: Not Fearless but have answers! We'll be including a filter to hide the preset pages in the inventory. I don't think the filter will make it in for launch, but look for it very soon after. I know it's annoying to have them take up space if they're not your jam or, like me, you like things organized a certain way.
Thanks a bunch friend! Haven't been this excited for a patch since... well, ever!
: Runes Reforged and Rune Page Limits Testing
Hey fearless: Are there any plans to be able to opt out of having the presets clutter your runes? Just feels really clunky to me. Thanks!
: İt is not a bug ^^. You can buy the oath sworn blade anytime at the shop, and make bonds again. İts like right clicking to a minion and spamiming ''s''. Kalista needs 1 sec before she does the bond. The other part of animation is just useless (for other player, its 3 seconds.) Just like when you cancel your auto attack's animation too early, and it doesn't hit, its the same case. Hope that it helps {{champion:34}}
It's not the same case at all. Did you read the whole post? The bond is partially operational, but the VFX and w dont work, and the r DOES half work. Plus, you retain the Black Spear in the inventory and you cant use it.
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: [Animations] - Various Champs' Animations Revert Before They Should
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: Gangplank Crash Bug Report Thread
There have also been several games where gangplank was banned, and the game still crashed, since the server came back up just a bit ago, altiough they all seemed to have a miss fortune. Plus, there have been games with a gangplank but no crash.
: Game crashed, date is 7/10, 6:20 pm PST, game time was 17:30.
Teams were: Bard and MF bot vs Ezreal and Tahm Kench, Kalista mid vs ekko, Gangplank top vs teemo. and junglers were elise vs vayne
: Gangplank Crash Bug Report Thread
Game crashed, date is 7/10, 6:20 pm PST, game time was 17:30.
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: Black Market Brawler completely stops after 10+ minutes
: [Devourer] Multiple Wolves Visual Bug
Sorry for the lack of video/picture etc, gonna try and test it out a few times in bot games for a while and see if i can get a snapshot
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: Riot, we need to talk about the new UI
I couldent agree more with these things. Please, Riot, this hud is tragically more difficult to play with
: New HUD Feedback
When the level up animation triggers, it turn all your abilities blue for a second and makes it look like you're oom for a second. Perhaps change the color on the animation to something else, so it's not the exact same shade of blue as the "Not enough mana to cast this" one? Also, having the basic stats (Attack damage, Ability power, Attack speed, Armor, Magic Resistance, Movement speed) not as a part of the main HUD might be confusing to new players who don't know how to open the C menu to see their stats. Maybe change the C menu to be a static always-on menu, or add a new reminder thing (Like the ones in the tutorial or on ARAM) that says something like "The HUD has been updated! Press and hold "C" to open the champion statistic menu" or something like that. Hope this is helpful!
: [BUG] Rammus's Powerball has a funny interaction with Mark/Dash
http://www.leaguereplays.com/replays/match/4519089/?c=27857 I get it to work 3-4 times during this custom game
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