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How come? Isn't this where we discuss the current pbe shift?
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: Why to do it when you have 100,000 IP and everything except runes is 1 ip?
I spent all mine.
: [CRITICAL] Help us playtest new Champ Select over Thanksgiving!
No crashing, but after waiting an hour to get a game started with the game coming close but always having someone fail to pick a champion during champion select I gave up.
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: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
To Iron Stylus OMGERD your staff has done an amazing job. I am totally in love with this new Poppy. This is pure wizardry. The skins each have a unique flavor that goes beyond the doodads. They each represent a different character for Poppy. This is very much thanks to the new flash art. 0. you can do it 1. gothic destroyer 2. forge goblin 3. playful trickster - get Sara Silverman to do a VO and you have a epic skin (ala Wreckit Raffle) 4. empress of toys 5. valiant knight facing the shadow 6. empowered wrecking ball As far as capturing the essence of Poppy, this rework is really cool. Some might argue she is now on the thin side and that the hammer is ridiculously big, but overall I am really satisfied and happy. I am going to list the high points: 1. Poppy jumping in the air and delivering a blow beneath her is great. You could do missile folk doing this like Ashe's Q 2. Poppy's patented Heroic Charge looks more heroic than ever 3. Her shield passive power really delivers on a desire for Poppy to deal with ranged targets and trade a little. 4. Her Ultimate looks astonishing and amazing and feels amazing when I tried it. It looks like people are getting the hang of it rapidly. I know I was rooting for a more Thor like Poppy, and that's exactly what we got and I got to say that I am super happy about how she turned out. I think a lot of people will be asking where's X rework flash art after this. You have done great things. Thank you - Bast PS. Riot Girl Tristana adores you and wants your attention for flash art. PSS. I will just leave this here. http://cdn.meme.am/instances/500x/31914445.jpg At Riot Soulcrushed Poppy's Q feels good. Those numbers are huge. When I look at the numbers I feel like it should be doing even more though. Maybe that's because damage is reduced against minions. Is this necessary? Is it really doing 340 +1.3AD +12% enemy max health as damage if both procks hit? Q used to do 100+1.0AD+8% and that's only if you count the AD form the attack resent. This is clearly the ability you level first now much more than before. Poppy's W numbers are really odd. The numbers don't amount to more percent defenses as you level this up? Couldn't we get +2% per level for a maximum of 20% at level 5? It does seem relatively weird how this power's damage out put is completely defensive or based on enemy mistakes/ignorance. Any chance we could prock the damage on any enemy within the AOE at the end of the casting if the damage has not yet already procked due to a dash? I want to say dash denial sounds awesome and might even synergize with an allied Nunu ult. I haven't seen this used much, but I anticipate awesome denials. Any reason why there is no blink denial from the inside? Obviously, blinking in wouldn't be affected. Also, I understand untargetable guys like Fizz, Hecarim and Malphite get through. It seems odd how this went from a bad ability to level up first to even worse ability to level. This ability used to last 5 seconds and had a 12 second cool down. Now it has a 24/22/20/18/16 cool down. This definitely feels like the most gutted area of her kit and could use some love. Poppy's E base damage was nerfed significantly, but this ability feels a lot better and looks a lot better than what's on live. Q and W maybe have better synergy with E now. Is there an attack reset on the E? The auto attack after the E feels so much more responsive. I am really happy about that. I am curious if the range of engagement and push have been modified? I like how there is now an AD ratio. This is a shield ability, any chance you looked at an armor ratio on this? Poppy's R feels really good. I think the AD ratio could be higher, but considering how useful this spell is going to be... AP ratios are totally gone. I would ask about them if she still did magic damage, but that's gone too. First Impression: Great job. Lore Wise She still carrying Womper? Lore seems kinda short so far. Like the concept and delivery tho. Her animations are stupid cool. What's the dance?
: Tryndamere and the new masteries
They also buffed Crit-Champions by removing the Crit damage reduction mastery while they were at it. I really think we need this more than +2armor/magicresist per enemy champion.
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: What about AD assassins?
My Retort: Ghost Blade is now completely tuned for AD Caster assassins on the hunt for squishies now with a higher AD. Black Cleaver is now tuned again for early snow balling AD Casters with a higher AD. BC still applies to the full Armor value. Hydra has a highest AD ratio due to the tuning around it and has an active that hits like a truck. Death's Dance is a physical damage Life Steal+ item that gives 20% damage reduction. I think Assassins may be in a good spot.
You have some good suggestions here. I am not sure why the overwhelmingly negative votes. I agree with runic. Machete and Talisman prices are mostly fine. Baron: At least he should have a solid movement obstructing box. It's not fun to hit the tar. Blue Buff Creep: I think it is buggy and does not attack right away. Been that way all season. I am not sure what happened to IBG but its reported.
: Unintended Mastery interactions (teemo, panth, etc.)
Do you really think Pahtheon will pick the crit mastery when he can Deathfire Grasp?
: Yorick no mana changes?
Poppy did too and her mana issues are legendary.
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: Ashe's damage from her passive should be the same as on Live. Sorry if the wording is unclear.
Are Ashe's frost attacks still affected by Randuin's Armor like normal crits?
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: The New Warrior Enchantment, seems boring?
I really enjoyed Spirit of the Elder Lizard
: > [{quoted}](name=Havana Club,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=KMEIPe0V,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-31T23:15:45.067+0000) > > Don't forget that now the thornmail is useless since it got nerfed :P I am saying that thornmail needs to apply grevous wounds in some way


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