: TFT imbalance
I'm surprised at that oberservation. Compared to the brokenness of Rangers (particularly Kindred) or Zed Predators don't do that much in my experience.
: TFT- Rapid fire cannon doesn't effect Beserker cleave...
Berserkers are very weak right now due to the meta and it seem that RFC should work on their cleave. I don't see why it shouldn't.
: TFT-Woodland/Druid dulls early game
I agree. An extra unit (possibly 2*) is simply SUCH a big boost taht right now I basically always look for 3 woodland no matter what I 2* and use it teh first 6 rounds because it is always stronger! Adjusting it in some way that it isn't this force of Nature (haha) very early game would be wise I think.
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