: Snowdown Preview
Just wondering if I buy a Ultimate skin like pulse fire Ezreal for 3250 will I get a mystery box???
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: Can someone clarify the Last Whisper changes for me?
Riot likes to have us educated in English ;)
: PBE subcommunity for serious testing
Be nice for riot to open a serious pbe community for serious testers who are dedicated to give rigorous feedback and to have the attention of the staff for their hard work.
: Is this consider as a bug? 72 MR runes not Statistics.
Uhhhhh it says 22 armor 8.5 physical damage 12 MR
: PBE Low FPS ? :(
FPS is the frame rate per second with a number between 30-60 as normal. This depends on you computers graphic card, ram, and processor. Unless pbe is feeding your computer more work then the original launcher it shouldn't be a problem. MS is your ping which shouldn't affect your frame rate per second. To increase FPS you can: -manually suppress background programs -download third part client to suppress back ground clients such as Razer Cortex To increase MS (ping) you can: -get WTFAST -move closer to the server (not recommended)
: End of game delay
I get this on the normal server where you have to wait for the leave button and wait for the client to exit to the explorer
: Zephyr was integral on my "fallback build" for ADC
I think what you mean is you fall behind on teemo and the got zephyr then killed everyone
: AP Version of Hurricane would be cool to have
There is nashor's tooth for that. Giving caster excessive wave clear is unfair it's the same reason they don't make zhoynas for AD and QSS for Casters..... I think unique items that only go on specific champion gives us nice diversity. Note: We don't want teemo out of control with that.
: Yasuo(and others) with the pre-season changes
I am more worries about his tri force power spike
: Twisted Fate - sometimes locking in gold card locks in a red card instead
Might be your reaction time or more likely a visual bug that caused it.
: [PATCHER] "Update Failed"
http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/G2h6QTbN-useful-information-for-new-pbe-players This should help :)
: New jungle
Did you bring proper runes and masteries? Kiting reduces damage dramatically. Leasing and double jungling also helps and knowing what to smite and when to smite. If your still low try kill scuttle crab in between camps from regen
: Azir- Stuck in Wall Bug
Has happened to me on the live server before
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