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: Hi BG EU Acana! When I first bought Rune kit bundle, I recieved 10 rune pages. I believe it was changed later to 20. As FAQ says: > ... > Runes contains 9 copies of the most common runes in use on live, plus 18 rune pages (giving new testers the max of 20) > ... I think it's not a bug if you bought it a few months ago.
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: Draft mode on teambuilder
I think they should just remove the part taht makes us pick champions or make it optionary then just make us pick roles. After picking roles you go into champion select where everyone's role is displayed and the Team Captain bans as usual draft pick...
: (2/11 edit) Summary of PBE leveling, IP/RP and pricing updates
But skins get changed some patches or champion looks. Even if they don2T sometimes unrelated skins of unrelated champions have problems for no reason (no changes to tht champion etc.) How will we know? I agree on not giving weekly RP (IP maybe but RP no) but I think there should be some kind of an rp income... Edit: Also how are we gonna know if a change somehow broke purchases with rp?

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