: Blood Moon Evelynn
I must say, I am really disappointed with this skin. We have been waiting years for a 1350+ skin, and now it feels like Riot quickly mashed up a Lunar Revel skin (and renamed it Blood Moon), just to keep us quiet (*yes, you call it a Blood Moon skin, but if you take away the half-moon and the backing animation, it's basically an off-brand Lunar Revel skin*). I won't say much about suggestions since the rest of these comments explain them perfectly, especially Z3Ro TWO, in how inconsistent she with with every other Blood Moon skin. Just like with the actual rework, you make her inconsistent with all the posts you make about wanting consistency in your game, such as talking about role/build diversity (then shoehorning Eve into the Jungle, removing any ad stats, and refusing to listen to the community) or how her stealth is inconsistent with every other stealth in the game (champion damage knocks her out of stealth instead of shimmering, no level 1 stealth even though Twitch and Shaco have superior versions at level 1, etc.) since you claim she'd be "too strong" (even though evolved-R Kha'Zix has almost perma-invisibility). I honestly think the people at Riot don't actually care about Evelynn or her community.
: Zoe Bug Thread
1. After Zoe picks up TP and I use it to TP to a minion, the enemy is still able to kill said minion. 2. When using W to TP, the TP animation occurs, but Zoe doesn't move. 3. After the W TP fails, the TP as a Summoner Spell has the same issue (but not before the W TP has an issue). It's worth noting that at these times my ping spiked (from 200 to 1,000, then down to 800 and spiking at 1,400 at the next TP), some there could have been a disruption.
: Adding that a W-TP can't be canceled.
I know, which is why I'm saying it's a bug and not me cancelling
Rioter Comments
: Are you guys still experiencing these massive ping spikes? Please post which server your main account plays on and how long ago you finished your game.
OCE, past 3 games (just finished last one), over 1k ping (normally less than 200).
: Can't enter in any matches after the maintenance
I have this too, but then after waiting 2 minutes I was put in
: Zoe : The Aspect Of Twilight Guide Part 1!
One small gripe: > This ability allows you to pickup ANY summoner spell/item active used by a enemy champion to use it for your benefit It does not include Sightstone or other items with warding actives.
: A Feedback about Cyber Pop Zoe's Splash Art
It also has a similar issue in Mandarin, so that would affect the Chinese servers.
: Please enable zoe again :(
Just disable her joke. Boom! Problem solved. Riot can fix her and players can play her. Both sides win.
: Maybe riot could just disable her joke? That way we can play her, without the bug, until the figure it out! SO IMPATIENT, a say, rito? Mah boi? Mah bud?
^^^ This But we all know Riot enjoy messing the players around.

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