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: Is the 5% heal on champions a intent to keep her out of jungle or was it seen as too much sustain on early camps? Also can't help but feel like tank items feel a little lack luster on her.
Once it was decided that Test of Spirit would live on this character, it cemented her as someone who would want to go to lane and fight. The heal vs champions further cements that message. What items specifically do you think feel lack luster?
: First off, I love her! She's so unique and her voice acting is amazing. One thing that strikes me as a little annoying is that when the enemy's spirit dies/ the enemy gets too far away; the death sounds of that enemy play quite loudly. Maybe get rid of the death sounds and add a new SFX? Everything else seems amazing though! <3
Thanks for the compliments! Totally with you on the death sounds. Will be looking into that one this week.
: So, played a PvP game and a few customs with her. Very interesting. Her tentacles are definitely her main damage source beyond a doubt, and man are they capable of damage. Waveclear gets really easy once you get some levels and AD. Not too hard to hit, feels like a Xerath Q without the chargeup time, while being slightly faster to hit with a slightly narrower hit-box. Decent sustain in lane if you can hit them too, but not too obnoxious. I do wonder if they trigger per tentacle and per champion (that is to say, can it stack up to 100% missing health by hitting 5 champions with 4 tentacles?) or just per champion(so up to 25% heal) or per tentacle (also up to 100%, but probably can't get that many tentacles lol). Her W is a nice auto-attack reset, so Triforce is definitely an option, especially since it gets really spammy at higher ranks or when you use your ult. Black Cleaver is great too though, since your tentacles will be raining down lots of times for lots of stacks, so it's really whether you want the spell-blade or the armor pen imo. Her E though, that is some interesting stuff right there. Seems to be blocked by minions (haven't really experimented enough to confirm, but it definitely doesn't affect them), and has some interesting ways to play around or with it. If it can be bursted down, it's a huge slow that'll allow you to easily catch up and start whalloping on the enemy, with bonus tentacles for more ~~pleasure~~ pain. And her ult. Man I wish I had a good teamfight, because imagine 5+ tentacles raining down every 2 seconds with a 1.6 total ad ratio while healing. You get in the middle of their team, they die. Which actually isn't going to reliably happen without teamwork, but if you manage to do so the fight is most likely won. I found her joke pretty hilarious too, just doing a high five and a fist bump with a tentacle.
Tentacle healing is triggered once per tentacle, not once per champion hit per tentacle. Five tentacles that hit one champion and five tentacles that hit five champions will both heal for 25%. Definitely seen success with Triforce builds but Black Cleaver has been really dominating her builds since it offers all of the stats she really wants. Are there any other items you think might fit as a first purchase for her? Test of Spirit is absolutely blockable, which is what presents a lot of the counterplay in the laning phase. There were more direct versions of the spell where we would have had to significantly tone down the power of the effect as a trade-off for its reliability. Her joke might be my favorite in the game. Thanks for your feedback!
: SHE IS SO FUN!! I love her entire feel and how powerful she feels when she smashes down her idol onto somebody's face! I enjoyed her VO too! Thank you Riot, you outdid yourself!
Thank you very much! Glad you had a good time!
: On **Twisted Treeline** it is really easy to get an advantage with those tentacles as they cannot die. The tentacles reactivate after you are roughly 1/4th of the map away (basically the toplaner can have active tentacles on the bottomlane). There's also an issue with only East-side being able to get a tentacle near the spider. I walked around the left wall and there just couldn't spawn a tentacle, but on the right one it spawned instantly. I know people don't really look towards Twisted Treeline as much as Summoner's Rift during a champ's release, but it'd be nice if those things could get a bit more 'balanced'.
Appreciate the seldom seen perspective from someone on Treeline. What do you mean that the tentacles cannot die? This might just be a bug. What do you feel is the issue with tentacles being active far away from Illaoi. Without the presence of Illaoi, a Spirit, or Vessel, the tentacles don't pose any active threat. Re: tentacles not spawning in certain spots - Were there other tentacles nearby? There are some rules about how close together they can be. Will make a run through the map and see if there are weird spots. Edit: Tentacles must be 1000 units apart.
: Illaoi's marker on the minimap isn't very visually clear for me. There's the bright white on the outside, and then not much contrast on the face; I think it might be clearer if the face had more light on it, so you could get some contrast from the cheekbones or something, so the face would read more clearly when it's that small.
Totally agree. I think it's still placeholder from an older version of the splash. We usually have to make edits specifically for the mini-map icons to make them clear and distinct at a glance. Appreciate the feedback and will make sure this gets updated.
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