: this was talked about before https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/0lwm641O-grayed-out-summoner-spells and by the looks of it it seems to be a bug with jayce him self and not with the summoner spells
Huh! I was sure I searched the forum before making this thread. Anyways, thanks a lot buddy. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Riot, I think it's time to close PBE signups
My two cents with the whole PBE experience, starting from the announcement to the overall time spent so far: 1. The requirements to join the PBE are pathetically low IMO. This should've been far stricter i.e. restricting access to only players that have honor level 5 or have been playing the game for a specific amount of time at least. There have been plenty of games where I've had teammates who are just simply not good enough at the game or haven't been playing for long enough to be considered experienced and get crushed every game, which creates a bad experience for both the teammates who are more skilled, and the new guy who just started playing not too long ago. 2. The experience with trolls and flamers have been horrible for me. Because this is the PBE, I feel like the players that are accepted into it should not have such behavioral issues. Instead, we have players who flame others or just plain troll in most games, just because they didn't get their favorite champs or somebody isn't good enough with a particular champion in ARAM, forgetting the fact that the PBE is primarily designed to test new content and provide adequate feedback. Lastly, if I may be so bold as to suggest that the PBE be stricter with enforcing punishment on flamers and trolls and deal with this scourge ASAP. My thanks to Riot for being honest and transparent about the whole ordeal and I hope that things take a turn for the better soon. :)
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: Anyone else missing their emotes when in-game? And yes, they're saved.
For me, it seems like a client issue more than anything. Sometimes my emote wheel is completely empty in game even though I've saved them. Other times, they seem to work just fine. One thing to note is that this bug does not show up in the client but rather in game. Sometimes restarting the client before going into a new game fixes the issue.
: Tons of XP and suddenly Level 42
So I also ran into the same bug right now. [Screenshot](https://prnt.sc/gzjzll) My client completely froze and I went from level 31 to 39. :D

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