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: Maokai's size
Maokai is much bigger, maybe your game was bugged?
: End of Game Gifting on PBE
I honestly don't see why someone would spend real-life cash on a random stranger, BUT being an avid Redditor and seeing how often Reddit Gold gets dished out, It could possibly work. It could help improve toxicity, since players will be more inclined to create a more positive experience in hopes of receiving a gift. Something I would like to see in player interaction is an option to write a small note when I honor a player. I really hope this goes well! It's a great incentive & I think it can improve the overall attitude of the community.
: Experimental preseason 2015 changes hitting the PBE over the next few days
Riot gives you an awesome FREE TO PLAY game, and GIVES US THE OPPORTUNITY TO HELP *IMPROVE* ON THE GAME and COMMUNICATES WITH US *REGULARLY*, privately, in threads, and on Reddit ... Yet we can't have a decent conversation about what we'd like to see implemented and voice our concerns without making it seem like Rioters sit on their asses all day? It's a free opportunity to make our favorite game even better, the least we can do is be *respectful*, if you feel being grateful is too much for you. Honestly, when Riot has things in the works and lets us know about it, people are always upset that we aren't getting dates, Rioters are being too vague, that its "not a definite". You can't *possibly* expect them to makes us promises or be forthcoming with information when every time something doesn't turn out like we hoped or just falls through we come at them with razor blades & lemon juice. They haven't abandoned the goals they had previously and have been working on them. Supports are now serious play-makers and are crucial to so much more than just wards. Through trial and error with feral flare, they've gotten a much better idea on how to approach the issues people are facing with jungling. The new map is absolutely *stunning* and the game modes have been on a steady schedule and fun as hell ( need I remind you of URF Mode?). So by all means, present your your constructive criticism and feel free to throw in some opinions if you feel it better gets your point across. Riot as well as other community members really want to read what everyone has to say ! But no one should have to be subject to your pretentious remarks and harsh opinions on how you feel these trained, educated professionals should be doing the job they get paid to do.
: Bug: Major Sona Lag
Hello ! Just had to Quit a game because of this issue. Her Auras are extremely bugged. The particles don't go away on her aura and overlap each other ( the buff doesn't exceed it's duration though). I think because of this particle bug, it overloads & causes our fps to drop. My Kogmaw and Yasuo got the fps drop just from looking at her, mine dropped as well. Kog and I quit and rejoined, the fps was back to normal but as soon as I started using spells (and the auras were still glitched), our fps dropped again. I had to afk unfortunately. - Used Pentakill skin as well.


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