: Kayle and Teemo have different kits than Kassadin. Both involve ranged auto attacks and staying away from the enemy. Kassadin has always had to get into short range/melee to get the most damage out of his kit with old W, his ult, and melee auto attacks. I really like the W change, I think it helps his laning phase in regards to last hitting and not having to stay in harass range as long to get mana back with W. My issue is that they've increased his burst damage, when he was already one of the best burst damage champions late game. They **added** 180 + .8 ap to his all in combo with the auto attack resetting active, and only removed 140 in total base damage from Q and E and didn't touch any of his other ratios. For example, a 400 ap kassadin will be doing an extra 360 damage on his all in combo late game compared to live. His ap ratios need to be looked at.
''only removed 140'' That's a lot. Will change completly Kass's gameplay. I don't know if this will happen on live or not, but i see Kass Riftwalking in and being focused hard. And probably not killing anyone. But that's just my imagination, i can be wrong.
: [Kassadin][Feedback]
Might aswell gut his W to 5 base damage with no mana return. Seriously, his Q is at 160 base damage. I think that is the lowest in the game atm. He NEEDS something to compensate.
: The doubled damage (ie. the active 60/90/120/150/180 (+.8 ) portion) IS only on the next hit. Only the BASE damage (ie. the passive 30/45/60/75/90 ( 0.4 AP ) portion) is on every hit. So yes, just like Nasus and Jax, the active is *only for one hit*. That is what I'm talking about and is why it is considered an auto attack replacer. Edit: Check http://www.surrenderat20.net/2013/12/1216-pbe-update.html for full details about his changes as well as the rest of the changes with this PBE patch
Hmmm. I get it. [The more i understand about PBE Kass the worst it gets...]
: Just because Kassadin's new W has a passive portion doesn't mean it isn't still an auto attack replacer. Think of it like a Nasus Q or a Jax W but with a passive portion as well.
Nasus Q is an auto attack reset that apply a bonus damage on NEXT HIT. Just one hit. Jax is the same. Kassadins W is the only one that ins't on only one hit, but the next XXX hits (Depends on your AS]. For me, it just feels clunky.
: This is likely intended because most on-next-hit abilities only go on CD once the buff is consumed.
No other skill in game works like Kassadins current W. There is no logic on this.
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: That page also says his W does something completely different than his current W. Check the in game ability information. Kassadin had some changes this patch.
Just a question...did you say his PASSIVE W DAMAGE [PBE] applies Spellvamp or his Active ?
: Confirmed. Was just coming here to report this actually. The W active is a basic attack modifier that applies on hit effects such as Nashor's hit effect and lich bane. Therefore the ability should ONLY proc life steal. http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Spell_vamp
http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Kassadin/Ability_Details Here says that his W applies Spellvamp. And why should his W apply lifesteal...wat
: Smite icon looks a little inappropriate
: Dude more League less fapping.
More fapping less leag... no more fapping to league, yay!
: Hey Lavalot, Thanks for the catch. For testing this feature on PBE we've set the floor lower to broaden the pool (PBE is weird because of quirky prices). On-live this won't be an issue. Appreciate the report!
When Mystery gift was on live i sure saw some skins like Pax TF and skins under 520 (Assassin yi for example). What's about that?
: That thread is 7 months old, this forum launched somewhere during May, which is now approximately 7 months ago ^^ As for the question in your title: Site feedback is meant for the reddit-style forum xD
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: [Mastery Page] Conjurer showing up as "Undefined name4321"
My ''Bandit'' (dont know if correct) mastery is a bit bugged here. The tooltip keeps moving away, happens the same with anyone else ?
: [BUG] Mystery Gift
[Pax Sivir] whut Since this thing come out (Mystery Gift) Riot has said there will be no way to get some skins from it (360rp tier skins, Assassin Yi, White mage Veigar or PAX skins), yet some people still get those skins. Someone can explain this ?
: [Thresh] - Can't aa after hooking a Zyra plant
Sometimes as thresh i cannot auto-attack dragon. I don't recall exactly how occurs the bug, but i think it's when i Hook the dragon. Thresh just stand there. [Live]
: [Client] Unexpected Platform Error when trying to log in
I could log in, but everytime i go to my profile/Mastery/runes etc appears this error.
: Maybe I'm just not used to it, but I prefer the old round level 'disk' (or whatever it's called). Square just seems weird but I'll give it a chance. Maybe it'll grow on me with time.
For me it don't feel like League of Legends anymore.
: Victorious skins aren't really supposed to have any special effects or major about them. They're just recolors and designs to show off your achievements from last season, knowing for Gold+ players it's free. Also, it would be kind of unfair to Victorious Jarv and Janna owners. Those skins are pretty basic as well.
Correct me if wrong, but... Jarvan/Janna armor is a bit shiny, ins't it ? (i don't have one of these) While Elise's armor looks plastic, and white. Hope they add a bit of shine ot the skin.
: [bug] team builder
i think it was already reported..

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