: ARURF And Possible Solutions
They should just do all 3, or let you pick champions. I don't agree with 10 mins you should be able to surrender at any time if your team agrees, some comps in ARURF are literally unbeatable.
: Please consider reverting changes to Zilean in URF
Yeah I played him a few times and his W is very slow. His ult comes back every 20 seconds on it's own now, they should let you spam W more.
: Ideas Regarding ARURF And Dodging
I wonder if anyone from Riot has been running stats on people dodging PBE ARURF games, it feels like every queue there is at least one dodge
: ARURF -> Choose between 3 champs
I would be ok if they gave us 5 re-rolls every match or something like that, there is just too many chances at getting shit URF champs
: Garen in URF mode
I can kill him with Sona, but no one else. Maybe heca, but I never got that lucky in ARURF.
I miss normal URF, the big problem with AR is people make accounts with just "OP" champions which is just unfair. Riot was supposed to fix this for ARAM by enabling all champions in that mode, but they promised this and never delivered on it. :( I liked the ban pick of regular URF, and just disabling champions if need be it was certainly more enjoyable.
: All Random URF is now enabled for testing!
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Stephiroth,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=rQXZb06w,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-25T22:24:59.683+0000) > > Hello Summoners! > > AR URF is back! Yay! There haven't been many changes since URF came, mostly bug fixing and updating new champions/reworks to be compatible with the mode! :) > > As a reminder, in URF you have: > > * Increased level cap! (How many of you can hit level 30?) > * Increased CDR cap! (80% CDR) > * No mana costs! (spamspamspam) > * Many more awesome buffs of awesomeness > > And here's some of the champions that have come out since the last time we did URF! > > * Xayah > * Rakan > * Kayn > > And here's some of the reworks you can be excited to see! > > * Maokai > * Zac > * Sejuani > * Urgot > * Galio > * Warwick > > There's probably some more I'm forgetting, but that should be the gist! > > As always, if you find bugs feel free to drop them here, or report them via the [Report A Bug Tool](http://pbr.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/)! Drop any feedback you have here! :) > > Happy hunting! > > {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} I've been playing URF 24/7 on the PBE for the past week, I have yet to see Sona in any game. Is Sona disabled in ARURF?
: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
Would it be possible to add Sightstone as an item that builds into either all or some jungle items and remove the 1 ward it gives now. When they combine it acts exactly as a sightstone. IMO This would punish ppl who go full glass canon early and force them to get a Sightstone earlier for vision. /edit/ Also, what if buffs were only smiteable? Meaning you couldn't kill a buff objective without smite as the death dealing blow. I think this would balance some jungles and mid laners at the same time as well as forcing others (swain/Anivia) to be rebalanced.
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: *BUG- custom game, AI bots staying at fountain
Same issue here, I tried different champions and different numbered teams and unbalanced teams. Nothing seems to effect the bots they just sit at the fountain.
: Bots
There should also be more variety in bot games. As it stands for new comers there is a very easy (and for some not easy enough) and extremely too hard modes. There should be more game modes, and intermediate bots are just not challenging to good/pro players. Bots also do not behave like humans all of the time and despite no vision on the map they always know where you are and cast at unhuman like speeds (veiger, lux, and ashe for example) Also there are bugs in the current AI for instance in top lane on intermediate you can agro both enemy bots onto you and they will chase you to the river, past blue buff, around the bush line, in front of your inhibitor turret and through both inner and outer top turrets giving the ally top laner two free kills for doing nothing.
: [Suggestion] Poro snack
I would suggest having the Poro-Snack regenerate after every death. So everytime you spawn you can use one. If you do make it time based then it should be an actual trinket with a timer please.
: Have you seen how much runes cost? I'm working on buying the energy runes, and those are hella expensive. Almost 10k ip for a full set. Hell, I've been at this pbe thing since around October last year, and I still haven't been able to buy all the runes. That's way too damn expensive.
You can also rebuy the rune set bundle many times over and combine the duplicated runes if you are so inclined. It will take you a long time to get what you want I would assume.
: You do not actually need to test all the skins. Many of them have been out for a very long time and are not being changed. At Riot, release managers such as Riot Feithen know much better than anyone else what needs to be tested and can therefore adjust those items to the 1 IP price until testing is complete.
While the skins that have been out "for a very long time" might not need testing in your opinion. Riot could add code to the game that may in some situations adversely effect these skins. For instance Mecha Kha'Zix and the improved sound engine. Testers should not be restricted to what they can buy we are here to help you Riot :P
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: Xerath rework now back on PBE
[Bug] I tested the Xerath Rework Version 9 and 10, in both versions there is a bug with his passive. It claims to register "on the next basic attack", but it does not proc/trigger off basic attacks against turrets.
: Xerath rework now back on PBE
Xerath's kit changes (version 9) feel pretty solid, but does need some tweaking. Overall his cooldowns feel higher then they should be and his early to mid game can be pretty hard at wave clearing. As for trying him in other positions I believe his cooldowns are too high to be an effective jungler. He might be ok at supporting I have yet to try this. Paasive - It would be nice for a few seconds to be shaved off his passive to help with mana regen for wave clears. Q - His Q does great damage, but it's very bad at wave clearing early to mid game. Being that the cooldown and mana cost is so high I would like to see this do more damage to minions to help his early game wave clear. If the above can't be done it would be helpful to reduce or remove the slow effect during casting. It makes it almost impossible to Q someone while chasing or turns you into a sitting duck in lane. W - Cooldown is a little high, but other then that it's pretty spot on I like this way this is designed. My only other gripe is I need to use this with his Q early to mid game to wave clear. I would be willing to trade off damage of his W to get better clear off of the Q. E - Perfect R - I really like his new ultimate. I wish the cooldown wasn't so high especially when maxed out with cooldown at 40% it's still over a minute cooldown. It would be nice to at least get CDR for shots that weren't fired. His ultimate can be pretty hard to land especially in areas with no vision. It would be nice if this granted vision during it's cast time instead of blind shooting the fog of war for people running away.
: Team Builder is coming back soon Tuesday (1/21) at 1:00 - 5:00 PM PST!
Team Builder worked great for me and my +1 invited friend this week. It seemed in the games that we got matched up with or made we were constantly waiting for 1 lane for 5~ mins or so. If all that was left was a jungler we couldn't find one for a very long time, same for adc or support, ect. I don't like that you can't change your champ/skin before the ready time. I think people should be able to keep changing their champs for better team synergy instead of just kicking someone. Also it would be nice to see a reputation or win/loss rating or some kind of indicator. We ended up waiting over 5 mins for an amumu jungler who verbally abused our team and went 0/8. It would be nice to see a community rating on people like this to help avoid toxic behavior/players in games. Pretty sure this is just for normal matches right? I am curious how this would work for ranked games. Does it work the same way except you don't pick champions? That would help with the pick orders at least...


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