: Galio Feedback Thread
I haven't played him yet, but I feel like he has no reason to buy some great MR items like Spirit Visage or Athene's. He lacks a heal or a self-heal to make these items worth. I don't know if it's possible, but I imagined a change to make at least Visage useful (for the Unique Passive) What if during the second part of the W, when Galio successfully taunt one or more ennemy, he could get for some seconds a tweaked version of his old Bulwark rather than a DR? It's just an idea I wanted to share so it could be impossible, but I hope someone will consider it.
: URF suggestion
I'm glad I'm not the only one! Thanks
: Gave duskblade to assassins and tons of damage to jhin but nerfed Zhonyas lol :D
They also nerfed MR items so it's okay tbh
: We're not removing legacy content
The question is not if you'll remove it, the question is could you enable legacy skins on the PBE.
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: There is no ward selection either, would be nice too.
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: Yeah it seems random, do not know the fine details of it, so we just tell people they do not work to avoid the problem and so that they are "forced" to actually buy the champions.
: Because they haven't bought any champions~ It's normal, ftp's don't work here.
But I didn't buy any champions either and I could select the ftp champions
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