: Update to highest voted Janna feedback (Q/W/E/R): We actually tried removing the gems on the Q and trailing on W but it was seeming more like a 975 skin and also no gems on Q had gameplay impacts since it was matching SR too much. I mean, imagine this without gems, we would get "pay to win" backlash from non-janna players which we're really careful with: https://i.imgur.com/9zyTjmz.png For E that's totally understandable, I'll see if we can add some kind of movement to make it more janna-like. As for the R/ult, we initially had a large sandstorm but it was way too noisy and we committed more VFX for the initial R oomph/pushback. There are still many dust and sand particles in the AoE we just couldn't do as much as you guys probably want. We got criticism from our playtest team that during teamfights it was overriding and clouding many abilities. I hope you guys can understand, sorry to let ya'll down. I know as fierce janna mains of course being more pure to classic is what you guys probably want but we've had internal playtests that really like what is disliked in this thread (the gems and w-trail specifically). It's hard to appease everyone and once again I'm sorry T_T.
What about my other points? - Doing a different creature for W like a scarab would be better and more fitting. - Her clothes and strands being to similar to base Janna but just gold, the cyan colors also makes a little close to Hextech, which just don't feel like an amazing unique skin. - The cyan in her Splash is more to a dark green, and just by that already feels better than the cyan we can see in game. - Her hair is too similar to base she needs a different hair, a longer hair like the splash already would make it better and different. Also doing a shared splash art where only one champion is the real focus feels so bad, even Sett's splash his both lieutenants seems more with him than Guardian of the Sands splash, Janna and Ryze just look like a random person there to "fill" Rengar's splash Thanks Bess
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Guardian of the Sands! (Ryze, Rengar, Janna)
When I saw that Diana was getting Dragonslayer, I thought Janna was getting Dragon Sorceress. I was so happy and hyped until I saw this. Now to the feedback: - Her model is lacking, looks like base Janna model and clothes but Shuriman instead of the white. new clothes would be better, maybe a dress or anything different really. - The cyan colors are just off, doesn't fit and makes the skin look ugly, a different color would be better and make the skin better looking. - Her hair is super underwhelming look sooooooo much like base Janna's hair, would be awesome a real different hair for her. At this point It's pratically base Janna prestige edition with that cyan in the middle. - Her W is a little underwhelming, it's just another bird like base and looks like Papercraft Bird, a different desert creature would make a lot better (A scarab for example)! The rest of the VFX is amazing the best part of the skin, good job on this. In the end I just feel this skin is pratically base Janna with a different color. She really needs different shapes of clothes and ESPECIALLY THE HAIR, would make the skin so much better, because the VFX already is awesome. We have skins like Star Guardian, Sacred Sword and Bewitching where the hair is different and clothes too (really different from base) but in Guardian of the Sands her clothes and hair feels really underwhelming. Hoping for the changes, or waiting for her next skin to be amazing! Thanks Bess
: For the names please change to Fallen Star Xayah, Fallen Star Rakan and Fallen Star Zoe, those names fit way more than Star Guardian and would sound amazing!
I agree! They are not Star Guardian anymore (Those who protect the universe), they should not be called Star Guardians, a lot of skinslines have different names for their villains and Star Guardian Universe should not be different. Fallen Star is a good name!


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