: Hecarim desperately needs to be removed from ARURF
Only way to counter Hecarim is with champions that are similarly powerful, such as vlad. I managed to 1v1 him several times despite him being fed, such as using pool in the few frames you get the chance before he tries to run you down. Alternatively you work together with your team to do your best to cc chain him down so you can kill him. Although I don't agree Hecarim should be removed from the mode entirely, I do agree bans should be brought back if people really do not want to face him. Though, I assume in the sense of PBE they'd want to keep bans to the minimum for obvious thorough testing reasons. Just my two cents.
: Hey guys , i wonder how do you get 95% CDR in Nexus Blitz 2.0 ?
I believe you need the rune that gives you an extra 5% max extra cd reduction, as well as the On Fire! buff that gives you the additional cd reduction. And of course it can only be during the URF event. Not sure if blue buff was part of the 95%, but just in case you should try to get it too.
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