: URF Sylas and Shyvana bug
not a bug, because mana stays at 0, and everything has 0 mana cost, this means shyvana R also lasts forever
: Pbe doesn't work
Are you using Blitz? if so, close Blitz, dont uninstall it, just close it when you want to play PBE
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: It's sealed for no reason
whats sealed for no reason?
: yuumi skin shard + invisible things
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/394573220919115777/637851855103328272/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/394573220919115777/637851916407275520/unknown.png other 2 pictures ^
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: TFT - Mage Malzahar always double casts
You probably got a good amount of RNG, if it were me, i would try a malzahar build the next game as well (with only 3 mage), and see if it happens more
: Insane ping
This has happened before, its just riot servers dying. its pretty normal tbh
: Wait what? that's a thing? Edit: I mean even so that's still not enough. Games are 15-18 minutes honestly. Sometimes 20. she needs full form at like 10 minutes
i think she should get her 2nd form by 8 minutes tbh
: pls disable defensive items in urf.
if riot disables defensive items, also remove IE and spellbinder, everyone builds atleast 3 of those 2 items
: TFT - Assasin buff bug?
This is just a visual bug, you will still have the bonuses from that trait.
: Crash with Elementalist Lux
just dont play elementalist lux :4head:
: Sudden movement stop?
are you using a wireless keyboard/mouse? cuz that happens ALOT with wireless (or its just PBE stuff)
: Thresh vs Malzahar URF
I barely ever see a malzahar with a thresh on the enemy team, but im pretty sure its intended (for a soul to drop from mal W) and since that is (i think intended) its not a bug but a feature (that riot def should dumb down to 0 souls from voidlings)
: [Elderwood Nocturne] - Elderwood Nocturne Chromas have base purple heads
This might not be a thing on the PBE, and since this is for the NA server, go to https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report instead of here, as to this is for the PBE bugs section (for PBE, no other servers)
: Golden Spatula PBE
The Golden Spatula Club was from the past ARURF this year, some people still have it, others were removed, riot most likely didnt intend for it to get removed, or they intended to remove it but didnt fully remove it, in live it will probably (dont mark my words) be there, but you will have to buy it again or its still in the account.
: my account was closed for no reason. I want to know why.
Unofficial PBE Discord Account locked: Chinese location/account It seems that PBE accounts belonging to Chinese people/residents of China got locked for some reason. The specifics are unknown to us. Riot is aware of the situation and looking into it. if this applies to you, then riot will find a fix, if not, then it was probably because there were 2+ IPs on the account (someone hacked it for example) which can get accounts closed/disabled/banned
: Unnamed skins
That is a bug that skins in the past have had, this will be fixed on the next maintenance (hopefully, or sometime next week, knowing riot probably in 2 weeks)
: URF Garen
The reason to garen E dealing 0 damage is because of all the other URF/ARURF's he has been in, he could 1v5 pentakill in enemy fountain and get out alive, his new E dealt the same damage even if you were to build tanky so the only thing they could do is nerf his E, just because a slight skill of his was nerfed doesnt mean he is the worst ARURF champ, have you seen yasuo?
: How will I test the new skins?
Riot is still getting them in the shop, wait maybe a hour or 2.
: Fail to connect, why? how sad
This bug is known to riot, however, since it is a friday and maintenance has already happened (i think) they wont have any updates until monday, and even then there is the possibility that they wont have it fixed on monday
: [Quinn] - Quinn's bird got lost in the middle of the map
lmao, im pretty sure thats just a visual bug, did anyone else on your team see it? and have you tried seeing if it was just due to the quinn being not in sight and that was the last you saw her?
: How many PBE accounts can be established in that account?
: Where can I buy PBE?
You cant buy the PBE server, but you can make a account if you are honor level 3, and havent had any problems with your account (14 day suspension, toxicity) within the past year here https://pbesignup.na.leagueoflegends.com/en_GB/pbe (unless changed)
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: [Planned 4.10] Item Changes (Attack Damage / Attack Speed / Warden's Mail / Support Itemization)
I have tried Essence Reaver, and it is pretty radical, I do think that you might want to beef up its AD by like, 10 or so, to make it a competitive pick, because currently it only gives as much AD as BF sword, so since most carries want a good chunk of AD early, I dont think they're gonna go for 50, when they could buy that much AD for substantially less money and then turn it into 70 and crits, or 80 and cool overheal blood shield. A little more AD will make it spectacular though. Other than that, everything else looks dandy at the moment, and kudos to whoever made the blood mist shield thing for new BT, it looks, for lack of a better word, gnarlacious
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Primetime Draven!
Let me start off by saying that this is a fantastic skin, and every small mistake Riot has ever made has been balanced out by this fabulous skin. I do have some ideas that could make it even better, an impossible notion I know, but hear me out. I propose that as Draven gets multi-kills, the passive crowd should cheer louder and longer, ending in the "Draven" chants when he gets a penta. And an icon with his face that said "Draven did it all!" Or maybe a line where Primetime says "Ladies and Gentlemen, Draven truly does do it all, with style!" or some other such Draventastical line. Also maybe his beginning game lines could be heard across the map Also spotlights could shine down on his axe landing zones, that would be pretty amazing Those would just be icing on the cake, once again, literally the greatest skin ever made in the explored universe.
: Xerath rework now back on PBE
Hi, I've been a tester for a while, and Xerath is pretty much the entire reason I first applied for the PBE. I haven't had the pleasure of playing against a Xerath yet, so take what I say with that grain of salt.(Also sorry for the walls of text, this was most of the reason I'm on the PBE, so I figured I would make it count.) **Visuals**: I really like the new visuals he has personally. It looks a lot more like he's unleashing big waves of pure magic force at you, rather than changing it into a spell of some kind. I think his ultimate could use some more visual power behind it(My sound glitched out and wasn't working, so this point may be moot) Earlier on in the thread, I saw someones idea of Xeraths ult being similar to Nocturnes, which sounds awesome. Plus, if the casting range for his ultimate had a magical storm, or dark clouds, or maybe pulsating magic waves, it would make it a lot easier for the enemy team to know they need to move. Plus the idea of a huge circle of magical energy expanding while in the distance you hear Xerath saying "So much power!" or something like that is so very, very cool. For his passive and Q, I think they could also use some of that treatment. Since there isn't any visual effect for your passive being up, you can bait people into a fight they cant win with relative ease. Maybe he could glow, or pulse with energy or something like that. Also, maybe the orb for his Q could get bigger the longer its charged, so the enemy has some warning. **Passive**: I really like his new passive, it makes sense, it doesn't give him free armor, AP, or magic pen, which I really like, as one of Xeraths main problems was his huge amount of unseen power. I also really like how it has a risk/reward factor, since you get more mana for hitting the other guy who occupies your lane. **Q**: I really like the new Q, the range feels fair, the charging is suitably slow and hopefully noticeable, and I don't really mind the slow, since before I had to stop moving completely to get that kind of range. **W**: It looks cool, its useful, I think the delay and the giant laser targeting thing makes it so people can dodge it, or at the very least get out of the sweet-spot. Speaking of which, I really like the sweet spot mechanic, and hope to see more of it. It feels awesome to get them dead center, and it doesn't punish you very hard for not hitting them dead center. **E**: I really like that this is a skill shot now. I may miss the admittedly unique stun mechanic the old one had, but with the new W, Xerath would probably never miss a stun. I like that it doesn't do as much damage as the Q and W, and how the stun duration goes up, so it just feels amazing to land a clutch max range stun. **R**: This is probably the most argued thing I've seen in the thread so far. From what I've seen, the isolation mechanic gives the ult a lot of power in lane, since most of the time they cant get away, and if you hit them with all 3 shots, they're gonna take a huge chunk of damage. The other main use is picking off low health people after a teamfight, which I imagine must feel kind of annoying. A lot of people want to see the ultimate returned to teamfighting, which is mostly a character decision, do you want Xerath to reserve his godly power for smiting down 1 or 2 people running away, or for wiping whole groups of people off the planet? One option if it was returned to a teamfighting focus is giving it a unique mechanic where it would do more damage the more people it hit, which might also be a good chance to remove some of the speed from the orbs, and maybe add some visual power by making them into giant magical meteors or blasts. I think it feels great to use, and it works with Xeraths motif, he immobilizes himself, gains massive power and huge range, and smites some people. I think it synergizes with his kit pretty well, in roughly the same way that TF or Pantheons ultimate's do.
: [Gameplay] Yasuo, the Unforgiven
I have to agree about his passive, it should definitely scale by level, otherwise people will be taking all crit runes, and starting the game with 40% crit chance.
: Nasus is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
Hey, just here to report a bug. Whenever you cast one of Nasus's abilities on an enemy champion, the debuff icon doesn't appear on them, instead a blue box with the words "NA3 Spell Not Found" or something along those lines appears.
: Riot has explicitly said they don't want Xerath's skills to look like lightning, being that they think the role of a lightning mage could be filled by someone else. What you're suggesting sounds more like a new ult. Riot has stated they are took him down because not only to make it more visually satisfying, but along with doing that they want to change it up a bit since 50% of the community was complaining about water droplets.
Alright, thank you for the info
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: [Feedback] Will of Ancients PBE Changes
This is a really interesting thread, and I do agree that there should be an aura AP/Spellvamp item that supports can buy, I just think it needs to be a seperate item. See, it wasn't just Vladimir and Morde who built Spectral Wraith, Cassiopeia and Fiddlesticks would build it on mid, just because it was cheap, gave a decent chunk of AP, CDR, and Spellvamp. What they did with WotA is they made it into a new item for those champs, who want a cheap spellvamp item. I dont play support, so I'm not really able to give alot of input on what an aura AP/Spellvamp item would do or be, I just think that it, and the cheap spellvamp for mids should be different items.
: [SUGGESTION] Riot K9 Nasus Spirit Fire should be Riot logo
I would love to see that actually, it sounds like a cool idea
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: New/Remake/Visual Upgrade Lore
I agree completely, I always loved that part, and I would appreciate it if they added it back in, because for some champions(Jinx is the first one that comes to mind) I cant think of any reason why they would join the league.
I think they took Xerath off the PBE for a little while to update the VFX on his ultimate.
: He has three turrets, flash, a reliable slow if not stun. If you get caught out in mid lane and can't get away from a gank than you are playing Heimerdinger wrong. There is too many gap closing champs in League right now, we don't need another one. If heimerdinger had a "flash" on his E he would be highly OP. He'd just push and farm until he was ganked and then E away everytime. Trick to playing Heimer is to know when to push or when you are over extended. Buying one ward for one side of the river pretty much makes him ungankable how it is.
Maybe for a more reliable counter to divers, he could throw the grenade underhanded, so if a diver is right in front of you, they'll get hit and Heimy could get knocked back a little. And if no one is directly in front of you, it would fly its full distance.


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