: Nidalee splash arts
I hope you're joking, the new leopard is 101% better Own leopard nidalee on live server
: Aurelion Sol is nerfed to much
I don't even think this champion deserves any nerf
: Gypsy, have you had a look on reducing the mana costs on her Aria of Perseverance (W) and Song of Celerity (E) ? Not wanting to be reduced substancially, but a small reduction for level 1 for both like 60 mana lvl 1 to 100 mana lvl 5 for Aria of Perseverance (W) instead of 80 lvl 1. Same for Song of Celerity (E). It has a steady 65 mana, but could be reduced to 55 but scale to 75 lvl 6.
Hmm yes good idea, i agree on the mana cost buffs, 80mana is too brutal at early levels for these mini heals
: EXPERIMENTAL Sona changes V2 (feedback wanted)
Can you increase Sona base HP ? she's super squishy early game, 1 thresh/blitz/leona grab = death I don't understand the point of nerfing her auras range, was sona performing really well lately in soloq or competitive play? i thought these changes are meant to help Sona not to nerf her All these changes do is buff her ( previously ) most useless ability Song of Celerity (E), thankfully that wont be the case anymore. This champion need more adjustment, not to make her broken but simply make her less weaker
: EXPERIMENTAL Sona changes. Feedback wanted
I used to main Sona, i have over 400 games with her. My opinion: I think these changes are a step in the right direction **minus Aura Radiuss nerfs**, Sona definitely needed these buffs, also a small reduction to her W mana cost could help alot, healing with her at early levels feels like it drain a big chunk of her mana pool, compared to Soraka heal which only cost 10mana and a little bit of hp and heal a lot more Qol changes: Heal should prioterize targets nearest my cursor instead of lowest hp team member Powerchord shouldn't proc on zz'rot void portal just like with wards
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: MYMU - Zyra discussion
I think it'll be cool if she kept the old passive in addition to the new one. Zyra was once sold in a bundle called "life after death" bundle along with other champions like Aatrox and Anivia, it'll be a bit weird if you removed that identity from her. I think no harm would be done if she kept both passives, it's nothing major
: MYMU Annie, Fiddle, Veigar Discussion
The other changes to Annie are great, except this one AoE Damage 175 / 300 / 425 (+80% AP) >>> 150 / 275 / 400 (+65% AP) Nerfing both base and ap ratio hurts her a lot now with the abyssal and chalice buffs. She's a short range burst mage, without burst she's useless and easily outclassed by other champions. Tibber autoattacks are good early game but useless late game The ratio nerf should be compensated for at late damage, something like this: AoE Damage 175 / 300 / 425 (+80% AP) >>> 150 / 275 / **625**( +65% AP) The Fiddlesticks Q range nerf is really unnecessary imo, he's a weak champion, he need buffs not nerfs. The range nerf will worsen his ganks potential
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She need higher AA range and lower W cooldown also if quinn detect enemies with it, they all get tagged "harrier" by valor since he's the one who detects them, makes sense right ? Lastly R rework to a transformation skill where she gets new skills when switching places valor, same as nidalee
: Fiddlesticks was the champion that most stuck out to us as someone who may be worse off with the Runeglaive enchant instead of Magus. We think that Runeglaive provides a lot more value to him than you'd expect (in particular, the mana restore is pretty juicy for him). But we've also seen a long history of jungle Fiddlesticks players succeeding without even upgrading their Machete into the Magus enchant on live. Fid is somewhat of an outlier when it comes to his jungling pattern and optimal itemization, so we decided that as long as he still has item routes that support him, we'd try to make Runeglaive more broadly applicable to a wider range of AP Junglers.
There is no need to remove Magus, there is no harm in keeping both, give players more choices
: Why remove magus instead of just adding another enchant to satisfy both types of AP jungle mages?
There is absolutely no need to remove magus, there is over 120 champions in the game and some of them still benefit from it, upcoming champions may also use it. Just make add the new enchantment without removing the old one
: a) The zed reference doesn't make sense since resources vary from champ to champ, it'd be more useful to know how much the combo costs b) Is it possible this will change the "E is always maxed last" that you cite negates this buff?
a) Both abilities can be used as an escape and as an engage. both champions are ninjas, why are you saying it doesn't make sense ? if you don't know how much the combo cost you can look it up on leaguewikia b) No idea what you wrote here stop downvoting every discussions with no valid reason or if you have no idea what you're talking about.
: New HUD Feedback
Since you're working on the HUD, I would like to take this chance to suggest increasing the maximum scaleoff the minimap, right now on live i have it maxed out but it just doesn't feel big enough. Also if you could increase the maximum zoomout limit a little bit to help those playing on lapop that would be great. Also adding summoner spells cooldowns on tab menu or next to each allied champion portrait could be a nice addition for soloq players as well as competitive plays.
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: [TEMP] Rek'Sai Feedback + Known Issues Temporary Post
Her movements speed 335 is too slow, No point of her having increased movement speed while underground if her base movespeed is too low, it's like having no increased movements speed at all
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Thresh!
Amazing skin, love the kabuki mask and recall sounds, but i think it's missing more kabuki sounds in this ultimate, when his ultimate is cast it should play something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXHT9QgVg7U
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: 2014 Championship Ward
The 2014 ward sound effects are way better than the 2013 one. However the 2014 design is just too thin and isn't as eye catching as the 2013 ward, totally a letdown for me
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Ravenborn LeBlanc
Incredible skin, it really deserve to be 1350rp. i'm considering buying it once it hit live server. Looking forward to see more skins from the same creator/artist that made this one Just one thing, i feel like that If her "E" had chains sound effect once it connect to its target, it would complete this master piece.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Championship Shyvana
Human form looks good, however The dragon form looks lackluster and should be looked at. Really a big disappointed and a letdown for a 975 championship skip Also her gauntlets at /joke and /taunt need some fixing
: Soraka Rework Feedback Thread
I don't like how she can't heal herself with astral blessing anymore, change it back
: No signs of HH Caitlyn?
I saved my rp too, can we get an update on her wip?
: Request: Nidalee, Shyvana, Elise and Swain
This is the first thing that came to my mind after i saw the Gnar portrait change
: Vel'Koz changes on PBE
I think he need a buff to his passive, stacking and applying 3 stacks should be more rewarding. Also his base armor and movement speed should be slightly increased because he's immobile and can't do much once something jump on him. In my opinion those ultimate changes are a nerf and you'll need lots of AP to cover up for the base value lost. Thus said i suggest keeping base damage as live and increase the AP ratio from 0.6 to 1
: Newest Sona Update!
The Q buff is always wasted on creeps during the laning phase and the W shield duration is way too short and weak compared to karma and janna, also the heal is very weak considered you'll be building no ap items mostly mikae crucible, sightstone etc... Also the passive buffs given from her ultimate are so so weak, +10 bonus damage at lvl 6 is less than minions damage... This rework isn't working for sona, just cancel it and keep her kit like live. The armor increase and the texture upgrade is nice though
: When is the Summoner's Rift VU going on the PBE?
c'mon riot stop teasing and tell us when, we can't wait
: [Planned 4.10] Item Changes (Attack Damage / Attack Speed / Warden's Mail / Support Itemization)
: I do want to mention that if we add more VO lines and voice processing, the price would likely elevate to 1350RP rather than the 975RP reflected in the PBE store :x Thanks a bunch for your feedback though! o u o!
It's ok, 1350 is worth if that is what it'll take to make the skin better
: Official Braum Feedback Thread
Right now the classic skin Q animation looks better and larger than the dragon slayer fireball, if it were to be replaced with a dragon head, it would be equalized with the classic skin theme because when you use his Q, he shoots "Strike like ram!". a fireball doesn't sound right alongside this quote, but it would at least make some sense if it were a dragon headbutt instead
: I personally prefer the fireball - makes it feel like the shield is an actual dragon's head that's breathing fire. During his joke/taunt (I don't remember which) the shield tries to eat him.
Right now the classic skin Q animation looks better and larger than the dragon slayer fireball, if it were to be replaced with a dragon head, it would be equalized with the classic skin theme because when you use his Q, he shoots "Strike like ram!". a fireball doesn't sound right alongside this quote, but it would at least make some sense if it were a dragon headbutt instead
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: Dragonslayer Pantheon Feedback
Sick splashart, dull model. Need more colors polishing, darker colors and better shaped horns. I think the whole helmet need a rework and longer claws on the shield
: [Feedback] Atlantean Syndra
Exactly, they need to remove that greenish look in her game model and replace it with deep sea blue
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: Void Fizz model should look more like the splash art
in the splash art the eyes are pink red, but in the game model they look pink white and his middle eye isn't fully open
: Atlantean Syndra
No problem, better delay it and make it better. Keep on the good work and don't forget to give her better sound effects!
: [ 4.5 ] miss fortune changes
I thought this rework is supposed to give miss fortune new mechanics like what happened to master yi, but all i see is numbers tweaking, nerfs to her Q and a slight adjustment to Impure Shots from AP to AD scaling. I'm disappointed by these reworks
: [4.5] Pantheon Changes
Ultimate range should be 6500 or 7500 at level 16 to compensate for the early game nerf
: It applies Impure Shots which has a 6%AD Ratio per stack. Effectively giving it a 0.06 to 0.48AD ratio per shot.
In teamfights, you wont have time to AA someone to fully stack the impure shots then use ulti for its full potential. You have to get yourself in a good positioning and try to hit as many champions as possible while you're immobile and vulnerable to gap closers and hope that nothing interrupt it. If you don't AA someone to stack impure shots before using your ulti, the first 4 waves will be wasted since they will be used to accumulate those stack and thus you wont be using your ultimate to its full potential. This fusion of impure shots and ultimate is really unnecessary she didn't need any change to her ultimate except maybe higher base damage at level 16
: [ 4.5 ] miss fortune changes
Miss Fortune Ult scale of AP right now in the PBE. Her ultimate is not an utility abilities, it doesn't offer any form of CC like Ashe or Varus who Ult's scales of AP. It should be changed back to scale of AD as it is an important damage source and it fall off really hard late game. I understand the impure shot addition, but it's not enough. I feel like The live version is much better than the rework version since it does more damage as you keep building items. Another Suggestion is to make her Q works like Gangplank "Parley" applying On-hit effect and gaining Gold upon hitting champions with it, because that's what Pirates like to do, they appropriate Gold. Passive Gold gain is nothing new, Ashe and Draven already have such mechanics and they're not even Pirates :/ Another suggestion is to make her dash backward to gain distance before she start casting her E. Hopefully the current reworks will make Miss Fortune a better competitive ADC like Jinx, Lucian and Caitlyn etc
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: [4.5] Pantheon Changes
Cutting his ulti range make it useless. The whole purpose of his ult is to gank from a far distance just like twisted fate... what's the point of reducing it's cast range to 2000 just enough to get in a lane brush or a tribrush? when we can gank normally without it. Also the stun nerf is a big nerf to Top lane pantheons since W is maxed last, at least compensate by buffing his Q or E
: Atlantean Syndra opinions on appearance
I was about to make a new thread then i found this one and apparently we all don't like the Sound Effects on this new skin. The sounds on her abilities feels weak and lackluster especially on her ultimate, in my opinion the **water impacts** should sound much louder and must have that powerful feeling that is Syndra signature.

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