: Random Disconnects [MAJOR Issue] [Megathread]
Yeah, I actually just got dropped from a game. What you have to do is exit out of the whole client and force task manager to delete all LoL processes happening. It's happened to me three times now.
: Client "freezes" every time I try to create a game
: New Update corrupted?
That was happening to me for a little bit but I just restarted it and it worked fine for me. Just keep trying, eventually it will work
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: There's a bug on pbe right now and everyone is logging on to mess around with exploiting it. When it gets patched people will screw off. Give it time. #FreeMyNiggaKye
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: Only draft mode for normal/can't join friends's games?
Hey +Dude3, do you know how long this will be for ATM?
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