: Mana changes coming to PBE today
All the midlaners whining about not having infinite mana anymore LUL this isn't URF. One mana item should give you unlimited spellcasts
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
This is all theorycrafting just going by impression, not gameplay except what I've seen on streams/vods. I'm only going to list the runes that I find unappealing/unattractive. Precision Tree: * Overheal. From what I've seen, doesn't seem to even work or last long enough for it to block any damage. Could be a dead rune unless you have sustain or healing support. Of the 3 runes for this row, this feels the least useful imo. The shield doesn't get big enough or it decays too fast to even notice that you took this rune. You have to be literally topped off and then some to make use of this. * Legend: Bloodline. Perhaps just a personal preference but I'd much rather have increasing attack speed or tenacity than life steal. Maybe if you bump it to 1.5% per Legend stack then I might consider taking it. Domination Tree: * Taste of Blood. Concept is sound but looks weak. Would much rather take Ravenous Hunter in the last row as a replacement for Taste of Blood. Sorry. Sure Ravenous Hunter's healing is reduced on Aoe abilities but at least I don't have to use it on enemy champions. You get a free 2.5% before any Takedowns. I think you should make Taste of Blood a Drain on-hit instead of just a heal. Just a miniature Grasp of the Undying. * Ingenious Hunter. Again, could also just be personal preference but I don't see a world where I would take this over Ravenous Hunter (sustain) or Relentless Hunter (OoC MS for roaming). Then again, I probably just need to try and test and make the most of actives before I can really give a conclusion. I'd like to say that supports would like this the most seeing as you only need takedowns to get a stack & might encourage supports to roam the map & make plays, which I like. Sorcery Tree: * Manaflow Band. Perhaps the only rune that I don't really like from this tree. It doesn't make the ability free, it only refunds the mana cost. The 10% missing restore is ok but I think it should restore 10% max mana instead of missing mana. If it must restore **missing** mana, please consider lowering the CD to 30 or 45s. Assuming you have low mana to make the most of this, you're really only getting 1 spellcast back every 60s. Resolve Tree: * Iron Skin/Mirror Shell. I'm sure you heard this before, but these sound pretty underwhelming in comparison to Conditioning. Unless you are in a bad matchup and/or have a weak laning phase, I don't see myself taking either of the 1st two. I'll just farm under tower for 10 mins and get better scaling, without the need to heal myself to get the % resistance amp. * Overgrowth. I like the idea to gain max HP especially if you didn't take Grasp. A good way to pair with the 2 row of regular runes. Number sounds a bit low/weak. Do even little raptors/krugs count? Inspiration Tree: * Summoner Specialist. The 1st keystone that I'm unsure of. I'm just unsure how multiple smites on the same team will play out. Don't see too much use of this in general to be a keystone. Which class/role of champion could really make use of swapping summoners? Then again, {{summoner:12}} is so powerful, there could be some interesting games. All the rest of the runes are probably fine in their own way. This is the tree that seems different from the rest but not necessarily bad. Just not really my playstyle I guess. So there you go. Sorry I couldn't provide much constructive feedback. I hate to just be a complainer but I hope this helps!
: hi! so. i have been _begging_ for this skin for like, ever. SG is easily my favorite skin line and ahri is my main squeeze and i didnt even hope that it would be legendary but _hey here it is and aaaaaaAAAA_ (i've been squeeing about this being a thing for the past like, since i woke up today.) so thank you SO much for making this. however: i'm a little bit concerned about the fancy animation on the ult. having her body pulse with that transformagic is _super rad and i love it_ however i think it puts the skin at a disadvantage compared to her other skins because it is always announcing when she still has ult charges. one trick ahri uses is to ult once or twice and then hang onto to the remaining dashes until very near to the end of the 10 second window she has them to catch opponents off guard. i think this would be difficult to do with this skin because it is impossible to miss when she is in ult. the transformagic glow also announces to the enemy when her ult ends, which might not be apparent to them otherwise (especially mid-fight or if she was hanging onto charges)(maybe it's also clearer for player but we're usually watching the cd in our skill window anyway) so, i see that her other skins have that little circley bit on her when she ults too. so that's cool-- but i think this is on a whole other level. to illustrate the point, i've probably easily played over 1k games as ahri and i didnt know that circle indicator was a thing for sure (had a feeling, but never actually paid attention to it) until i just now double checked. i think many opponents do not know to look for it either. on the other hand this glow is impossible to miss even on first view. is it too late to do something about this? perhaps have it fade after a moment between each dash? she does still have the star pattern below her when ulting too... as cool as i think the transformagic glow is, i would actually rather not have it if it means telegraphing that much more plainly to the enemy, and although it may only be once every other game or so that it matters, it would definitely affect my decision as to how much i would actually use this skin despite having lusted for it for so long, lol...
Is the ult announcement global for enemy too or just for the Ahri player?
: “Invasion” PvE game mode falling from the stars to PBE soon for testing.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lancer Zero Hecarim!
I haven't even found 1 gemstone, let alone 10...or 20...
: Midseason Durability Feedback
No changes to {{item:3110}} ? I feel like it hardly has much use and most people prefer {{item:3025}} over it.
: I feel like you can add xin zhao to the list too. His kit is practically a better version of aatroxs (besides his ultimate). Having the mixed power of blood price and blood thirst built into your w which also acts as an AS steroid and having a reliable gap closer along with an auto reset knockup.
Agreed. Would've been better to have put him in instead of vVoli since Xin Zhao is a diver and Voli is more Juggernaut.
: Does Aatrox need to have Blood Rush activated in order to revive? Or is the revive just another part of the passive as well?
> [{quoted}](name=Zest Sama,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=mw9R6lgt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-22T20:10:42.625+0000) > > Does Aatrox need to have Blood Rush activated in order to revive? Or is the revive just another part of the passive as well? Yes he needs to have Blood Rush activated to revive. If the bar is not red when he dies, no revive.
: 7.5 cycle - Aatrox changes coming to the PBE
Although I barely have played Aatrox on live, I think I have pretty decent points based on my experience on the PBE changes. * The 25% **base** AD buff from [Blood Rush] does not scale, it is only useful when laning. Maybe it's just me but I find it difficult to even obtain [Blood Rush] because the Blood Well drains so fast and have to start over again, not to mention it is underwhelming compared to the likes of other steroids or duelists like {{champion:114}} E or {{champion:122}} passive plus W's auto reset. {{champion:164}} {{champion:39}} and {{champion:58}} have dash and stun. They are all better duelists while having their own source of self-sustain as well. * The{{item:3026}} on his passive **only works** while in [Blood Rush] leaves much to be desired. Anybody with a dash will dash away/dodge Q or CC will wait out the 4 seconds, then kill you. Especially the fighters named above. * I'd still pick {{champion:23}} over {{champion:266}} any day. Heal is more reliable (both have to auto-attack to heal, Trynd pressing Q when resource bar fills) Aatrox would probably prefer Blood Price over Blood Thirst. And trynd is harder to dive with his ult giving him immunity to death for 5 seconds, then can heal/dash away. He doesn't need to be in combat. * I'd also prefer {{champion:106}} . Voli's passive kicks in NO MATTER WHAT, 30% Max HP same as Aatrox and doesn't have to put his other abilities on CD to do it. Voli has attack speed steroid built in on W which doubles as an execute on the active. Although Voli doesn't get any form of bonus AD, he gets a ton of magic damage in a {{item:3087}} -like ultimate that he can activate at will. Doesn't need to drain tank to survive because he is a tank, building HP gives him both survivability and damage on W active. Althought kiteable, his utility is more reliable than Aatrox. My point is, Trynd & Voli are basically better versions of Aatrox. The [Blood Rush] buff is too windowed and hardly a buff. I'm glad at this attempt to make Aatrox more interactive and less stat-checking but it has made him overall weaker and unfun to play. Having a windowed passive really makes it feel like you're playing only half a champion, an incomplete champion. Even "death-only" passives like {{champion:14}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:30}} feel more useful because death is almost guaranteed and can still do revenge damage upon dying. Why not instead make {{champion:266}} stronger AFTER he **revives** from his Blood Well?
: Kill XP Changes on PBE
Nothing to do with EXP but would you ever consider implementing an alternative form of currency (kind of like {{champion:41}} Silver Serpents) in the game for supports when they participate in a "takedown" of a champion and add True Support items bought with said currency? (added another unique passive with {{item:2045}} {{item:2303}} {{item:2302}} {{item:2301}} perhaps) It would make the support role more unique and feel more empowered (or at least appreciated) than they do currently.
: Kill XP Changes on PBE
This still doesn't solve the fact that supports are underleveled before any takedowns (skirmishes) begin. Is this designed to help those who D/C from their games? Besides support, when are you possibly 4 levels behind the enemy team?
Rioter Comments
: Some of my ideas for the Practice tool: - Allow players to skip to a specific time in the game, rather than add a +30s. Example, when a player presses the button, a small menu appears, and the game pauses, and the player types in a specific time, and it will resume, and speed up to that point in time, rather than having to wait next to baron pressing +30s over and over - I can't test if players can Practice on champions they do not own, because I own all champions on PBE, but if they can't play champions they don't own in Practice, I think they should be able to, so they can see if they will like the champion before they buy it (possibly have this available for skins as well, but I can understand if you don't implement this part). - I think a button below the next page arrow, there should be a button to toggle text, so you can read what they do, rather than have to mouse over them to see what they do. Of course, mousing over them will still show text if it's not on, but you don't have to mouse over them to see the text. - I think it would be kind of cool if you could edit the stats of the dummies by double-left clicking on them, it would show a menu, and you could change their armor, magic resist, health, etc.. (Also would be cool if you could make them immune to dmg, immune to CC, etc) - I noticed we couldn't spawn a baron once killed, but we could spawn a dragon after it's killed, maybe implement this? (unless there's a good reason why it wasn't, then I understand) Overall, I don't really encounter anything out of the ordinary (unless lee sin flash ulting an ezreal 14 times to kill him is out of the ordinary) and the feature is a great milestone for future implementations! Good work Riot.
There's already the 10-champ free rotation every week to try champs you don't own.
: [Assassins] Katarina Feedback Thread
I was kinda hoping that the Dagger would do damage on the way down, at least from her Q if not from W also but still, good job!
: [6.14] Cooldown Pings on PBE
Can you make it work for trinkets too please? Like so two people don't both wastes their Sweepers, or when you need to blue trinket a possible sneaky baron attempt, etc.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Soulstealer Vayne!
maybe it's just me but my very first thoughts was that it was {{champion:429}} or at least looked like her
: EXPERIMENTAL Sona changes. Feedback wanted
I don't play Sona a whole lot, but she was one of the first (and few) champions that I have level 5 mastery with. I always kinda wished that she had a persistent effects for playing Songs (like Udyr Stances), though I know that is too much to hope for. I feel like Sona is a jack of all trades, master of none. Her Q gives her poke but even the aura bonus is still kinda hard to notice unless you get the hard engage with your ult or Vanguard top laner so your team can pile on together. Being in a position to poke actually puts Sona at risk. I consider her sustain half-baked, even with Windspeaker's. E powerchord is under-utilized, under-powered or both. I feel like she just needs a better way to use slow. I wish her E powerchord could hit multiple enemies like her Q hits up to 2. or keep it single target but maybe add a root to her E instead of a slow.
: Can you update you're list again for 2016? Really good stuff!
Hard to believe this was done 1.5 years ago. Hmm idk if it's necessary anymore and it was a time-consuming process to load up each champion, read each tooltip, range indicators (wont affect ppl who use smartcast unless they have range indicators on) and think of any improvements. We'll see but it's not something I'm thinking about doing in the near future.
: Hey would really love to chat with you about your research you've been doing :D If you have an account on NA add Joslaw or if you ever log onto the PBE add this account "thescientiff" or "darius pentakill" got some questions and stuff :PP (or if you have twitter maybe we can dm) [meh twitter](https://twitter.com/JoslawColeslaw)
I actually don't go on the PBE much anymore, and I tried adding Joslaw on the live server but said your friend list is maxed out
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: Store Visual Update Incoming to PBE
And here I thought we'd have to wait for the new Alpha Client before the store gets an update. Yay. Feelsgoodman.
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: 'One For All: SR' featured game mode coming soon to the PBE
What if multiple Fioras ult the same target & are able to hit a vital on said target (before the target dies)? Will the healing stack? Also, can an ally Fiora proc a vital of another Fiora's passive/ult? Haha it would be funny to see 5 Zileans ult each other and die/revive at the same time :P
Rioter Comments
Do you have anything better to do than be a jerk on the boards? Seriously what instigates and justifies this kind of behavior?
: Riot should make some Rainbow Skins for Gay people.
Why does a game have to support a sexual orientation/preference?
Rioter Comments
: http://i.imgur.com/at2E9jD.png?1 At Champ select.
normal for new skins. Expect splash art during the 2nd week of PBE cycle
: Mordekaiser's recall is not interrupted if his shield takes damage.
I don't believe recall is interrupted when a champion is shielded/takes only shield damage. I think it has to damage their health. So I don't believe this is a bug.
: Darius apprehend (E) bug on sivirs spell shield
Hm does she still get slowed by his E?
: I've been reporting the ones that abuse it under leaving game/ afk, and adding (only if they admit it) they chose elise only because of her bug and want to abuse it.
At this point I think that's the only reason she is getting picked on PBE.
: Permanent abuse of Elise bug
All we can hope is for Riot to disable Elise until the bug is fixed and ban those who abuse it. I'm surprised Riot hasn't done anything besides raise the CD on her human Q and equally surprised they didn't catch that in internal playtesting.
: [Elise] - Q extreme damage and duration bug
: {{item:3070}} {{champion:72}} {{item:3070}}
{{item:3070}} {{champion:120}} {{item:3070}}
: Academy Skins Not Showing up on my Champion splashes
New skins usually come out the 2nd week in the PBE cycle. Expect them to come out sometime next week.
: Champion Mastery Bug
Were you playing on Summoner's Rift or on another map/mode?
: Lissandra ult tooltip too confusing
The AP ratio according to Surrender @20: Lissandra Frozen Tomb (R) [new effect] Self Cast now also heals Lissandra for 100/150/200 + [(.3 AP)%], increased for 1% for each 1% health she is missing.
Rioter Comments
: Dead Man's Plate heading to Summoner's Rift on the PBE
Will we be seeing other BMB itmes as permanent items on the Rfit in the future?
Rioter Comments
: Modekaiser takes dragon
This was on the normal LoL website (look at post below mine), no reason you couldn't have read it before posting.
: Theme songs on SR
Can confirm. I love the Bilgewater theme and wanted to listen to it but never played no matter how many times I changed between music.
: [Mordekaiser] Q discharge at buildings
Can confirm and yeah I think you're right about it not supposed to do bonus dmg but also shouldnt discharge.
: I Didn't Spawned
Happened to me once before some months ago. Not sure what causes it.
: [Bug] Sterak's Gage icon doesnt show up in end-game chat.
I already made a report about it. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/vNOd6vOM-titanic-hydra-steraks-gage-bugs
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