: Aphelios PBE Thread
I've played Aphelios and understood his gameplay. It was a hard progress for a fantastic discovery! A champion stands out from other 147 (am I right?) with the interaction of the passive - skills - and his weapons, which makes players should consider to use which 2 weapons at a acordant time and situation wisely. An epic step in gameplay development!! But somethings that doesn't make me satisfied for the first look: 1. The in-game model color (with his splash art) doesn't reflex each other. Maybe the model, should be a bit darker. 2. Aphelios movement kinda... itchy. He usually swing his main weapon crazy when I suddenly change the direction of his long move. 3. There are still some bugs which occurs to the Calibrun displaying the Aphelios' attack range without the bonus of 100. Sure I will find out how the bug shows off and report it ASAP.
: Declining Queue to Champ Select
me2 the same. but if I Accept, there comes nothing

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