: Okay, let me get this straight, the champions who traditionally build Manamune are: Pantheon{{champion:80}} (back when he was played in the mid lane), Ezreal {{champion:81}}, Jayce {{champion:126}}, Urgot {{champion:6}}, and Yorick{{champion:83}}. Near as I can tell, your changes favor only 2 of those champions. Pantheon and Yorick might actually really like these changes (since it gives them a lot more damage and free Attack speed). On the other hand, the champions who ACTUALLY BUY MANAMUNE like don't like these changes at all. Ezreal doesn't need any free attack speed and he just wants the on-hit damage, Jayce already has max attack speed from his W, and Urgot is almost never in auto attack range anyway. More importantly, even in a ideal world, Jayce, Ezreal or Urgot have to blow **450 MANA** just to hit maximum efficiency on Muramana. You're literally blowing anywhere from a third to a quarter of your mana pool just to get 30% Attack Speed (WHICH MOST MURAMANA USERS DON'T WANT IN THE FIRST PLACE) and potentially around 200-400 true damage. More importantly, I build Manamune on champions so that I can spam my abilties, not so that I can blow all of my hard earned mana on a active that is NOT any of my abilities. The new Azure active just sounds blatanty unsatisfying when the whole purpose of Manamune is to expand a champion's mana pool in the first place. Alternatively, if you're so eager to see this kit go into action, I'd suggest you just trash the active and return the Muramana to a toggle. Just make it so that the Muramana increases mana costs slightly when active, and make the Azure stacks increase whenever you cast a spell. I'd also decrease the damage slightly, but include the option to extend the durations of your stacks by casting additional spells. I still think that your proposed changes are a terrible idea, but I'd rather make them more interactive than "Mash a button 3 times in rapid succesion, spend 450 mana for a potentiall worthless active, and have no mana to cast any spells afterwards. Also, don't get me wrong - I think this potential active might be the foundation for a interesting item and a separate build path for Tear of the Goddess. I'd love to see this active on a seperate item, since it would be fantastic on Irelia, Nidalee, Yorick and Warwick. But seriously - Manamune already serves a specific niche and your changes for it would just ruin that.
I kinda feel like this may be a vain attempt to get muramana users to actually blow more mana faster just so that people will have a reason to build essence reaver to build it back up. The attack speed would help replinish faster and the true damage would make it more appealing and make up for the damage that you'd be lacking with essence reaver.
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: Taunt Bug on Red Card TF
They are testing a new audio engine and people have already pointed out the majority of the sound bugs. I have actually reported this one as well.
: New Audio Engine On PBE - Continued Testing!
From what I am seeing is that most of the missing sounds are either ability hit sounds or taunts on most champions. Although the ones I tested are champs who are very sound intensive this is what I have concluded thus far. Any comments or questions are more than welcome. Also all of my testing has been with stereo headphones.
: New Audio Engine On PBE - Continued Testing!
Nasus is missing his taunt vo, his recall sound (axe hitting ground), the over time sound of wither, all sound on spirit fire, and the over time sound of his ult. Realtek audio
: Nasus is missing his taunt vo, his recall sound (axe hitting ground), the over time sound of wither, all sound on spirit fire, and the over time sound of his ult. Realtek audio
: Generally speaking, a lot of the sound is gone. I'm not certain what the pattern is, but the announcer voice seems to be fine, as do champion VOs.
Most champion VO's. I've been going through and very few are actually missing things.
: New Audio Engine On PBE - Continued Testing!
Vi has no taunt sounds, her Q has no hit sound, her W's armor break has no sound, and her ult has no hit sound. Realtek audio
: For the record, although it sounds like you all have already figured out the problem, Rammus was able to use all his skills but his taunt, and Cho could use his autoattack enhancer. I suspect it's that the bots weren't able to *target* anything rather than just being unable to use their skills.
Udyr was not able to use his skills even though they don't target.
: New Audio Engine On PBE - Continued Testing!
Kassadin is missng part of the hit sound on his Q, the entire ability hit sound on his W (still has the activation sound) and is missing the second sound to his R(the part with the single heavy breath) Once again using Realtek Audio
: New Audio Engine On PBE - Continued Testing!
Thresh has quite a few missing sounds on his kit. The sound that it makes whenever he hits his Q ability is gone. The ringing sound that his lantern (W) makes while it is out is gone. The hit sound for Flay(E) is gone and the sound that happens whenever a wall on his R is broken is gone as well. Also the sound of his podium coming from under him in his Championship skin is gone. I'm still using Realtek HD Audio and will test a few other champs tonight.
: Thanks for the report! This will be fixed with the next build we deploy to PBE.
I kinda cracked up when I was playing Morde against a bot udyr and all he could do was stand there and take his beating.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Primetime Draven!
I thoroughly enjoy this skin and so far I see nothing wrong with it and can't wait for the sound files to be added.
: http://www.newsoflegends.com/index.php/tag/warwick-rework/ that's an example for one of these posts, this is just a possible version ZenonTheStoic mentioned but fairly well known that he wil be reworked
Hmm thank you, mate. I've read this one already but knew since it was so far off that it may end up like the Shaco rework and constantly be delayed and sent back to the drawing board. Especially with the mechanics of the new W and E that they set up for him. My idea was for Warwick as he is now if no progress is made with the rework effort. Once again, thank you.
: New Audio Engine On PBE - Continued Testing!
Twisted Fate's taunt sound file is missing and so are all of the sound files for his "Pick a Card" ability. Also there are no sound files for Primetime Draven at all but I'm just guessing that that one is intentional. I am using Realtek Audio/
: uhhh,WW gonna get a gameplay rework in the the near future,almost ready... also what I agree from the rework is that W gonna be removed,cause its a bad ability. also the ulti gonna be reworked and probably become less powerful.
Can you link me to the thread with the info please?
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