers going down like a clock, they don't have to be 100% accurate, also, CD timers for your teammates' summoners, this information exists in the game but isn't utilized.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Warring Kingdoms Katarina!
Meh, i was really hoping for fire particles in her W or Ult (Same as Riven), you could've done so much more with this skin.
: Changes to the Summoner Spells code
Ah, i see, thanks for the clarification
: I am animation is right and that's how cleanse work since before these changes.
What do you mean by "before these changes"? Does cleanse work against suppression now? I've spoke to a red about Summoner spells and how even though there's a multitude of them, people still use pretty much the same thing (Like 3 or 4 out of them all), they told me that nothing was going to be done to the spells in the pre-season but they're looking into adding some diversity to the spells so i won't be forced to use Flash in every game, is this what you guys are doing right now? Or is it just code-related, i'm not sure what the changes mentioned in this thread even mean, my English is kind of meh.
: Changes to the Summoner Spells code
I can't cast Cleanse while being ulted by WW, doesn't that defeat the purpose of a spell that disables all negative effects?
: Hey guys, We got way more volunteers than we expected, thanks! If you were selected to help you will be receiving an email from Lyte@riotgames shortly. Thanks again!
: Looking for a few volunteers to test the new LeaverBuster system on the PBE!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Kalista [CHAMP LAUNCH SKIN]
Awesome job on this one, can't connect right now for some reason, but i can't wait to try it out, i was hoping for a Jinx skin with this patch, but not yet, i guess.
: Just a doubt
I'd say like 6 months of inactivity would get your account deleted, some people haven't played for longer, Reds clean up unused accounts once in a while.
: FPS issues on the Pbe server.
1.5 is pretty weak, i don't know why you went for so much RAM but not enough power to process it.
: I have no idea how they do it, but I have searched the Live forums for a little while and I have found people who have this Icon on live. That's +1 year ago though and I have no idea if Riot have changed it. Only way for you to find out is to check your Live account from time to time, I guess~ ^^
People who have played in Beta got those icons.
: Will we be able to keep this icon?
I don't think so, since they're just placeholders.
: No updates since last week
No PBE or 4.19 this week because of worlds, a few PBE updates coming before the end of the week though, but 4.19 is probably for next week.
: Marion Moseby is correct ~ one of Morgana's in-game reads is her skirt. When creating a new skins for a champion, it's important to keep the silhouette of the champion similar to the base because it's important to be able to identify a champion at a glance!
No offense, but this year's rewards are disappointing, at least to me, which doesn't really matter, i'm just waiting for the icons thread in hopes for someone to notice my thoughts about them, those are what i was most excited about once i reached gold, i do appreciate the free 1350 skin, not that i would use it, in any case, i'll just wait for that thread.
Rioter Comments
: Actually, she does have feet: http://www.lolking.net/models/?champion=25&skin=0 They certainly aren't visible from normal playing angles, of course, but I just had to nitpick a bit =P
: But the dress is part of her model they can't NOT have that there. It'd be like putting a dress on Vi cause you wanted something different. Then the champion wouldn't move at all cause the model wouldn't allow it.
I don't know, i just always hated that tent-looking skirt she has, a lot of people do as well, she feels really clunky, just my 2 cents, i guess Feedback is only feedback if it's "positive".
: I don't feel Morgana's the best candidate for a Victorious skin (or even a skin in general since she already has plenty). She really needs a VU since her model literally has no feet or legs (last I heard anyway). So far I dislike the appearance of the skin, overall, but it's still a WIP so I'm sure it'll be better on release. However, the particles look cool so far.
I said exactly that and got down-voted to oblivion for it in her Feedback thread, she's staying the way she is, i guess.
: She has armor... do you NOT see the chest?
Please read, i'm talking about the skirt, aka the bottom half of the dress.
: Wont that bring up the issue that people are just gifting randoms for rewards? Once they have it why use it in the future?
Maybe like a one-time thing, you get an icon that says you've rewarded someone, that way people won't exploit it.
: if you really cared so much and wanted other players to stop being "shit" you should look inwards and change yourself first. toxicity breeds toxicity. your behavior here only exemplifies it.
I obviously act like this in-game, you're so smart, herp-a-derp, lol, enjoy using your parent's money to gift strangers.
: Morgana's main definable feature is her skirt. It's like making a Vi skin with no gauntlets.
Maybe the way she got the title "Victorious" is by not having a stupid tent dragging her down, but instead she had an armor, i'm not even going to bring up the fact that Riot gave the skin to a champion that is way over-due for a VU (SHE HAS NO FEET, it's Twitch all over again), maybe they should start by this skin, and no, the dress isn't what defines her, it's what's bad about her, and a lot of people agree, none of whom are here tonight, apparently.
: I have a question. Will {{champion:25}} be unlocked when receiving the skin or you have to make a separate purchase for the champion itself?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Ranked Rewards - Victorious Morgana
Please do something about that hideous skirt, i'd rather she'd have an armor like Janna and Elise, it's a Victorious skin for god's sakes, right now, it looks like she's dragging a rug behind her, the effects are amazing (The shield is meh, but still), nothing says "Victorious" like a yellow/blue tainted armor, these skins are a tradition, keep it going.
: There are actually a lot of players who are spending their RP without much of a thought. Gifting in the first place was never for the "stingy" players (myself included since I've yet to pay a buck on this game). As for "everybody is trash"... I beg to differ. I've got at least 3-4 players on my friend list that are simply people I enjoyed playing with and that I added to chat with or play a quick Aram once in a while, and that only those that added me (I've been warned for toxicity a few times already, so not all positive players add me back *amazingly*). I think that's you're painting the portrait a bit darker than it really is. As for downvotes, I don't even remember hte last time I downvoted someone on here or Reddit, so maybe it has to do with either your post being worthless and/or not contributing to the discussion.
OBVIOUSLY not everyone is shit, but that part of the community still remains a minority, 3-4 players out of how many? By all means, go ahead, gift people, i couldn't care less about what you spend your money on, but last i checked these were forums, where people put their feedback, i see this idea as useless, people will act nice in hope for a gift, what are we, 12? Toxicity will still exist. And just because my opinion is different than yours, doesn't make it "worthless", you can fuck off right there, don't bother replying, i'm not giving this discussion any more of my time.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Team Rewards - Ward Skins!
This thread isn't about the icons too? Because i'm sure a lot of people have things to say about those atrocities.
: The 2014 season rewards icons
Yup, here, there's another thread about this, you should take a look at it.
: [Feedback] 2014 Ranked Reward Summoner Icons
I agree, always hated that, i would've bought a few LCS icons if it wasn't for the "2014" on them, i was just about to make a thread about this.
: I hear you. Our boy {{champion:20}} has a lot to like with this jungle, though!
Are you doing anything to his Q? That's a smite on its own.
: Alrighty, so I was making a topic, but computer died and paragraphs lost. Anyways, lemme post here. As far as the dress, all it reminds me of is Master Yi's old pizza feet. It's static and the only movement it really does is awkward stretching :( A dress [like this](http://www.dhresource.com/albu_317073696_00-1.0x0/best-selling-strapless-short-front-long-back.jpg) would look better, give it flow, and GIVE MORGANA LEGSSSSS. It would be nice to see armor such [as this](http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2013/232/c/4/feather_dress_and_leather_armor_set_ii_by_pinkabsinthe-d6ixw1c.jpg). For the victorious skin, it would be nice to see the wings be larger, extend closer to the ground. Possibly the tips trail on the ground. As far as the blue shadow on the ground, it would be cool to see gold veins travelling in it, like what happens with {{champion:38}} . Also, the blues are off. The skills need to fit the theme of blue/gold, though they generally look really nice. Finding a way to make her ult not look like how it normally does would be grannnnnd. Her pool looks like it is above the ground. It would be nice to see it interact with the area around it (such as it looks like the ground cracks and it wells up from there).
IMO they shouldn't have given the skin to Morg, even Lee would be more deserving. Like holy hell, she is in dire need of a VU (SHE HAS NO FEET) and she is also such a static champion. Moreover we already have a support with a victorious skin. FURTHERMORE, that doesn't truly look like a VICTORIOUS skin. Feels more like "wizard morg". The big ass blue shadow she just drags underneath her is unnecessary too but at least its not red like in the plant skin where it looks like she's just fucking leaking, her Victorious skin needs to have a full armor, i know it's a WIP but i highly doubt they're doing anything about the hideous dress, i'm just hoping someone sees this.
: Well she obviously needs a VU so of course no matter what skin she gets it's not gonna look that great at the moment. I think it looks fine myself and I'm glad to be getting it once it's awarded.
If that's the case, i highly doubt she's getting a VU any time soon, if they gave her this skin in this model.
: You are neglecting jinx who only has her one release skin. I want more than mafia jinx, dammit.
inb4 Ultimate goes to Jinx, Pulsefire Jinx here we go!
: The Q binding looks sick, via surrender@20
Yeah, i just saw, the effects are really good, my only concern is the dress, really, always hated that about her, and when it comes to a Victorious skin, it should represent what the skin stands for.
: Are you really the best Fizz in all of Africa? :o
: Agreed, the skirt looks absolutely terrible. They need to make it a much shorter skirt or just plain armour. By the way, is it available to everyone to test? It says unavailable at the moment. On that topic the previous season's ward skins including the Victorious ward disappeared off my account a while ago. I assumed that was intentional or they don't care either way so I never bothered ask about it.
I can't tell if it's available or not, only seen a couple of screenshots, so i would assume so, i'm still patching, i really hope a red would see this, so a thumbs up would be appreciated.
Rioter Comments
: The ability to mix different summoner spells doesn't mean the game is better. I completely agree that you are constrained in your choices for summoner spells - however, let's remove Flash from the game. What you'd have is a game with more choices (Ghost/Ignite) etc. - but ultimately, one that is more boring to play unless you redesigned all the summoner spells as well. Flash is a reactive, versatile spell. Bluntly, most of the other summoner spells are not. Teleport is probably the closest in terms of interest/skill intensive spell to use - but even then, it's ultimately kind of suspect. Agreed that Summoner Spells need a lot more work - the actual details of it are often murky. > i think Flash should just be innate to every champion, and then you should be able to pick 2 more summoner spells.. An ideal sentiment - though I think that ideal would be cooler, if again, the summoner spells actually synergized at all in ways that didn't immediately make the gameplay super dull. Imagine running Ignite and Exhaust simultaneously with Flash. Don't get me wrong, It is more choice. However the actual gameplay of it is: You die and you can't do anything about it. Ideally, I'd like more spells like Flash - creative spells that can be used for a wide variety of purposes.
>Ideally, I'd like more spells like Flash - creative spells that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Absolutely, the spells need to be reworked in a way that creates synergy between them, then we can think about having Flash as a standard spell or not, that's all i'm saying, right now you have Heal/Ignite/Flash and Exhaust, and of course the occasional Teleport, i apologize for the way i phrased things, English is my third language, things slip out sometimes, and i would also like to thank you for the replies, it shows that you guys actually listen. Edit: We barely talk about new players, and speaking of summoner spells, Flash should be available at level 1 since it's so essential, and i don't think that fact is changing any time soon, this gives players time to really get used to it.
: > You also need to understand that the problem lies in the Summoner spells, it's the system that is most flawed, it definitely needs a rework. What are your current problems with Summoner Spells?
I would love to have some diversity in the spells, right now it's almost impossible to play without {{summoner:4}} for example, maybe with the items you're planning on implementing, how about like a "Blink Dagger", has a similar function to Flash, that opens way for innovation, people will get creative with it, mix different summoner spells with the item for new strategies, just my 2 cents, really, also, i think Flash should just be innate to every champion, and then you should be able to pick 2 more summoner spells..
: Experimental preseason 2015 changes hitting the PBE over the next few days
Let me guess, SR Update will take longer than expected because of these changes, meh, Season 2016 perhaps? Edit: You also need to understand that the problem lies in the Summoner spells, it's the system that is most flawed, it definitely needs a rework.
: Whenever I launch SR in the PBE, it just looks like the classic SR. Do I need to sign up for the new SR?
In custom, where you choose the map, bottom right one is "Summoner's rift (Updated)"
: New Gamemode
Yes, but not as a gamemode, i'd like this to test out builds
: [Zyra] Exhaust portrait replacing hers
That's been a bug for a while on live, not sure what's causing it, i've also had the privilege of going against a Blitzcrank with the Flash summoner spell as an icon.
Rioter Comments
: FINALLY a Leblanc skin! I love the new skin by the way <3 But even though I love it I still feel it's missing something. Maybe it's the cape... she has a cape already on her base skin... so I feel the cape might be overdone on her... I mean that's the point of skins is to get a different feel for the champion right? Maybe instead of a cape some raven wings in the back would be cool. Also her crown seems to be a recolor of her base skin as well... So maybe like a thorny evil looking crown instead like the crown you have on Mistletoe Leblanc? Or if you can't do any of that like maybe some particle effects like you do with the pink sparkles on Popstar Ahri or the flames on Foxfire Ahri... Maybe a better example would be Ghost Bride Morgana. Since she has raven feathers on her... have like feathers falling off? Here I made a quick edit to the Ravenborn skin in Photoshop to show what I mean... I don't think I explain things well with words x.x
Oh wow, that actually looks way better and has a "raven" or "crow" feeling to it, Riot should really consider this when they still have time to change it around.
: We're seeing a lot of this request, and I think we can make some changes to the warmonger skin before he goes live. Thanks!
: Can we have a Bundle Whit Championship Skins and Championship Ward ? (Riven. Thresh, Shyvana and ward)
Riven is not coming back, it's a shame, but meh, she's still characterized as Limited, while all of the other Champ skins were/will be legacy.
: Sion Champion Update on the PBE!
The warmonger skin needs a re-color, once again, you focus too much on the basic model that it ends up looking better than all of his skins in a rework, here's what a thoughtful person posted on Reddit about, specifically the warmonger skin, i hope you look at this, if not, then whatever, the skin should look more like this. Original post is (http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/2hgv24/new_warmonger_sion_skin_changes/)
: Your opinions are important, and you are right this is a forum for feedback. Positive and negative feed back are welcome. As a matter of fact, I agree with your statement that we should be getting playmodes that are more appealing, rather than making a 6v6 on a small map. BUT not every playmode is going to be URF-tacular; plus this mode hasn't even been released for tests yet. You are complaining about something that you have yet to try. As you are stating your opinion, you are also raging at everyone else's opinions. You criticize Riot in a condescending tone when you rage at the designers and players/testers and call everything you see wrong as "stupid." There's ways to express your opinions without appearing as a Salt-raging teenager and piss-off the majority. As soon as you step into that tone of voice, your opinion is deemed irrelevant by the mass majority who disagree with you and do not appreciate you categorizing them with your opinions, tone, and attitude towards Riot. You are being downvoted for calling Riot and others on these forums names such as "faggots," "cunts," and "fuckwads," and also being downvoted for you tone of voice when criticizing Riot. In your first paragraph alone, you call Riot's ideas stupid, and generalize your idea as being a public opinion. So therefore you will be downvoted to show that most people on this forum do not agree with you, except one person so far who WASN'T downvoted for his opinion: "Syze," who agreed with you, but didn't rage at Riot and/or others, or generalize his statement to represent everyone else. P.S. Seriously though, Holy shit man, when did you choke on a tub of salt?
I appreciate the thoughtful answer, i just don't bother with phrasing my comments just so i won't offend someone, i say what's on my mind, and to be quite honest, i don't get what SOOOOO insulting about my initial reply, like seriously, you guys are being too sensitive about this. "Jesus christ, you guys are losing it, last 3 modes were "cram a lot of people in small maps" and call it a mode, disappointing, i'll play it for the icon and you can shove it back where it came from, people want innovative ideas not the first thing someone says, what a waste." Tell me what's wrong with that, i barely used any profanity, was it the Jesus Christ? I'm sorry for not liking recycled ideas and actually being one of the few here, apparently, that actually wants League to move forward and not be stuck in a cycle, fuck me, right.
: Er, maybe -1 doesn't mean they won the argument, but every comment you have made is downvoted. Some are really getting *down there*. At this point I'd consider that maybe you're just wrong. And salty. Only one person agreed with you... and like 30 others didn't. What with your cursing I'd think that if you were playing a game of LoL that you would at least be chat restricted.
I've never been chat restricted, i just have different opinions, and the way i phrase things isn't so i can shelter the reader's feelings, and not insult them, i say what's on my mind, if not on the Internet, then when the fuck can i do that?
: You sound astronomically over-sensitive about people down voting you all the while calling people down voting you oversensitive. How interesting.
astronomically? No but seriously, it's funny how down-voting is the only thing you guys can do, "oooh, he's -1, that means i won the argument, i'm always right", i haven't even down-voted any of you, yet that's the first thing you do, go for it, buddy, whatever helps you sleep at night.
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