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: > [{quoted}](name=Asstera,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=2NH0vhdK,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-17T15:13:32.795+0000) > > Garen Can Solo Baron. with a full attack speed and on hit build. but so can {{champion:11}} if you build {{item:3091}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3748}} on {{champion:122}} then you instantly get 5 stacked on enemies for 240 bonus AD and get the same results. the reason why nobody does this, is because in any real game that is not populated by people with anything between 30 and 300 ping, diamond and iron players in the same game, garen will just get cced and killed from range with a build like that. dont judge the strength of the rework off a few clickbait videos on youtube or games that snowballed on the PBE. a full ad/attack speed build like you posted will never be viable in anything but low elo games. because garen doesnt have the mobility of {{champion:11}} to pull it off. right now, even with the on hit effects on the spin, there is nothing garen can do that other on hit champions cant do aswell.
The key difference between other on hit champs and the pbe garen is that garen will auto win all melee fights. You cant stop his spin, Unlike master yi or on hit darius. Cc'ing garen will still let him proc on hit effects with his spin, and armor shred everyone around him, fully stack rageblade and proc tiamat faster than any champion can. Throw in built in defenses and you have pure cancer for any melee champ.
: Did they fix conqueror yet?
It wasn't working Sunday, hopefully it will be fixed by Monday's patch
: Disable kindred i will pay you , rioter
: its pbe
they literally just have to disable kindred, that shit gets done all the time. When there was a bug that gave champs 2k+ attack speed at lvl 1 that got fixed in under 12 hours. This literally makes the game unplayable not just "unfun"
: I think Kaisa's W should have a small slow.
"no way to kite melee champions" she has e, not only does it give her move speed and attack speed, but also makes her invis,
: ARURF - Snow Battle Urf
: > [{quoted}](name=Sarah,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=qL2jOvil,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2017-11-24T23:37:33.046+0000) > > I'm not mini-modding. I'm just stating the rules you obviously didn't read. Honestly, if you're not mini-modding, then I don't know what it is. I don't see Pixie getting up in people's grill. Besides, like Pixie said, this is the place where people speak up. If you don't like it or can't handle it, then get outta here. Just leave. No one is gonna stop you. The door to your imaginary throne is right over to your right, "Queen" {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Sry if it's offensive but IT'S A CHRISTMAS THEMED ARURF Only champion with snow/cold themed skin are available use your brain {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
No one is confused on what it is. People raising concerns about it know what it is, and believe it is a bad idea. There is no mechanical necessity to limit the champion pool. It sacrifices game play for theme; which is a bad idea in a video game that is all about the game play. There is no good reason why the champ pool is limited other than to promote Christmas themes. That's fine but don't be surprised when no one plays more than 1 game.
Assassins finally weren't trash and we could finally carry our 0/14 bot lanes, but no It was too strong. Building ninja tabis was too hard for people.
: [Dark Harvest] Snowball Issue
It's already been gutted. The most interesting rune of the preseason was made useless. The whines and please of players who never built ninja tabi's or any form of resist getting one shot by fed assassin, killed the coolest thing of the preseason. It's dead Jim it's dead. Leave it alone.
: Dark Harvest
I love Dark Harvest. The numbers might be a bit high but I really enjoy this rune as a concept. It has direct counterplay. It's very weak without canon minion waves so you have a window where any other keystone rune is stronger. It takes a while to farm up in the jungle unless you risk going for ganks. That said it let's players who are dominating with it carry that power to the rest of the team in a way no other rune does so it has a unique place among the other runes. Reset champs and assassins have had a terrible time this last season and dark harvest could be a way for them to have a decent place in the meta.
: since the patch lost a small thing :)
I have this same problem, I couldnt find the option for it in the menu
: You said all. Players will fall from 32 to 10 lethality lvl 1, that will be very well for the game. Players were able to build up to 50 lethality with only one item and 86 lethality with the 3 ones. IMO it will be a lethality nerf that is needed.
What I was saying is that lethality in runes reforged is much weaker than live since we can't get anywhere near the ammount of lethality we use to get. If you are getting chunked by champions running 2-3 lethality items, then building armor is how you stop it not nerfing lethality as a whole. Lethality users need to burst champions that dont build armor, that is the whole point of lethality. If lethality gets nerfed and it becomes impossible to chunk low armor targets then there is no point to building lethality at all. The state of lethality on pbe seems fine to me. It gets countered by tanks and armor and thrives against squishy targets.
: With no Armor or Life runes, Lethality is WAYYY Overtuned (5x Cleaver type)
It's not a problem. Everyone got an armor buff so armor is around the same as before, but without lethality runes we don't have anywhere near as much lethality as we use to. Players could get 30 lethality lvl 1 in the old system. Now it's only 10 if you take the domination rune, and only when you dash. Lethality gets countered by armor so if you dont build armor then you should get chuncked by lethality users.
: Nunu in game despite being disabled?
The bug is still active even after today's patch. That's just sad.
: > [{quoted}](name=Joeda,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=vqKsyY0u,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-04T20:56:19.217+0000) > > wukong will also need some base stat love. He was in an ok spot before these stat changes, now he has some of the lowest base stats in the game Personally have not felt any problems with Wukong. Played him in the jungle with Predator and it felt way better than live Wukong where you have to run AS Lifesteal + Warlords just to sustain in the jungle.
Really, you feel fine with 25 armor lvl 1 and 60 base ad? While every marksman has more armor and base ad than you?
: @riot about the base stat changes on the pbe today
wukong will also need some base stat love. He was in an ok spot before these stat changes, now he has some of the lowest base stats in the game
: Broken Rune
It could open up some interesting strats since allies deaths can trigger it. I also enjoy it in lane a bit. It could add some extra risk to taking the cannon, knowing that your opponent is going to get the damage proc from it.
: Please re-enable Draft.
A draft mode, but with no bans, seems like it would be most effective to me. Bans don't work when the goal of the games is play testing. That said, a draft mode would allow for much better quality test games. Players being able to choose the roles they are proficient in would make the games. Mirror matches and players being forced into rolls they aren't proficient in kinda ruins the data. Is master Yi with press the attack op? Maybe. What if he is against a jungler with a solid plan to shut him down? Banning Yi wont give the answer, but having Yi go against another jungler main that isn't playing another Yi could provide a clue to the answer.
: All Random URF for the RGM queue now live for testing on the PBE
I just finished my 30th game of "All Random URF". TLDR: The randomness ruins all the fun aspects of the game mode and ruins URF. I understand the desire to touch up URF mode. It was very popular when introduced, but kinda got a stigma based on a recurring group of champions that were considered un-fun to play against. That said making champ select random only magnifies the problems with the old URF without bringing any new fun mechanics to balance out all the harm it does. When the champs are random there is no way to deal with an OP champ getting randomly selected. In the old URF mode, you could ban out the most annoying picks and select a champion that you wanted/enjoyed playing with a plan do deal with any of the other strong picks that got through. The random champ select takes that away and makes it a complete coin toss. Not only will you be stuck with champions that you hate playing, but the enemy team will have one of the stronger champs. One might think that this would be a rare occurrence, but over the course of 30 games, there were 5 games that either had an even mix of strong champs. These games were ok and they were on champs that i never play. The other 25 were awful. Even the one game where I got my main man Wukong, the fact that I couldn't ban Eve made the game hell to play through. The re-roll system should kinda solve this problem, but it doesn't. If players have a decent amount of champions owned they might as well not even have the re roll. The re roll never helped once and I spammed it whenever I had one. I'm not sure why we cant get 1 re roll every game. I was really looking forward to the return of URF and I hope to see it come back some day.
: Play normal urf in customs: Any Map, Blind/Draft/Tournament


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