: Thanks for the report! If you continue to experience the issue, can you please send us r3d logs and league client logs? Thanks!
I was playing fine earlier then suddenly the client froze so I closed it. When I opened it again, I can't log in anymore. This doesn't happen on the live server. Help please. {{item:3070}}
: Yes. Rice didn't work either :(
It's working now for me. Have you tried it again?
: Summoner spells issue
Same. After reading your post, I opened the practice tool to see if it's an isolated case. But it seems I also can't change the summoner spells.
: Cosmic Reaver Kassadin icon missing from PBE
Icons do not need testing so some icons are not available in the store.
: > [{quoted}](name=Catman,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=T8x0TqwP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-03T22:56:23.128+0000) > > Actually yes, Blind Pick is the standard and Draft Pick was forced for 10 bans. Ah, I understand. My bad, then. I guess the timing was pretty poor for wanting to play these two champions lmao
You can try playing the Hunt for the Blood Moon game mode. It is blind pick and not everyone wants to play Yasuo and Riven so you can pick them easily. Missions and rewards still apply to rotating game modes. :)
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: Ok! After other attempts, I've tried to start a new game! Once again, it doest seem to be happening
Hi! I've read all your posts. You can try uploading your screenshots and put it in the "Add a Link" option when you create a discussion. Also, you can just edit your previous post and update it so you don't have to post a new discussion every time. As I've understood, your problem is the long queue time for a game. Is that right? Queuing for a game in PBE takes longer than usual because of a smaller amount of players as compared to the live servers. Also, Hunt for the Blood Moon game mode is back for testing in PBE. It has shorter queue time when I played earlier so you can try queuing there to see if you also have similar problems. Just be patient and update your post if you still experience the same problem.
: When you press Q, Yasuo's Quote, "The universe trades (?) chaos!" plays 99% of the time.
Yep. Kinda annoying actually. I hope he has other quotes to say when pressing Q.
: iInterface error when loading game with 2 new skins
The error would be their pictures on the loading screen? That's because they don't have a splash art/skin portrait yet. That's fine. That will be updated if they release the splash arts/portraits for the skins.
: I can't close the honor window
: Item Sets stacking items and swear word filter
There's an option to disable language filter. Click on settings > chat & friends > uncheck enable language filter.
: It every single gamemode for me that stupid sh*t happens, just gonna go play something else is is nothing but trash anymore riot cant make stuff work right
Same. Every time the game ends, I have to close the client just so I can play again. It sucks.
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: Missions live on PBE
Hey! First off, I want to say that I like the idea of having missions in league to give it another edge or dimension. So far, it's good. The missions are straightforward although at first there was that question whether it applies to all game modes and maps. But that was all clear now. I've already completed 5 of the missions available and I've gotten the correct rewards. It was all smooth. Right after completion, the rewards were credited. I have questions though. 1. Are missions updated daily or weekly? As I have said, I've breezed through almost all the missions in just 5 games or so. I understand that these are all sample missions and the live missions may be different but for a very active player, the missions may be a little too easy. If these are updated daily, then maybe it won't be an issue. Once you complete a mission, another one pops up or something like that. But if missions are updated weekly, and you've already completed them on the very first day, then you have to wait for days just to get new missions. I get that missions are just a part of the game but the rewards are high and so will be the demand. 2. Are Co-op vs AI games supposed to be included here? Players can just use Co-op vs AI to complete the missions easily. Low risk, high reward. Easy game. I've completed the missions just by playing doom bots. It's a rotating game mode, I know but the point still stands. The missions are easy enough as it is. Players would want to get the rewards especially if these include gemstones, chests and key fragments which are difficult to get sometimes. These are just questions I've had since the missions testing started. Overall, I love the idea. It makes games more rewarding even for casual players.
: Missions live on PBE
Just need to ask. Do the missions apply only to normal games? Like summoner's rift games? Or does it also apply to RGMs and ARAM? Thanks!
: Might wanna ask [here](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/Il9rghaW-missions-live-on-pbe) instead, though I think it differs per mission.
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: Icons are often not available on PBE, because they don't really need testing.
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: My only gripe is that her hair seems a tad too dark. Perhaps a bit lighter, to match the Pulsefire color scheme a bit better?
I second this. Each time I use PFC, I feel like there's something off about her appearance. Everything else seemed cool and great, the skills, the ult animation, recall, etc. But her overall look seemed off to me. I get that she's not really from the future so she shouldn't be given an overall futuristic design. Though the brown trimmings against blue and white makes her look a little bland. I keep on zooming in on her features, then it finally hit me. The color of her hair does not complement the overall color scheme. It is a bit too dark and leans towards a dark blue-purplish color. I think it needs to be a little lighter so that it complements the bluish hue of her attire and weapon. But kudos to you and your team for bringing us another cool and well thought out skin.

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