: >Thornmail is already fairly tough to lifesteal through, I dunno... I mean, is it really fair if you can lifesteal over thornmail, completely ignoring the passive? Lifesteal is a defensive stat, and offense is supposed to outscale defense (thornmail's passive seems offensive enough). It's like buying AD and armor, no amount of armor will completely negate all attack damage, so why should lifesteal allow you to ignore thornmail that is supposed to counter ADC's who can attack at range?
But completely negating **all** lifesteal with a single item is pretty devastating. Lifesteal is the only form of defense on ADC players. Thornmail already negates almost all lifesteal by dealing back enough damage to counter health gained. This would make it **always** be dealing damage by simply existing. Literally the definition of no counterplay. Make it conditional, i.e based on enemy health like morellos. Applying grievous wounds to up to 5 enemy players by simply being hit is pretty OP.
: Toxic players in the PBE
They actually treat reports much more seriously on the PBE. I reported someone yesterday and got a message today saying they were banned. DO report these people, Riot is 100% handling reports on the PBE server.
: a counter to all the lifesteal, available to tanks- grievous wounds applied like cold steel.
That would pretty much double-counter every adc. Thornmail is already fairly tough to lifesteal through, adding grievous wounds to it would make it a 100% build item on every tanky champion. Tanks aren't the only ones who build thornmail. Plenty of bruisers can fit it in.
: holes instead of towers
Happens to me as well. For some reason the PBE has been super unstable for me the past day or so, constant disconnects for up to 10 seconds and then towers disappear and minion/monster health bars bug out.


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