: Ghost games fix themselves within 4 hours, shorter most of the times. I know it isn’t ideal, but at least it’s a more specified amount of time.
Ah man, that's unlucky. I'm genuinely surprised they haven't implemented a feature to fix this, or maybe it's possible it's not a simple fix or it causes a security issue
: PBE League Client - Game Server Shutdown Caused Reconnecting Bug
As far as I know, it's called a Ghost game and it occurs when the message sent from the server that says "Hey the game is over, time to go to the next one" isn't received by the client. This then causes the client to still think you're connected to a game and will continue to try and connect you to said "Ghost Game" until whatever server magic happens to correct it. The only fix I'm aware of is waiting an unspecified amount of time for the server to correct itself. Who knows how much good it will do or if it's even worth Riot's time, but I sent a ticket into them to request a feature be added that would allow us to essentially click a button and it would have the server resend the message telling the client to go to the next game.
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