: Her ultimate was made for dragon/baron fights. Those are gonna be crazy with her on the team. If you've played a few games of her, you would start noticing how smooth and fast her combos are, her spellcasts (particularly q and w) feel like ryze's with the resets. But I do agree, she doesn't feel like a 'master of the elements'.
Yeah but that's not my point. My point isn't about what her ult was made for, it was the fact that it doesn't make sense with her character. As for the smoothness of her combos, I don't know what Champion you were playing but from my experience every one of her abilities except for her w feels sluggish and unwieldy, not the snappy cast you expect from an assassin. This can and will likely be improved relatively quickly, but the fact still stands that she feels like a collection of abilities than a flowing coherent character. Her W effectively gives her taliyah passive and her ult seems like it should be taliyah's.
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