: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dragon Oracle Udyr!
Wow, the model and effects are incredible! But the Basic Attack animations really bring that skin down... It has such potential, if it is possible to change the basic attack animations please do it even if it has to be delayed. I'm positive that would bring the sales up!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Victorious Orianna!
Great Skin, Well done! Here's some suggestions: Color/Model - Add a little bit but just a little bit orange in the gold color part, i think that could give more "gold feeling" instead of full yellow-ish gold. If you are happy with the gold color, tweak the gold of her lower body (skirt and shoes), it seems "dirty"/ tarnish (doesn't have the shine that the upper body has). - Other than that, adding a bit of details on the blue gem on her weapon (ball), could give more life to it, in my opinion it is to bland (and maybe in the "eye too, so it doesn't feel off) VFX/SFX Pretty happy overall Only have 1 suggestion here. - Make the projectile bigger, and add a blue glow trail to it, it would make it perfect! One alternative is the blue glow trail could be added to her passive (1 stack and 2 stacks) making it glow a bit more the more stacks you have (for clarity), so without the passive it is the same as now (only with the bigger projectile), with 1 stack it has a little glow trail to it, and then with 2 stacks it has a extended glow to it.
: Super happy to read this, thank you so much!! While this is an idea I personally enjoy, making his AA grow with his scaling would require some more coding and would ultimately be out of scope for this update. :)
No! It's not what I meant to say! I was talking about a troll build that a build lichbane on veigar. The reason for it is if my abilities scale infinitely why not my AA. I'm talking that I enjoyed the AA, it feels more powerful and makes me want to do that build :P
: The skins using his base effects have been updated, yes. :) Bad Santa Veigar has been updated too, but more in-thematic. Leprechaun has a bit more coins and rainbows~!
Thank you! I don't have the RP to test the skins so that's why I asked. Recently I stopped playing only with final boss veigar recently because I started enjoying his other skins that I have. I have Curling, Baron von, Bad Santa, Superb Villain (I LOVE THIS ONE). And when I saw this post I got excited, but boy, you really impressed me! Everything about his new effects is awesome. AA now seems more powerful (If you have infinite scaling on your abilities why not on your aa (laughs on lichbane) His Q seems a lot more fluid and it fits better with his theme. W was what surprised me more, it's so satisfying to look at (can't wait to one-shot someone with this) E is very important for counter-play. And his R only gets better as the game goes on. Overall I love this new effects, fits his theme better, has more clarity/counterplay, it's more satisfying to play with. A Hit IMO. Thank you for this Riot!
: Visual and Sound Effect updates to Jarvan, Lee Sin, Veigar and Vi
Wow, as a player who loves veigar, the new effects/sound look amazing. Amazing job! Will this also affect every champion skin?
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: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Jhin!
Well for now i only have 1 thing to say. Change his movespeed aura to match better the skin
: Hey! **Smoothness on her hair animation.** We've tried to minimize as much noise as possible with her hair, but because it uses alphas, there will be a few instances where the hair overlaps each other. ** Make her legs and shoes a little bright because on river it is to hard to see it** We shade our characters from top to bottom, light to dark, which is why they're the darkest part of her model. ;-; ** Maybe it's a personal opinion but i feel like that the AA sound doesn't match the skin theme** Our sound designer made some tweaks last night for several items in her kit. Those will be on PBE today. **When is is auto attacking (her scream) could have the filter too.** It does on my end! (I'm checking what's going to PBE today.)
Thank you! Is there any plans to a new death animation?
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: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Death Sworn Katarina!
This skin is great! Good Job. Some suggestions: 1. Smoothness on her hair animation. 2. Make her legs and shoes a little bright because on river it is to hard to see it- 3. Maybe it's a personal opinion but i feel like that the AA sound doesn't match the skin theme 4. When is is auto attacking (her scream) could have the filter too.


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