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: You can't target anyone with the passive while in combat anyway, so having to move your mouse to click on a portrait is not that difficult while circling around before the teamfight. When you lock in on a champion there is a delay before you can proc the mark, and it has a long cooldown before you can select someone again, so it requires you to think carefully before you target someone. Therefore I feel that it's not a skill that needs to be hotkeyed when it's not a skill that will be used in the heat of the moment or in quick succession. I personally can't see the benefit of removing the point-and-click window in favour of a key combo – especially for new players, who are barely able to use items with active effects by using the 1-6 hotkeys, let alone things like levelling skills with Ctrl+QWER and self-targeting spells. It still has to be accessible to beginners.
Now that you've explained more of the internal cooldowns to me I can see that creating hotkeys for it (wasn't saying I want to remove the point and click functionality) However, I don't think that the rationale of "too hard for newer players" is a good thing to ever cite regarding matters like this. Champions, for instance, require vastly different amounts of mechanical skill. Annie does not take as much mechanical effort as a champion like Azir, who plays much differently than Annie; should we then just say we won't release things like Azir? Shortcuts exist to allow a player to enhance their ability to use a champion/items to their fullest potential.
: I want to know if it's possible to make her passive have a sort of hotkey. It feels really strange that it doesn't and the icon is so tiny. Also is it possible to have CDs on the champions who were already hunted? It feels like that would be a good thing to have.
Accidentally made a thread elsewhere, but I was thinking something like giving her extra emotes and binding those to a key combo, like "Ctrl + F1-F5," or even "7 through 0" might be an easy way of working allowing players to control target selection. I'm pretty sure there might be more ergonomically pleasing or more sensible key/combos to hit. Just wondering, hadn't been able to find anything around about hotkeys for Kindred's passive after digging for a while, except for here (completely forgot to look for the official thread, derp.)
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: PROJECT: Leona taunt bug
Maybe post this in the main Project Leona feedback thread with a little more information? It might get more traction there.
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