: I'll be sure to buy the skin in place of you. This is not really feedback more than you simply expressing your distaste for the skin. A lot of us who give feedback would love to see some small changes to skins, but feedback doesn't mean that it needs to or will happen no matter what your "credentials" are. I'm sure Riot gathers consensus internally and with the playerbase across regions, not just r/leagueoflegends or this PBE thread.
Just mostly /r/Leagueoflegends. Typically whenever they throw a fit to the frontpage things are changed same-day. Unlike the League boards where you might as well be shouting into the maw of Cho'Gath instead of giving any type of meaningful feedback. > I'll be sure to buy the skin in place of you Up to you if you want to waste an extra 350 RP on a crappy skin that should be 975. I'd rather save that money for boxes though, and get a 1350 shard that is far better quality than this sub-par skin that doesn't even come close to the glory of Pool Party, let alone El Macho. You prove that people who are used to eating crap are going to like it when they're served it.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Frozen Prince Mundo!
Don't even bother opening feedback threads if you're going to ignore and swat it down with excuses. You asked for feedback, I provided it based on my opinion as a long-time player and a whale who would have bought the skin without question--had it not been for this dumb little icicle that ruins an otherwise pretty decent skin, or the extra price for something that two years ago would be a 975 skin. I can see this is just gonna get pushed through regardless of what I say because nobody but me actually cares about Mundo's skins. Just like how Feral Warwick got ruined even tho there was plenty of feedback against it. Good to know nothing changes unless it gets 20k upvotes on /r/LeagueOfLegends And for the record, Yarn friends Blitzcrank and Amumu looked more appealing to me than this skin. EDIT: > The story behind the Ice shard in his back is that he was a prince who was shot by a shard of cursed ice by Ice King twitch, which is what caused him to transform into a horrible monster. Though this isn't clear in game, you can see Twitch in the back of his splash, which should hopefully help to convey this narrative. [How is a blurry image in the far background, outside of the CLOSED WINDOW](https://imgur.com/shsXNxs) on the opposite side of the ice shard supposed to convey that Twitch has "cursed" Mundo in any way, or that this Mundo is anything other than a fancier frozen version of normal Mundo? He might as well be Zaun's Ambassador to the Frejlord instead of some regal figure as-is. It doesn't even read as Twitch in the splash art. Now that I've got the splash art, it doesn't AT ALL convey what you are saying you're going for with this skin. Mundo doesn't even seem to be inconvenienced by this "Curse."
: As this skin has all new VFX, SFX and a recall it falls into the tier for 1350 skins, a 975 skin would only be a model swap. The story behind the Ice shard in his back is that he was a prince who was shot by a shard of cursed ice by Ice King twitch, which is what caused him to transform into a horrible monster. Though this isn't clear in game, you can see Twitch in the back of his splash, which should hopefully help to convey this narrative. In his recall he pulls the shard out, starts to transform back, but then is shot again, causing him to remain in his monstrous form.
I mean you can have whatever story you want for it, but visually it looks wimpy and lame. You wanted feedback on the skin, and this is someone who almost exclusively plays Mundo and owns nearly every skin for him giving you feedback. It doesn't get much better than this considering the low playrate of Mundo. The backing animation is fine, the shard looks lame though. The story you've told me is nice fluff, but it doesn't seem to be conveyed that way in-game. Maybe if he were to actually be human by the time the animation finishes. However as it is now it's far too subtle to be the main justification for something that hurts the overall look of the skin. Not to mention it doesn't make sense if Twitch isn't in the game. And again, it might have whatever you classify in 2018 as 1350 qualities, but it does not visually look that way to me--likely one of the main target demographics for this skin that was prepared to plunk down the RP on day one when I heard Mundo was getting a new skin. The fact that it's mentioned he'll have a shared splash with the other winter skins worries me, as that's typically a 750 skin quality. Just don't act surprised when it doesn't sell, or blame Mundo for that. Compare it to any other 1350 skin released recently (Odyssey skins and High Noon Thresh come to mind) and that price feels like a joke for ice-themed particles that were necessary to pull off a frozen theme anyways. I get far more bang for my buck out of El Macho or Pool Party. Hell, I like Executioner and Rageborn more than this, mostly because of this wimpy icicle. >Though this isn't clear in game, you can see Twitch in the back of his splash, which should hopefully help to convey this narrative. Except I don't spend hours staring at loading screen splashes. I barely pay attention to them, especially when the cropping on the loading screen (combined with all the new banners and armors and doodads) are going to distract from it. It's probably completely out of the question at this point in time, but it would be so much cooler if this skin made him human by DEFAULT, and his ult temporarily beefed him up to monster proportions. The back could still be him trying to break the "curse," however Mundo seems to enjoy being big and monstrous, so it seems backwards that he should be trying to fight back to being human. If THAT was the theme of the skin (human/prince Mundo) I'd totally pay 1820. However as it stands now I'm barely willing to pay 975 for this. The Yi skin looks way cooler (no pun intended). That's what a 1350 skin should be.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Frozen Prince Mundo!
As someone who owns every other Mundo skin: It doesn't really feel like a 1350 skin. It feels more like it should be 975. Also: What's with the ice spike on his back? Only for the backing animation? I know it's kinda a replacement for the syringe, but it looks really wimpy and doesn't fit with the rest of the design.
: Trojan Found in Most Recent Update!
First the Philippines servers were bitcoin mining thru the client, and now this? Looks like Rito needs to stop leaning so hard on Github repositories.
: ARAM Updates on PBE
Might there be any consideration to making towers harder to kill? Sometimes enemies can get 1 > inhib in one push and it gets a little frustrating. I can appreciate shorter games but sometimes it just cuts a game shorter than it should be.
: Skin Collections Tab: Skin Descriptions Feature Feedback
I'd rather have a 3D skin preview that showed off the characters' abilities than some little crappy text blurb about why Mundo is green in the Toxic skin. I stopped caring about lore around the time the Journal of Justice got trashcanned.
: Honor Season 2018 on PBE!
The only thing I want is more transparency when I'm even in the ballpark of getting a level up on Honor. It's kinda frustrating to play for weeks and see plenty of end-game honor nominations, only to never level up to 3. I get plenty of keys, so I'm pretty sure I'm not getting reported, I just want to know where I stand in relation to a level-up. The thing that makes me sadder is that I've got a friend that barely plays, and isn't against flaming his teammates. Somehow he got honor-3, weeks ago, after only a handful of games. It feels a bit random, and a bit frustrating if you are interested in unlocking those skins and actively play the game. Not that I'm doing it -just- for that, but you gotta admit the Twitch and Warwick skins are pretty cool. :3
: Health Bar Update Bugs
Hi there Team! Not sure if anyone is still reading this, but I just wanted to say that the bars on Live have become bugged, in a way that I haven't seen for about two seasons now. When an ally is low on life, but not on your screen, and you move your camera to see them, their health bar will go from 100% to current% immediately, making it look like they just got hit by some massive amount of damage. To stress, this is on Live. I just figure with all the health bar changes, this one might have slipped by.
: > If you cannot avoid getting upset by people "abusing" bugs on the PBE server then you shouldn't play there. Period. i completely agree with you that people shouldn't get salty over those things (and i personally don't!), but i'm saying that's inevitable that people _will_. i only mentioned "gameplay footage" as something that would be proof for bug abuse. however, my main point was that bug "abuse" isn't something that a) should be punishable in the first place, and b) is hard to even discern or distinguish between someone who only stumbled upon the bug / someone who doesn't know that the bug exists. i think point a wasn't clear enough in my earlier post, so sorry about that; i totally agree with your opinion.
;P No harm no foul. I just really wish that the people on PBE actually used it as intended. There's really no reason for it to exist in its current form other than as a place where Surrender@20 (/etc sites) pull previews from. But I don't think Riot will ever put much effort into actually fixing the PBE access and defining what the purpose of the server is.
: Not only that, but the amount of people going Ashe ADC or Leona Support when Xayah & Rakan were just released is ridiculous. They're purposely trying to take the spot and flaming someone who wants to play the champs that were released specifically on the PBE server... It's not a normal server, it's specifically here for us to beta test new features & champs, if there are players here that don't treat it that way then they shouldn't be allowed on the PBE...{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
I agree with you. Especially if you're playing draft and it's clear that the new champion(s) aren't banned. Also tbh the new content (champs/skins) characters shouldn't be allowed to be banned on PBE.
: No. People also want to test playing VS those champs and they should. Sometimes you need to see certain interactions.
That's ok, but if you're not playing blind pick and the enemy team clearly doesn't have the new champions, idgaf what you want to play the purpose of the PBE is to test the new content for bugs. Go fk off to Live if you want to play your main or practice something that's been in the game since close to day 1.
: i believe pbe reports have much more weighting than they do on live servers (as in, punishments occur more frequently + with less reports). the thing is, it's hard to draw the line as to what's "bug exploitation" and what's "investigating the bug further / not realising it's a bug / etc". some things are unavoidable or people don't know what's triggering it (i recall constant audio issues with taric when his rework came out, and i never found out what actually triggered it). while yeah, sometimes it's clear that people are just exploiting bugs and spamming the broken lux/nami ults, spamming elise human q, or spamming TP, it's difficult to report someone for doing so because in that case, riot would need gameplay footage. it's also impossible for people to not get salty about it; it's inevitable.
That's a poor mentality about it. If you cannot avoid getting upset by people "abusing" bugs on the PBE server then you shouldn't play there. Period. When you sign up for the PBE, you're doing so with the understanding that there will be bugs and exploits existing. There is no "line" between bug testing and bug exploitation, because the games on the PBE don't matter. They are illusions of games. And Riot doesn't need "gameplay footage" considering Replays have been in the PBE longer than they were on the Live client. Saltiness and tilt stems from caring too much about any individual game. PBE games matter even less than level 10 vs AI games. Do you get salty against bots? Shouldn't matter if you win or lose, do good or bad; that's not why you're on the server. You're on the server to break the game so that Riot knows what is broken and can fix it before the patch is put on Live. It's your job to spam it so hard that Reddit sees the bug and gives it visibility, or else you end up with the broken mess of a rework that is current Mordekaiser. It's childish and overall just makes YOU look bad if you're getting salty over something like that. If you're going to care so much about a game, you'd be better off playing on Live servers.
: >so why is it that the balance is weighted more toward doing damage than soaking it? The game HAS to be weighted in Damage outscaling defense eventually or you end up with a never ending stallfest between who can't die. Its just something that is necessary for the game to be balanced.
The question is though: how do you do that without making all that gold--that I as a TANK character--spent on items invalid? They have to have some middle-ground between canceling each-other out or else there is no point in being a tank over a bursty damage dealer. And if you want to talk about a never-ending stall-fest of not dying, we can talk about all the self-rezzes in the game combined with guardian angel, an issue which isn't being addressed simply by slapping AD on it and saying "THIS IS FOR CHARACTERS THAT HIT STUFF." Tanks should feel tanky, and you should never feel like you got made completely useless by an item. There has to be a healthy middle ground where tanks still feel like tanks, and damage dealers still do damage. It's just the folly of trying to balance the two against eachother. It just creates an arms race of damage and tank items. Tanks are about to find themselves in a very awkward state. I want to say that bruisers that tend to build tanky will suffer as well. However it will be a field day for Yasuo and Zed mains. As for me, I'll keep trying to make my gameplay work regardless of balance changes as I've been doing since Season 1. I just feel like there are already plenty of times when I've been several full armor items ahead of an ADC and still see chunks shaved off my health bar per attack. MR feels balanced. Armor is not. The only reason why Armor seems like it works is because it's primarily paired with big HP items which give tanks the majority of their durability against tower and burst. MR items give you a meager amount of HP and a healthy amount of MR, but it feels more effective while not nullifying the mage or being made useless by Mpen.
: PBE Signups
Is there any way in the future for you to be a little more discerning with the players on the PBE? A lot of times people take it like it's a real game, complete with tilting and whining when bugs crop up. The PBE is the place to exploit and expose those bugs so that you guys can catch them before they go to live. Instead you get people that scream "REPORT THAT FKING HACKER" if someone is actually doing bug testing as per the purpose of the PBE. Anecdotally, I remember one time a few seasons ago when there were some proposed changes to Elise's human form Q (turning it into a ramping burn effect of some type). Unfortunately it was coded without an ending duration. If you got dotted by Elise, you couldn't back, you were probably going to die before you ran to base. Needless to say there were several across games that evening. I didn't mind, because I've tested games professionally and it was hilarious even if broken. Because you know, PBE/it matters less than a normal on Live. But there were tons of people that were tilted off their rocker, hurling insults and I assume reports. The same people that were screaming were refusing to FF too. It was pretty annoying. It's fun to have a fantasy server where you can unlock and play with 100% of the content, but there needs to be more emphasis on "This is for bug and change testing, do not tilt off of people exploiting bugs"
: Midseason Durability Feedback
I think if you're going to hit tank items that hard then items that are designed to shred tanks need to be looked at as well. The point of a tank is to be able to take the damage, but even with 4/6 items as armor the tiniest bit of lethality seems to be able to completely bypass it. I know ADCs have been complaining, but absolutely killing the viability of "meat shield" tanks is going to force everyone back to playing assassins and mages. "crit users are generally supposed to be successful at dealing damage to tanks" So let me get this straight: you want them to 1-shot squishies and tanks? Because as it is currently, if a crit user is far enough ahead there isn't enough armor items in the game to prevent them or their lethality from killing you. Without these tank item changes. I'm kinda curious: What do you expect out of the tank role? Because the line is not only very muddy, but the proposed changes feel as if they're completely disregarding the purpose of being a tank character (with or without CC). We spend all game investing in items too, so why is it that the balance is weighted more toward doing damage than soaking it? The way it is now, it's an arms race between armor items and tank items, with a full build damage dealer easily being able to bypass the defenses of a fully built tank with 0 damage items via lifesteal (defeats the purpose of thornmail). I'd actually suggest that you look to how Mages vs Tanks currently play out for direction on how AD vs Tanks should play out. Why? Because mages penetration options and anti-tank measures don't actively sabotage 90% of the items I build to the point that I shouldn't even bother. The way the damage comes out from mages has some measure of skill in avoiding. However there's nothing to avoid when there's a Zed on your face or an ADC auto-attacking you. Magic damage never gets to the point where I feel like the damage is out of control compared to the magic resist items I've purchased, similarly so that I don't feel like I can completely ignore said mage (unless they're drastically out of the game (0/11, etc). Not to mention you've completely sidestepped exactly why Guardian Angel is an issue. There are way too many characters in the game with a self-resurrect ability. Sometimes it's hard enough to pick an enemy off once, let alone 2-3 times per enemy team-member. IMO it should be unique-team, which has been a change that's been needed for a long time now. You can put AD on it, but that doesn't mean that people are going to buy it for the AD stats.
: Update on Sewn Chaos
Can you guys take Feral Warwick back too? There's not a single goddamn thing about that skin that is feral anymore.
: It won't be back like the olden days, where it was every other game. But hopefully it'll make another debut :)
;( Having Winter every few games (I don't think it would be possible to guarantee that for every player, unless you wanted to segregate the queue further xD) made every game feel unique. I still remember games back to Season 1, whereas games since the SR update have all just been a blur. Regardless, I'm really happy it's around. Thanks for responding. I just can't help but feel like my joy is epehemeral as this will most likely be over by the time February rolls around. A month I've already spent a lifetime of bitter feelings on. Just one more thing to add to the chalk board I guess.
: Winter Summoner's Rift coming soon PBE!
I reaaaaaaaaaally hope this isn't just a limited-time map. I've been waiting for Winter to return to the rotation since the map update. One of my favorite things about the old maps was that every game had a chance to be Winter or Fall. The rift just hasn't been the same since! Especially considering people rock Snow Day skins year-round. I also really would like this to not go to waste, like Butcher Bridge.
: Yes. We've stripped out most map elements that we thought either weren't working or weren't doing enough to justify their additional complexity add to the game.
> [{quoted}](name=Xypherous,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=2yRfGErJ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-10-19T22:35:02.070+0000) > > Yes. We've stripped out most map elements that we thought either weren't working or weren't doing enough to justify their additional complexity add to the game. That's...kinda lame. The lasers were a cool effect for base turrets. Now I feel a lot more inclined to ignore those towers. Especially because they're no longer doing constant ticking damage as they were previously. Maybe if you've finished nerfing visual elements of the map, you could get to work on a winter variation of SR? You guys keep making all these failed experiments aimed at making every game feel more unique. Honestly though, since the map update, every game has become a blur. I can remember individual games from the first three seasons, but I have trouble remembering anything from the last several. Most of that goes back to the games being sorted into Spring, Fall, and Winter maps. You guys are estimated to make a _profit_ of $1.8 BILLION. You have hundreds of employees throughout the world. There is no conceivable reason that you cannot dedicate a handful of people to retexturing SR in a winter variation. Especially when I can go to a site like MapSkins and see several SOLO projects in which 1-3 unpaid FANS get together and make something wonderful like the [Frozen Rift.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6LMb6AlQUA) If unpaid fans can do that, certainly Rito can spare a 5 man team to take a break from making skins for a month to fix something that is sorely needed. I don't give a damn about all these fancy reworks, or new skins. All I want is the same variations on Summoner's Rift that existed when the game was being made by handful of people instead of this mega-conglomerate. Is that so much to ask? Every time I ask someone like Ghostcrawler during his Twitch AMAs, it gets just brushed off to the side like it's not a priority, then in the same breath the "uniqueness" of individual games is lamented. Then, another RNG change gets introduced in an effort to make the game itself compensate for its lack of variation in maps. Don't get me wrong, the fruit is interesting, but it feels very lackluster compared to jungle creep buffs (Krug's buff in particular). I'm not asking for Magma Chamber. I'm just asking for a simple OFFICIAL Winter retexture to the map. And while you're at it? Bring back Butcher's Bay as an ARAM map variation. That map was way too cool to never see the light of day again. Hell, you want me to pay for it? I've already sunk over a thousand dollars into this game over the many years I've played it. I'll buy the damn map variations. JUST MAKE THEM (officially) ALREADY!
: Hiya! Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback! ^-^ Unfortunately, we aren't able to add new VO for this particular skin, but that does mean that he'll be staying at 1350 RP. :)
> [{quoted}](name=Riot KateyKhaos,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=I3BI4rGp,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-05-19T18:43:53.598+0000) > > Hiya! > > Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback! ^-^ Unfortunately, we aren't able to add new VO for this particular skin, but that does mean that he'll be staying at 1350 RP. :) Good enough, I'll just have to put it in custom on the skin for my own amusement. Considering I don't have much money (and I've already got the rest of the Mundo skins including Corporate), it makes me happy that it won't be legendary though. Especially with such a variety in cleavers. Though, part of me wouldn't mind if it were Legendary with new VO's. I figured if it was just one VO line when he ults (like how Magical Girl Lux gets the theme song when she backs), it might not be such a big deal to the value/work for the skin. I'll probably just end up using a part of the intro to the old cartoon "Mucha Lucha." Really awesome job on the skin though! As a Mundo Main with the SN BeardedLuchador, I wanted to drop personal thanks to the team that worked on this. I'll no longer get the "Do you have that Braum skin?" question. XD
: PBE Bugs and Feedback Thread: El Macho Mundo!
> [{quoted}](name=Riot KateyKhaos,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=I3BI4rGp,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-17T19:21:47.070+0000) > > http://imgur.com/3MO63mo > > And on the red side of the Rift, we have **El Macho Mundo** (even though he tends to go where he pleases). > > **El Macho Mundo** will be 1350 RP* and includes - > > * New model and texture for not only Mundo, but for his weapons! > * **(Q) Infected Cleaver** now has four different weapons - a bat, a championship belt, a chair and a ringside bell. These will all be selected at random every time **(Q) Infected Cleaver** is used! > * New particles for **(W) Burning Agony** and **(R) Sadism**. > * New SFX for **(Q) Infected Cleaver** - as well as different auto attacks, depending on the weapon in hand! > * New recall animation! > > > **El Macho Mundo** is now available to play on the PBE! As players who experience a first hand look at this content, we appreciate constructive feedback - feel free to leave it in the comments below! If you have any questions, you can also drop them below and I'll do my best to answer them! ^-^ > > GLHF! > > **Prices subject to change.* Something I'd like to see/hear implemented is for Mundo to yell LUCHAAAAA when he uses his ult. I think that would be pretty boss. Other than that, as a Mundo main, can't wait to pick this skin up on Day 1! :) Just gotta hope it stays 1350 or I won't be able to afford it ;(
: Mordekaiser Build Discussion
I finally figured out how you build him. You don't touch AP unless it's something like Gunblade. Instead you stack health + AD. His Q does enough damage that you can usually 2-shot their carry with it, and your E is so pitiful and weak that it's only use is to get a burst of shield in team fights. Ult is nice, but if you have a Dragon, you won't have the burst from your R ability. AD tank works best. Once I finish Triforce + FMallet I feel like I can build whatever. I tried a bloodthirster (once I was pretty far ahead) and lifesteal didn't feel super effective. I don't think his Q gets much off of either Spell Vamp or Lifesteal. From Tri+FM I'd probably try more health and CDR for more Qs. Oh and of course maybe some Arpen. Sunfire is another item I've considered but never built. The passive could make up for Morde's lack of W when he's by himself, and the health scales up his shield. The only two cases in which Rylais could be good is for the Dragon auto attacks (apply Rylais), and to clip someone you're chasing with an E. Beyond that, Mallet feels like a lot better investment as you're going to be walking around smacking people anyways. I'd try Gauntlet, but Triforce is far too core IMO.
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
I didn't notice this thread when I created the thread here, but this sums up my feelings for the most part: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/kw9EIrcR-request-hold-off-on-mordekaiser-changes So yeah, please delay this and put a bit more effort into a FULL Mordekaiser rework. The current iteration on PBE removes any fun that the character has. The Q no longer feels like an epic SMASH when you're 1v1 (3 auto attack swings is a decent window of time for an enemy to use 3 skills on you while kiting you...), and the loss of the W removes most of his ability to duel champions. But I don't think you guys seem to be caring as much about our Mordekaiser feedback as you do the feedback on the Arcade Riven skin. At least judging by the red responses :(
: [MORDEKAISER] - Interaction with Lich Bane\Dragon Clone interaction with turrets
Anyone else notice that the Dragon is about as obedient as Ash Ketchum's Charizard? I've caught it switching targets like it has original dragon aggro mechanics even after telling it to attack something like a turret.
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